City of Raleigh Unveiling First Electric Car Charging Stations Tuesday

City of Raleigh Unveiling First Electric Car Charging Stations Tuesday

November, 22, 2010, by Jedidiah

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The City of Raleigh plans to install 30 public electric vehicle charging stations by September 2011 but will start by showing off the city’s first two in downtown installed at Nash Square on Tuesday. There will be an event at 285 W. Hargett Street at at the Dawson Street intersection, across from the Avery C. Upchurch Government Complex downtown at 10:30am that will include a display of electric vehicles and more information on the future of electric car charging in Raleigh.

It’s definitely a progressive start to a new decade of commitment to green design in the Raleigh area. The current R-Line buses are electric hybrids themselves.

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  • Matt Shipman
    11/22 02:21 PM

    Actually, the first station in Raleigh is already up and running at NC State University’s Joyner Visitor Center just off Western Blvd. It’s free and open to the public. So, if you need one, swing by. Here’s a link with more information:

  • Lectric shave
    11/22 10:35 PM

    The oil companies are going to freak. Ha.

  • Arthurb3
    11/23 12:27 PM

    Electric cars are not better for the enviroment. You have to burn coal to make the electricy. Then the batteries need to be replaced and discarded when they can no longer be recharged.

  • Synaesthesiac
    11/24 12:46 PM

    Electricity can be generated in various ways; the electric car allows for diversification of energy sources.  Still, the electric car isn’t any safer.  Automobile-related accidents indiscriminately kill as many Americans per year as the total number of US soldiers lost during the ten year Vietnam War, and the Vietnam War triggered violent protests.  Would be nice to see a bit more protesting over the shoddy automobile-centric infrastructure.  While it’s now in the cards, we could stand to build a lot more trains.  How nice it would be to live in Raleigh and work in Charlotte, and sip a cocktail on my way home at a safe 180+ mph.  I would violently protest automobile driving in general for that.

  • dc
    11/24 01:20 PM

    Electric vehicle motors are three-to-five times more efficient than gasoline-powered vehicles. While it’s best to power EVs from renewable energy sources (which are growing quickly), the efficiency of EVs makes them cleaner, producing less carbon, under any situation—even when they are charged using coal-fired electricity.

  • Synaesthesiac
    11/24 02:03 PM

    It’s unlikely that burning oil to drive a turbine to generate electricity to charge a battery is more efficient than just burning the oil in the engine.  Combustion—> Mechanical Energy vs. Combustion—> Mechanical Energy—> Electricity—> Chemical Potential—> Electricity—> Mechanical Energy, the losses to entropy must be significantly more in the second scenario.  Anyways, electric cars can take advantage of so many more energy sources that it’s still a great alternative.  What about battery change-out stations, where you drive your car over a little trap door that opens up, removes your battery, and replaces it with a new one?  The old battery is tested and re-charged, and you roll off in under 5 mins with a 100% charge.

  • James
    11/30 11:24 AM

    Will these vehicle charging stations be paid for by the government and if so will they remain free? Are there plans for these environmentally progressive options to be economically sustainable for governments and populations?

  • Sir Walter
    02/21 04:32 PM

    Great. It’s been awhile since I’ve been in Raleigh; are there a bunch of progressive douche-rockets riding around in electric cars nowadays?

    @James “Will these vehicle charging stations be paid for by the government”....

    Yes, Barrack and Meeker will pay for them out of their “stash”. So that should make you smile :) In addition, the Easter Bunny will be coming to see you real soon!!

  • Jedidiah
    02/21 04:46 PM

    I’m quite sure we spell our president’s name with one ‘R’.

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