Charlie Daniels Band and Filter added to Downtown Live

January, 13, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The lone outdoor yearly music fest in downtown Raleigh has announced more 90s bands…..

Charlie Daniels Band - July 25
Filter -  June 13 (Blankface opening could actually add some spice to this)
Candlebox - Oh, does it really matter….

Nope, no Weezer, or Death Cab, or Ryan Adams yet and there probably won’t be anything close. But, quite close to predictions.

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  • Dan R
    01/13 06:44 PM

    Great. Another summer of shlock.

  • Michael P
    01/13 07:44 PM

    As long as they can turn a buck they could care less how bad the music is…and that’s too bad.

  • Jonathan
    01/13 07:59 PM

    And for the 4th year in a row, there isn’t a single band that I want to go see.  And I really don’t think I’m THAT picky.  How is it that the Cherry Bounce Fest / Wide Open III could get it so right, but these guys always get it so wrong?

  • mark
    01/14 02:01 AM

    bud light doesn’t like black musicians…one of the top worst moments in live music history, “feel like makin’ love” as a reggae song….......last summer in moore square…..

  • Marky
    01/14 12:09 PM

    Cleary you are right, I think Budweiser is also making subtle moves to stop selling their beer to black people.  You should protest for sure… WTF!

  • Marky
    01/14 12:11 PM

    And that was ‘Clearly’.  Clearly I mistyped that.  Just didn’t want some predictable come back about the spelling.

  • Steve
    01/14 01:34 PM

    The same people who booked Raleigh Wide Open book Downtown Live…  and they had the Wailers last year - did they not??  and Reggae and urban acts all the time during the day!  I’m personally excited to see Charlie Daniels for FREE.  If you can’t respect his mark on music you are extremely short sighted.

  • richardfoc
    01/14 01:36 PM

    The Wailers played last year. I’m pretty sure they are black.

  • Stacy
    01/14 02:33 PM

    Steve, you’re right, Deep South produces both RWO and Downtown Live.  Some of the bands they book aren’t my thing, but I am really excited about Charlie Daniels.  With nine bands at each free show, I think anyone can find something they like!

  • GB
    01/14 03:50 PM

    Even if the music sucks (and it usually does), the real reason to go is for the people watching. Drunk ass clowns in Skynard shirts. It’s pretty awesome.

  • al
    01/14 04:16 PM

    Stop bitching. You all sound like such snots. If you want a hip music festival downtown, get off your asses and organize one instead of whining and ragging on people that are actually DOING something while you sit at work and complain on blogs.

  • Jonathan
    01/14 04:57 PM

    Well I’ll get right on that since I no doubt have the capital, connections, and time to organize a music festival.

    Who wants to help me?

  • 150
    01/14 05:32 PM

    Al does have a point.  Downtown Live is free, isn’t it?  Complaining about the free option because the music isn’t exactly your cup of tea does come off pretty negatively.

  • Jonathan
    01/14 05:49 PM

    If no one complains nothing will ever change.  Just because something is free doesn’t mean you shouldn’t express your opinion on it.  I have made my thoughts known here, and I have filled out every survey Downtown Live has sent out to their mailing list with comments included.  If I am in a minority, and they decide not to change anything, then so be it.  But I am definitely going to express my opinion, and my opinion is that they could do a better job diversifying their lineup.

  • Skillet
    01/16 09:47 AM

    Complaining about DL is like complaining about the weather… there’s just nothing to be done about it. DL has sucked in the past, sucks now and it will suck in the future. It exists to sell Bud Light. If it were selling Bad Penny the line-up might be a little more up to date.

  • sasquatch
    01/16 09:04 PM

    me want to see squirrel play violin while beaver smack self in the head to keep time…me sasquatch and me think deep south have deep pockets and bad taste….sasquatch in the house ya’ll !

  • Skillet
    01/17 09:43 AM

    I’m with Sasquatch. I little Alt.Country at DL would be nice.

  • Corey
    02/07 10:55 PM

    Filter is awesome! I’d easily give up $25 to see them alone.

  • RaleighLacksLuster
    07/10 12:33 PM

    “Stop bitching. You all sound like such snots. If you want a hip music festival downtown, get off your asses and organize one instead of whining and ragging on people that are actually DOING something while you sit at work and complain on blogs.

    Easier said than done, Al. Most decent bands have preconceived notions about coming to Raleigh (i.e. the South) and thus, we get the shittiest bands on earth coming here. I notice a trend in that a lot of good bands will play larger Southern cities like Atlanta, but will completely bypass Raleigh, and then play a venue in VA! So, unless someone can either change Raleigh’s image as being the home of the uptight, musically-challenged yuppies, “good” bands will continue to skip Raleigh. But hey, you’ve still got American Idol and the ilk it produces, much like the bands that actually DO come here!!!

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