Club Raleigh Live Opening Friday with Jermaine Dupri

March, 16, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Remember when we told you about the new “upscale urban nightclub” Raleigh Live coming to the warehouse district? It’s opening this Friday and rapper/producer Jermaine Dupri will be in attendance for the grand opening. The warehouse district will more than likely be a madhouse on Friday. For more information, check out their website.

I’m sure Vintage 21 is gonna love its new neighbor.

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  • Brian
    03/17 08:39 AM

    For the purposes of diversifying the crowd, that should read “rapper/producer/Rivers Cuomo collaborator.”

  • joe
    03/17 09:31 AM

    What an idiotic idea.  This place will be shut down by summer time after the police responsd to multiple calls.  Remember that club near WakeMed, the one WakeMed is moving to have shut down altogether?

  • Jon
    03/17 09:39 AM

    “There goes the neighborhood”
    So this place and a church are going to occupy the same building as neighbors? LMAO.
    Whomever owns the leases on this building must be desperate (and cruel).

  • Robert
    03/17 09:46 AM

    I’ll never go there but I hope it does well.  Anything downtown and alive is good for Raleigh. Can’t be worse than Buckhead. (I realize it actually can be worse, I’m just being optimistic)

  • joe
    03/17 10:43 AM

    Empire Properties (Greg Hatem) actually own the building. My guess he is desperate to keep some cash flow going.  He bought a bunch of ‘empty buildings’ back in the heyday of cheap capital. 

    Granted this building was his first so perhaps its paid for but it really surprises me that he would go for this sort of establishment, given the negative impact it could have on the surrounding area’s businesses. 

    I know the guys at 5-Star are not excited about this. They just had to deal with the smaller one next door. Police were constantly being called, one guy got shot and murdered.

  • ben
    03/17 10:47 AM

    joe, you are a dumbass. greg does not own that building.

  • Jack
    03/17 10:58 AM

    I believe Empire does own that property.

  • ben
    03/17 11:03 AM

    Coggins Construction Company is the proud owner of that building:

    Empire owns the building that Vintage 21 is in.  Jillians previously leased both buildings.

  • arthurb3
    03/17 11:07 AM

    Funny. I feel like I am watching Comedy Central!

  • Samantha
    03/17 11:21 AM

    Great, another club to bring out all of the wannabe gangsters…the fun part is when they spill out and head into Flying Saucer.  Sigh…

  • Ivory
    03/17 12:06 PM

    Racists! Someone’s gotta call it.

  • I give up
    03/17 01:06 PM

    Some of you guys sound like complete idiots.  It is a club that caters to a hip hop (ie mostly black) crowd.  That is all you know about the place.  Go ahead and keep ridiculing everything that isn’t within a 3 block radius on Hargett St and let’s keep this site nice and diverse.  I hope some of the “wannabe gangsters” do wander into the flying saucer and have a beer w/ the wannabe frat boys.  Also, the guy that got shot was coming out of a private party at five star, not the place w/ the scary brown people next door.

  • Kurt
    03/17 01:07 PM

    Racists? Wannabe gangsters come in all shades. It’s the behavior, not the flavor that people are upset about.

  • James
    03/17 02:56 PM


    What I think he/she is getting at is this: 

    On this same site Lady Gaga, draws a crowd that can’t be viewed as tea drinkers, but doesn’t get the same venom here. 

    This site never posts articles about the “other” part of downtown.

    For all it’s talk of progressive, Raleigh is still pretty divisive, instead of diverse.  I agree that it goes both ways.  Don’t forget to tell them to turn that shit down!

  • Dan from Detroit
    03/17 03:04 PM

    I’d rather deal with wannabe frat boys than wanna be gangsters since wanna be frat boys don’t think it’s cool to “pop a cap” in anything but pledges or bar whores.  This place will be trouble and the surrounding businesses will suffer.

  • joe
    03/17 03:32 PM

    The point here is that this establishment threatens the overall neighborhood business growth.

    Pull the ‘race card’ if you want but as evidenced by this discussion, the stereotypes of ‘hip-hop’ clubs tend to be based in an element of truth. And that stereotype is NOT positive which, in turn, will scare others from going to say, 5-star or The Saucer away, thereby hurting the current growth of the Warehouse district.

  • James
    03/17 04:01 PM


    I call bullshit!  “pull the race card”?  HA.  There is no race card in Raleigh.  If you guys found out that the Raleigh Times was owned by a minority not named MJ revenue would be cut in half overnight.  The issue isn’t the rap/hiphop/ or whatever you call it.  Capitalism is Capitalism, if there is a crowd who wants to throw money at it and they haven’t done anything illegal, what’s your problem.  Who’s playing the race card now?

  • rl
    03/17 04:12 PM

    Why dont we all just say “oh oh there is a new club for black people to go to that will lead to a lot of violence and shootings since all of them only know how to do that well” (sarcastic). Once again this proves that alot of you are still racist and dont even know that your comments are harmful to people. I’ve been to alot of the urban clubs… my fault, black clubs… and nothing happens. White people get into it too, especially with a little bit of liquor lol. Compared to richmond, raleigh isnt that bad at all with club incidents… i wont even mention what goes on there.

  • Jermaine Dupri is Wiggety-Whack!
    03/17 04:15 PM

    I personally love hip hop and think the majority of the crowd will be the mature and sexy crowd. I think as long as they have an over 21 age limit it will eliminate problems often experienced by all ages clubs. For those afraid of the gangsta element or whatever, I just would like to point out that there are just as many fights at establishments like the Longbranch, 5 star and the Buckhead. I would assume that many of the above commenters haven’t ever been to a real hip hop club ever and if they had they would know that there have been many successful, incident free venues in Raleigh in the past some of which are still open. I for one am happy that a different type of club is opening downtown that offers something besides the humdrum cookie cutter top 40 nightclubs that have somehow taken over Raleigh. I am just disappointed they couldn’t get someone better than Jermaine Dupri who I would hardly call a ‘rapper’ to celebrate to their opening. I wish them the best of success and better acts to come!

  • rl
    03/17 04:17 PM

    By the way joe, samantha, and dan from detroit you are all a bunch of fucking biggets! Dan take your ass back to detroit… u should know better! RACIST RACIST RACIST!

  • Dan from Detroit
    03/17 04:46 PM

    rl - it’s precisely since I grew up in Detroit that I do know better about this type of club and the element (read: “element” white/black/asian/arab posers) it will draw.  The gangsta posers are only dangerous in groups and this place will give them a common meeting point.  Let’s go see how nice it is adjacent to clubs like this back in Detroit and if we should try to duplicate that in Raleigh.  You’re an idiot and ignorant.

  • Micah
    03/17 07:34 PM

    You guys keep sniping back and forth as it is very entertaining to read.  Personally, I think it might be better to just sit back and see what happens with this venue.  It will work itself out.

  • Brian
    03/17 08:06 PM

    I love the term “mature and sexy.”  Especially when it’s used to refer to 27 year olds.

  • ben
    03/17 08:10 PM

    Everyone already knows the Raleigh Times owner is of minority decent and his initials aren’t MJ. Uh oh, there goes the neighborhood…

  • johnny Quest
    03/17 08:41 PM


    I’ll make 2 bets with you:

    1) Less than 60 days before the police have to show up

    2) Place closes(forced to close) within 1 year

    You can call me racist all you want but the discussion here shows many people know exactly what’s going to happen. You can call it ‘upscale, urban, high-end’ or whatver you like but ultimately you can’t keep the ‘ghetto thugs’ out and that sadly wil kill this place.

  • ben
    03/17 09:16 PM

    Here’s something I’m not sure about…I don’t think the logo is a background of Raleigh

  • rl
    03/17 09:19 PM

    How do any of you know how this venue will perform? dan from detroit you are a complete dickhead for even comparing raleigh to detroit. Raleigh is not at all a tough city like detroit most of the people who will go here will end up being college students. Both dolce and the equador have had no incidents since being in raleigh and equador has been here for over three years now. Dolce is right in the middle of glenwood south for over a year now with no incident whatsoever. You are the idiot and ignorant one my man to even compare what goes on in detroit to what happens in raleigh!

  • Brian
    03/17 10:16 PM

    Tangential, but did Capital VIP already close?

  • James
    03/17 11:52 PM

    I’ll go ahead and accept the role of racist on here and predict this new joint will become the latest armpit for violence in downtown Raleigh. Yeah, all clubs and bars get the occasional fist fight or shouting match but THESE sort of clubs usually get the real shit: guns, stabbings and shootings. I’m from Durham, have spent my time in NYC and DC and seen it all, over and over again. Take a look at the DC waterfront down on the Potomac, same deal that this place wants to be. Its going to slowly escalate into a weekly crime wave guaranteed.

  • mcm
    03/18 02:26 AM

    rl what did you mean by this: ” Compared to richmond, raleigh isnt that bad at all with club incidents… i wont even mention what goes on there. ” Did you mean that Richmond has a lot more blacks? I agree…

  • rip van winkle
    03/18 04:47 AM

    If anything is indicative of the douchebaggery to come, it’s Jermaine Dupri.

  • rl
    03/18 09:23 AM

    Well richmond is about 50% black compared to raleigh which is about 30%. Since raleigh is twice the size of richmond i would say the number is about the same though. I was saying that there are many more serious things that happen in and outside the clubs in richmond. Shootings every weekend just about and quite a few that end up fatal. Richmond has too many clubs that allow 18 year olds to attend and also security in these places isnt the best so that is a huge problem. As for james, yea that is a prejudice statement but i will say that im sorry for calling the racists on here names. You are entitled to your opinions and beliefs. I guess that is what makes america, america. You gotta have the racists and the non racists just like you have good and bad there cant be one without the other. I hope this place performs like some of the other successful urban clubs so that the racist on here can swallow there tongues and feel really stupid and realized that not all blacks and hispanics are trouble makers.

  • country boy
    03/18 09:26 AM

    yea james your def a racist for those statements son. i guess this area aint as prosperous as everyone his thinking.

  • tito
    03/18 09:49 AM

    it has nothing to do with the color of the people who go, but rather the vibe of these establishments. whether it’s any of the clubs in the warehouse district or this new place, it tends to be full of 20 somethings who graduated from the mtv school of how to act in public. you put a bunch of young people in an environment that pushes “drink, party, wild times” and you end up with a bunch of drunk alpha-males with something to prove. is that true of every single person who goes to these places? certainly not, but it’s as true of these dance clubs (black, white, latino, whatever) as it is of your typical cancun spring break. what a fan might call a party vibe, you could call trouble waiting to happen. i certainly don’t think “young, drunk, ready to cause trouble” is limited to these types of places but they cater much more specifically to the ingredients that cause these types of problems than your typical sports bar or watering hole. just my two cents.

  • obi
    03/18 10:14 AM

    man you guys are so funny up here i cant lie! its funny how people from raleigh really think that raleigh is all of a sudden gonna turn out to be like detroit or whatever. i think the prob is too many people in raleigh are a bunch of spoiled pussies who dont know how good they have it, even in the nightlife. compared to other tough cities as mentioned here like detroit and richmond raleigh’s clubs have little to no crime and when they do have em they are far in between each other. i’ve been in raleigh since 2000 but am originally from st louis which is another tough cookie and i can tell you this… compared to that city raleigh is like disneyworld for real. thats why im still here, i will never go back to live in st louis. in raleigh you can party and feel safe just about anywhere weather its the hood clubs or the mixed ones. even the hood clubs as yall are mentioning aint bad at all, a shooting here and there and thats it. wake up you perfect world living fools this is the real world bad things are gonna happen and good things will too thats a part of life.

  • Jess
    03/18 10:23 AM

    i think we all need to have a roundtable discussion on this…perhaps at the Raleigh Times?

  • Tony Woodard
    03/18 12:25 PM

    I really could care less, but one thing that makes me giggle. If it’s a 21/up club it’s going to much safer than an 18/up club? So three years is what separates trigger-happy from happy-go-lucky? Rich!

  • tg
    03/18 01:26 PM

    I think the club will do well.  You already have Dolce, Zydecoos, Hi-Fives, Red Room, Bogarts, and others in downtown that all cater to African Americans, not necessarily exclusively, and they play hip hop and r&b music.  Most hip hop clubs can survive with thorough security, upscale dress code to weed out the idiots, and correct marketing, in terms of who you’re catering to.  Downtown Raleigh needs more diversity.  Violence is probable in any establishment when persons are drinking liquor and get drunk.  I hate when ppl. take a broad brush and paint a pic. that all hip hop clubs are bad—that’s ignorance.  I hate to say but some ppl. are racists and promote the stereotypes that aren’t factual.

  • rl
    03/18 02:07 PM

    tg you and i are on the same page my man! I couldnt have said it better!

  • rl
    03/18 02:17 PM

    Personally i think they shoulda got busta rhymes! lol He would be a great act to perform at the grand opening for a new club.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    03/18 11:37 PM

    “a shooting here and there and thats it” - and that’s ok?

    PS - $22k a year in property tax. WOOF. I’d hate to have 411 W. Morgan Street sit empty too.

  • matt
    03/19 09:02 AM

    The name is the lamest, most generic, undescriptive piece-of-garbage name they could have come up with: Absolutely zero imagination or vision. I hope the club turns out better but honestly, it seems like they didn’t spend much time pulling it together, and Jermaine Dupri is a dead giveaway that they’re either rushing their thing or operating on a shoestring. The fact that no one representing the club has turned up here to defend it is another.

  • matt
    03/19 09:03 AM

    ..and Obi is spot-on as well. We have it good here!

  • obi
    03/19 09:14 AM

    a shooting here and there… WAKE UP THATS A PART OF LIFE those things will happen every now and then. crime isnt ok but it happens. you folk know what i mean, there yall go with that cry babying! yall starting to sound like them lil whiny kids in fairfax county va, they are the worst! o yea and matt that name is lame i cant lie, i agree wit rl busta woulda been a good opener! lol

  • gd
    03/19 02:14 PM

    how is having JD proof that they’re either rushing their thing or operating on a shoestring?  I don’t quite understand that statement as JD would be a very expensive name I would imagine - especially knowing what certain acts get for showing up places and not even performing, but rather, walking through the crowd, having a drink and leaving.

  • neal2zod
    03/19 04:19 PM

    “The fact that no one representing the club has turned up here to defend it is another.”

    Yeah man, how dare this club not defend itself on a blog that’s 99% populated by snarky hipsters?? Who the hell do they think they are? I’m sure they lost so many potential customers from New Raleigh readers, huh?

  • matt w
    03/19 05:58 PM

    Shit, I think I’m going to go tonight strictly because of this thread.  I’m also from St. Louis (who knew there were so many of us in Raleigh?) so tonight I’m gonna rep for the STL with my Cardinals cap on.  No one fucks with the guy wearing a Cardinals hat.  Ask Nelly.

  • J
    03/19 10:13 PM

    blacks shoot up night clubs like white boys shoot up high schools and colleges Rambo style. its laughable how white boys think their race doesn’t have issues. everytime I hear of a school shooting, ITS A WHITE BOY. everytime I hear of a kid killing his parents, ITS A WHITE BOY. everytime I hear of little kids getting molested in church, ITS A WHITE MAN. whitey has plenty of issues that need fixing!!!!!

  • Lew
    03/19 11:05 PM

    Settle down, people. This story really isn’t about race, anyway. The reactions in the thread - in my estimation - come from the current state of hip hop. Hip hop originated as a form of expression: A sort of modern poetry with flavor. Sadly, nowadays, hip hop is merely a term borrowed by gluttonous hacks following a model of bling, money, sex and violence accompanied by looping beats and repetitive shouting. It lacks creativity and class.
    All the best to Club Raleigh Live, but I’m not expecting much.

  • Tony Woodard
    03/20 04:05 AM

    Note to self: Make sure to rent ‘The Color Purple’ so that J can see that black people also molest children.

  • S
    03/20 10:31 AM

    Why is this site the outlet for so many haters?
    I love that someone managed to fit in some Greg Hatem hate (aka jealousy) into this when Hatem and Empire have absolutely nothing to do with this club. Maybe folks should check real estate records before pointing fingers and insisting that he owns the building. I clearly remember seeing another company’s - not Empire’s - “For Lease” signs on the building. Also, what makes you think Empire Properties is “desperate for cash flow”? It might be a recession, but some companies have managed to remain quite profitable. I know its easier to assume, but check your facts before you run your mouth.
    Also, what’s a bigget? Is it similar to a bigot?

  • Daniel A
    03/20 05:53 PM

    For those who are casting hatred upon this new club, with almost no knowledge of the curator(s) of the club, besides the property owner, or who believe that there is going to be gun violence for no other reason besides believing it will be a “black” club or because you believe it will primarily play “black” music, YOU ARE THE VERY EMBODIMENT OF AMERICAN IGNORANCE!

  • Daniel A
    03/20 05:58 PM

    james says:


    I call bullshit!  “pull the race card”?  HA.  There is no race card in Raleigh.  If you guys found out that the Raleigh Times was owned by a minority not named MJ revenue would be cut in half overnight.  The issue isn’t the rap/hiphop/ or whatever you call it.  Capitalism is Capitalism, if there is a crowd who wants to throw money at it and they haven’t done anything illegal, what’s your problem.  Who’s playing the race card now?

    james, I love you.

  • Paul
    03/20 07:24 PM

    I for one, only wish for the bar and the people involved with it the best of luck.  Any business in downtown Raleigh is good for the community. 
      Now, any good business man can see that there is a lack of bars / clubs in this town that cater to an urban crowd. The people behind this place did their due diligence and found a concept that fits with the location and massive size of the place.  I know that the people behind Club R Live can do it correctly. 
      And to appease all the haters out there, If there’s shootings inside the club, it can be blamed on the club just as much as the shooter themslef.  The business has an obligation to provide a safe atmosphere for there guests.  There are dress codes and bouncers for a reason.  The people involved in this place are professionals, and will make sure they provide a safe environment in and around the club.  I will be rooting for their success.  Good Luck, not that you’ll need it :)

  • P
    03/20 07:31 PM

    To quell the argument:
      Empire properties does own the building, but they have nothing to do with the business itself.  I can garauntee this is a fact.
      And no, Hatem is not allowing this cause he needs the $$$.  Club Raleigh Live bought (sub leased) Buckhead’s lease agreement with empire, so Hatem isn’t making any more or less money than he was before.  And if you knew what little they were paying for the location, you’re jaw would drop.

  • Daniel A
    03/20 08:13 PM

    Something tells me that if I selected 10 random people who commented about this article and surveyed them asking them how many non-white friends (not just acquaintances) they had, I bet I could count the total one hand!  Unbelievable that this 2010 and not 1910!

  • Rtown Chuck
    03/21 11:00 AM

    Just to add my two cents when I probably shouldn’t. We broke this story on our blog back in December but were “asked” to retract it by the owners of Buckhead…who are the exact same people as the owners of Raleigh Live. They are a group of investors, mostly in Charlotte. It isn’t subleased…it’s a name and concept change on a franchised bar that was suffering. Ever been to Buckhead in Atlanta? I feel any business downtown IS good business for downtown…most of the time. The owners/managers of ANY venue have the ability to create whatever atmosphere or vibe they want so I wouldn’t worry so much about the patrons but it will still be interesting to keep an eye on this place and see what comes of it.

  • James
    03/21 11:21 AM

    Raleigh is a city….. Raleigh is a city…..Raleigh is a city…....I just have to keep telling myself that for one more year to believe it.  Thank goodness for PCS orders!!!!

    Raleigh wants to be a world city without the positives and negatives that go with the title.  That’s part of being a city, being able to put all these strong opinions, attitudes, cultures, etc in one geographical area and letting them be as free as the LAW allows.  People post here about raleigh hipsters and I didn’t want to believe, but after some time here I’m starting to believe that is all that exists here—-all show and no go.

  • jesse
    03/21 01:16 PM

    Thread summary:

  • Aaron
    03/21 04:37 PM

    I think if we want a nice, fancy, dense, urban, metro, visionary, big, tall, and all other ‘big city’ associated buzzwords we should all grow up and realize that there are always going to be undesirables present. You all get over yourselves.

  • dana v
    03/21 08:13 PM

    Aries Lounge (now the Ugly Monkey) was primarily a hip hop club and no one was murdered in the ~4 years it was open.

  • obi
    03/22 08:39 AM

    lets just wait and see what happens… damn!

  • S
    03/22 11:44 AM

    Wow P - you are wrong wrong wrong!!! Its amazing that you know more about the property than I do - especially because I work at Empire and you don’t.
    Maybe this club did buy Buckhead’s lease, but again, Empire does not own that building and was not associated with Buckhead at all. And I do have quite a good idea of what they are paying.
    To be clear: Empire owns the building that Vintage 21 is in and when Jillians was there they leased both the Empire/Vintage 21 building and the non-Empire building that later housed Buckhead.
    Look it up here:
    You will see that that 411 W Morgan St is clearly owned by Coggins Construction as ben stated previously.
    Again, check your facts before you run your mouth. This is a really stupid argument.

  • matt
    03/22 02:39 PM

    If I counted ALL my friends of ALL races I could count the total on one hand!

    Neal2zod, why don’t you cram it? I wasn’t being sarcastic (though I certainly do it better than you do). Owners and operators show up here all the time to defend and promote their businesses, decisions and opinions. I thought it was weird that no one from such a big enterprise thought it worthwhile to do so.

    I also think it’s odd that no one who went the other night has anything to say about the experience. Good or bad, it was either secretive or unremarkable, I guess.

  • Micah
    03/22 02:51 PM

    S, I can see why people would think Empire owned all the buildings once occupied by Jillian’s.  Many news articles and interviews about Hatem back then made it sound as if he owned the whole block (Google “Hatem Jillian’s” and some examples come up).

  • arthurb3
    03/22 03:33 PM

    What is funny to me is that these people consider it murder to terminate a pregnancy but not murder to deniy a kid health care and medication care once they are born because the mother is poor!!

  • neal2zod
    03/22 04:17 PM

    Matt - I sincerely apologize for being sarcastic and hurting your feelings.

    That being said, I must also apologize for not realizing the same demographic that attended this club opening follows very closely. It has just been brought to my attention that the first song played in the club was by The Avett Brothers.

    I now realize that these patrons would have run straight to the internet and blogged all about their experiences attending said club opening, had it not been so “secretive”, as you suggest. I understand that they all had to sign waivers, specifically agreeing not to post on Newraleigh, and it was not unlike Fight Club.

    Again, I apologize profusely.

  • LOL
    03/22 04:52 PM

    LOL - This is such a funny conversation!
    Such an outpouring of hate when the place hadn’t even opened. God forbid things change around here! If the place is that bad, then it will go away, that’s what always happens.
    I especially enjoyed the underlying Empire ownership/non-ownership debate. Particularly the part where “P” definitively told “S” factually incorrect info. Maybe “P” should have taken both “ben” and “S”‘s advice and actually checked the property records. Also Micah you are giving NR responders too much credit by thinking they actually referenced old articles on Jillians. If you’re gonna do that, why not reference old articles on Buckhead or check the easily accessible public records?
    I agree with what “S” said twice, check your facts or keep it to yourself!

  • Brian
    03/22 05:18 PM

    I’ve been called a lot of things in my life, but I draw the line at Avett Brothers fan.  This time you’ve gone too far, Mr. Stamp.

  • arthurb3
    03/23 11:44 AM

    Did anyone go last weekend?

  • diverse man
    03/23 11:48 AM

    im glad to see another diverse different club coming to raleigh. this is a beautiful city but i think it lacks diversity where it matters. even in other places raleigh needs to focus on being more diverse with its citizens so it can represent them better. this city could use more people of color(blacks, latinos) in various places etc. city council, police force, fire dept, wake board. i think one huge reason for even the wake board opposing diversity is the fact that there are hardly any blacks, i think maybe two, and no latino board members to fairly represent their people. when it comes to things like this RACE DOES MATTER. how will white people know about what blacks and latinos need and where they are coming from? unless they live in a black community in which most dont then they will never know. there needs to be people from all races in these places so they can be fairly represented. o yea and im neither white or black so dont trip over my comment.

  • seriously?
    03/24 01:19 AM

    I heard this at the water cooler today…
    Negative comments posted by seasoned entrepreneurs on NR swayed potential patrons to stay away and opening weekend at this club was a disaster. Only a total of ten people walked in the doors, half carrying concealed AK-47s. You can only imagine what transpired next. Yes, your predictions were accurate, the thugs shot up the venue and it is already closed.

    Lucky for you readers, an unknown hipster has yet again assumed the lease at 411 W Morgan and will be turning the building into a new bar named ‘raleigh times II’. It is just a 14,944 square foot version of the other popular bar! Hopefully some of you can fit your huge heads through the the double doors.

  • iuieew
    03/30 02:47 PM

    Fucking hipsters ruin everything..Is nothing sacred anymore?  It’s not enough for you to take over Hargett and Wilmington, now you want the whole goddamn town?!  I hate you bitches!  I hope your flannel shirts and tight pants spring to life and choke you bitches out!!  And your fucking music!  Goddamnit if I can’t go into a coffee shop without wanting to smash the “trendy” art work and slit my wrists with the broken pieces because I have to hear whiney high-pitched vocals layered horribly on top of a haphazardly played acoustic guitar with bits of lazer sounds thrown in to make it “edgy”.  I understand that Raleigh was once a shitty little ghost town with hicks galore, but just because this shithole is tying to get a little metro does not mean that you fuckers have the right to accost my very being with your pseudo-hip local yokel antics.  This town and it’s “scene” is a fucking joke.  May you all burn in hell with all of your hipster paraphernalia (ie gratuitous bike in pastel colors, newly purchased vans with laces, a pint of PBR, and florals..I don’t know why, but hipster sluts love florals).

  • Club Raleigh Live Boycotter
    04/14 11:44 PM

    ths club is for loosers! its attracting the wrong type of ppl in a premium area. ghetto ghetto public housing type of clientelle. the management sucks asshole too! they dont treat thier employees right and it shows. how amateur.

  • Aaron
    04/19 06:03 PM

    Well, I for one welcome any new establishment in our fair city.

  • J
    04/24 05:18 PM

    Oh raleigh live boycotter, you must have been someone that couldnt handle your job and got fired from raleigh live. If you knew anything about the club and its management, youd know that they treat their employees VERY well…i’ve been with the club since day one.

  • J
    04/24 05:19 PM

    OH AND…we’ve been open for a little while now with NO incident whatsoever…no cops, no fights AT ALL….

  • Dan'o
    05/11 08:59 PM

    I’m an old (52) white man that loves most music (except country). I wanted to go where some life was, and the drum beat is dominate. I’ve been twice to this place without incident or any other negative occurance. I felt no rejection as I danced amongst everyone and with some individually. I was just one of a very few white people there, but never felt threatened or shunned. If this club is for losers then I raise my hand and want to be one. I can get a groove on or bust a move or whatever anyones accepted term for it is. But my term for it is “fun”, and that’s damn sure what I had there. ALL the staff is nice and professional, and the ladies in this part of the world are exceptionally beautiful. Yes, I have black eyes and I am proud of it. I plan to take my white ass back again and again. And ladies…..keep your eyes open for ole paisty, cause as some saw, that white boy know how move what he gots.

  • Ryan Seacrest
    05/12 11:21 AM

    I would hereby like to begin the nominations for 2010’s creepiest statement with:  “Yes, I have black eyes and I am proud of it,” as spoken by a man in his 50s.  Any challengers?

  • Robert
    05/12 11:26 AM

    That should win the award but I’m also going to nominate this statement: “keep your eyes open for ole paisty, cause as some saw, that white
    boy know how move what he gots.”

  • Ole Paisty
    05/12 11:52 AM

    *sashays up to a young black female*
    Yo, you wanna dance, girl?
    *moves what he gots*

  • Dan'o
    05/18 02:23 PM

    Hey here’s another creepy statement for you, part is a quote but the second half is mine:
    “Once you go black you’ll never go back”
    Once you leave white, you stay away with all your might.
    Besides, if that’s creepy to you it’s probably cause you’re the same old stale kinda white person I used to be. To quote a hip-hop song-“Over” by Drake; “I’m doin me” - so I really don’t care what anybody on the planet thinks of me. More Drake “WTF R Yall”

  • BC
    05/20 06:32 PM

    I went to raleigh live on the opening night….it was ok,but no fights or mess!!! I love there outside area….BUT i still like DOLCE better for sum reason.

  • my opinion
    06/08 09:42 PM

    I went to Club Raleigh Live on Friday, 4, 2010. It was great. A good environment that was welcoming. Staff was nice and the club was all together classy and inviting. I enjoyed the outside area. I recommend this club to anyone who just want to go out and have a good time! TWO THUMBS UP!..Keep up the good work owner/managers/dancers/staff

  • smitty
    06/08 11:34 PM

    That was a pretty good shill review, I give it 3 thumbs up.  Oh screw that, FOUR thumbs up.

  • my opinion too
    06/09 09:27 AM

    I, too, was there Friday 4, 2010.  Thumbs up!!

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    09/26 12:42 AM

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  • justwantajob
    11/01 01:28 AM

    Re Security Raleigh Live GWA (Raleigh ish )

    Date: 2010-10-31, 12:13PM EDT
    Reply to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Hey Post salary range and I may come out and interview. Most companies that do not post salary range is because it is embarrassing for them to.
    And you should always at some point in your message explain your 3 letter acronym. GWA???? Guess what acronym?
    People do not post to 1 sided posts such as this.
    Posts should have hours, pay range, and what they will start you at ( if that is set) and it usually is by the way already set. experience required,
    dress code info yea that was good, you should have said oh yea and no pants hanging down around bottom of your AXX, But you did not have courage to.
    Same with offensive tats etc.
    Step up Security Live GWA be a man or woman and finish the job.
    Compensation you say N/A I say tell what it is…..

    Security raleigh Live (GWA)

    Date: 2010-10-31, 12:26AM EDT
    Reply to: .(JavaScript must be enabled to view this email address) [Errors when replying to ads?]

    Raleigh live is looking for security staff ( GWA ) Male and Female must have be willing to learn raleigh live security standards must be well dress for enterveiws no jeans no sneakers no boots no hats of any kind . Come to raleigh live on tuesday and thursday from 1:00 to 5:00 Please follow the dress code you will be asked to leave if you are out of dress code . This is a great team that we have and we want to add to the team. This could be you easy just start with the dress code and we will go from there. Pay will be talked about at time of enterveiw 411 west morgan st is the location please no emails just come and apply at these times thank you .

    Location: GWA
    Compensation: N/A
    This is a part-time job.
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    Please, no phone calls about this job!
    Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
    PostingID: 2034607721
    Damn did not realize there was all this I just saw this in todays craigs list   Interesting its a reply to an ad for security at this very establishment the reply is first then the original ad

    Location: Raleigh ish
    Compensation: who knows its a secret apparently They say N/A mmm Not applicable
    Principals only. Recruiters, please don’t contact this job poster.
    Please, no phone calls about this job!
    Please do not contact job poster about other services, products or commercial interests.
    PostingID: 2034994795

  • King D-Bag
    02/09 07:39 PM

    And like that the dream was over. :(

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