Cherry Bomb Now Open on Martin Street

September, 13, 2010, by Jedidiah

Cherry Bomb Now Open on Martin Street
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“Bombshells” photo from Cherry Bomb’s Facebook page

UPDATE: Cherry Bomb Grill is now open.

Cherry Bomb has taken down the covers and revealed a brand new look to the former Joe’s spot at the corner of Martin and Dawson Streets in Downtown Raleigh. There’s lots of red and black and a bar full of very bright televisions. On Monday night they held a sneak preview of the space and hope to be open later this week.

There’s a stage for a tiny band to play on and the circular bar takes up about half of the space and faces the corner entry which is a big, but welcomed change. The space looks more like a sports bar than the rock ‘n roll bar it is planned to be, but luckily we hear they have some plans for street music fests and the sort which would be great for the Warehouse District. As well, the fact that the corner will be nice and bright (and open) at night will be a big draw for the district, something Joe’s unfortunately lacked.

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  • RaleighRob
    09/14 09:23 AM

    I love that they kept the big neon “Restaurant” sign!

  • Les
    09/14 10:57 AM

    And 66 beers on tap, with local beers arranged front and center behind the bar. That’s nice to see.

  • CtrlBurn
    09/14 11:48 AM

    All they have to do to outperform Joe’s is be open ever and accept credit cards.  I only managed to eat at Joe’s once because every other time I didn’t have cash, or they were closed at dinner time for no apparent reason.

  • Jedidiah
    09/14 11:58 AM


    Joe’s took credit cards when they opened back up after closing.

    Jedidiah Gant

  • Elliot Acosta
    09/14 03:50 PM

    I remember when this place was announced a couple people mocked it. I am actually excited to check the place out.

  • T-Plain
    09/14 07:53 PM

    A lot of people mocked it because it seemed like an over-the-top theme of “HEY GIRLS TATTOOS CARS GIRLS ROUTE 66 GIRLS OLD TIMEY ROCKABILLY GIRLS oh btw we have food or whatever.” The mockups were not attractive. I drove past last night and it basically looked like the above photo. Way more appealing than the prototype we saw.

  • T-Plain
    09/14 07:55 PM

    Meant to clarify that I think it looks good, not just “not as bad as I thought it would.”

  • MarkyMark
    09/14 08:48 PM

    This place will never succeed without a hoagie slinging, frosted hair, guitar player sign.

  • RaleighRob
    09/15 09:44 AM

    If they serve good food at decent prices, they should succeed. 

    It’s a colorful, brightly lit place on a very visible corner.  (Dawson is US 401, afterall.)  For a downtown spot, there’s lots of street parking, especially on Martin.  Amphitheater is close by, as well as Campbell Law and lots of condos and apartments….and soon the forthcoming contemporary art museum.  This is promising.

  • Rostel
    09/15 03:59 PM

    I say its very promising.  Ive already sampled some of the food and its truly great.  The prices are more than reasonable and they will have good beer specials too.

  • pablo
    09/17 11:40 AM

    The hamburgers are superb, tasty chicken wings, and a great selection of craft brews.  All in a good location.  I hear some of the kitchen staff came over from Gravy. The decor and wait staff are not nearly as garish as once conceptualized. I think this place is going to be a winner.

  • matt
    09/20 12:42 PM

    This is all very faint praise.

    Burgers and wings? Is there anyplace one CANNOT get burgers and wings? “Not nearly as garish as once conceptualized” (is it possible they heard how tacky they sounded and changed their plans correspondingly?) says it all.

  • randalltx
    09/21 10:44 AM

    You had me until you wrote, “a bar full of very bright televisions.” Ack.

  • tripp
    09/23 04:24 PM

    Ate there for lunch today. Food is pretty good, decent price points. As for the TVs, they have a few but they aren’t overwhelming or annoying. A pretty good design if you ask me.

  • Carver
    09/23 06:01 PM

    They have a good selection of Coslupos

  • confusion
    09/25 02:04 AM

    just got back from this place, for the first and last time. what an uncomfortable, hodgepodge of weirdness!! the staff was all very nice, but not sure why they’d need four security guard/bouncers at the door when there was 10 people in the place at 12:30am on a friday night. please please please don’t have these things:
    bad bands
    bad food
    weird atmosphere
    please keep the beers.
    it needs to be more down to earth because it feels forced and fake. like when i was 11 yrs old and pretended to own my own restaurant. it was a lot like that.

  • Naomi
    09/27 01:18 PM

    We visited Cherry Bomb on Friday for the first time…  The decor is fun and unique, not your average bar and grill scene. Which is a plus! The Beer selection is GREAT, there is a beer for every pallette.

    The down side is that the food was below average the Cuban sandwhich was a joke, absolulty no flavor. They really need to step up the food quality and taste, there are way to many good “Bar food” places in Raleigh that will “BOMB” Cherry Bomb if they don’t step it up!

  • Jane
    10/02 10:14 AM

    Went to dinner at Cherry Bomb last night.  Good beer great food but the service was so horrible it was laughable.  It went from laughable to a complete waste of time!  Our server (and I use that term loosely) was busy talking to other server while we sat with empty drinks.  We were never offered any knowledge of the menu or suggestions.  We were never offered dessert.  Complete lack of skills if you ask me.  We asked to see a manager but that never happened.  We will be back but will probably opt for a bar stool instead. To bad because I think it has a lot going for it.

  • John
    11/08 06:55 PM

    I’ve been there twice and while the food was pretty good and the beer selection was well above average, the service has been TERRIBLE. The servers are slow, non-nonchalant, make a lot of mistakes, don’t pay attention and our orders took forever to come out of the kitchen on both visits.

    Management either hasn’t trained the staff or just doesn’t know but the service has got to improve. It’s been 6 weeks.

  • Brian
    02/28 05:45 AM

    Just shy of six months and this place is already being reconceptualized as “Brewmaster’s,” despite the fact that the original concept was heavily toned down from what we read about in the beginning.  I’m not sure exactly what this new concept will be, but I hope they can do better than a “hot rod bar” with live music that’s inexplicably filled with giant TVs showing sports.

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