City Plaza Turning into Food Truck Court This Summer

City Plaza Turning into Food Truck Court This Summer

April, 01, 2011, by Jedidiah

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After months of debate of where the new 'food truck court' should be located, the City of Raleigh has decided to turn City Plaza into The Raleigh Food Truck Court for the entire Summer. Only Burger, Klausies, Mom's and a few others are already on board. 

Asked to comment about how the new competition will affect their business, the owners of Jimmy John's said they have decided to close up their pavilion restaurant and open up a food truck on the plaza instead. Empire Properties is rumored to also be entering the food truck game with a soup truck. Poole's Diner, your move. Too bad there won't be any coffee trucks in City Plaza. 

This was posted on April Fools' Day 2011.


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  • MAS
    04/01 11:36 AM

    April Fools. 

    Soup truck?  In the summer?  Pass.

    Just goes to show how well those pavilions are working out. Brilliant idea ... 2 of the 4 original tenants gone.  lol

  • Charlie
    04/01 11:43 AM

    Yay!  The more the merrier!  I have been hoping for this all year!

  • Leland Witter
    04/01 03:57 PM

    But Jimmy John’s truck will be so fast you’ll freak!

  • Tony Woodard
    04/01 05:10 PM

    This has officially gotten out of hand.

  • mk
    04/01 10:59 PM

    Why don’t you just stab the restaurant owner around there with a dagger! This is just absurd!!!!

  • matt
    04/02 08:24 AM

    In other news, the OED has changed the spelling of “gullible”.

  • Esteban Colberto v2
    04/02 06:04 PM

    I just spoke to the owner of Chubby’s Tacos, they will also be represent’n at Food Truck Court this summer. They are rollin in on a yellow, chopped 1976 Airstream.

  • joolietoo
    04/02 08:38 PM

    I was sorta hoping this was an April Fool’s post…

  • rdugirl
    04/04 01:40 PM

    Soup truck?  I agree, not what comes to mind when it’s 90 degrees outside.

  • arthurb3
    04/05 11:08 AM

    It is april’s fool day.

  • Mary Trebble
    04/15 12:45 AM

    Is it true?! I really can’t believe this one… I hope its true for the comfort of the people working there, Easy and Honest food is the best! :)

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