Comedian Tig Notaro Coming to Kings August 23

Comedian Tig Notaro Coming to Kings August 23

July, 29, 2011, by Caroline

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Comedian Tig Notaro will be making a stop in Raleigh this August to dish out a heaping helping of her signature deadpan humor at Kings Barcade. A longtime favorite of diehard comedy fans, Notaro has appeared on The Sarah Silverman Program, Last Comic Standing and her own Comedy Central Presents special. Good One, her debut stand-up album from indie rock label Secretly Canadian will drop August 2.

We caught up with Notaro to ask her a few pressing questions about her background, her comedy and what Raleigh comedy fans can expect in August.

New Raleigh: You’re originally from Mississippi, do you have any advice on how to tell if you might be a redneck?

Tig Notaro: I would imagine if you purchase those cds or go to those concerts, you might be a redneck.

NR: On your website, you list Drew Barrymore as one of your favorite actresses. How did her performance in E.T. influence you in your former career as a child care professional?

TN: I never saw ET, I only saw her in one movie and I can't even remember the name of it, but she was good as far as I could tell. Huge fan, huge fan.

NR: Did your assistance-ship with Xena: Warrior Princess require martial arts training? Follow up question: In his autobiography Born Standing Up, Steve Martin wrote that Johnny Carson once told him that in comedy, “You’ll use everything you ever knew.” Do you find this to be true?

TN: No martial arts training needed at all. Mainly I just took Lucy's daughter on roller coasters and then called it a day. She worked me to the bone. As for Johnny Carson’s comment, absolutely. I don't see how a comedian wouldn't use everything. Most comics have been through everything to begin with, so there's much to draw from.


NR: In 2006-2007 you performed a series of shows in fans’ homes as part of The Crackpot Comedy Tour. During that tour did you find that most people unwound their toilet paper under or over the roll? How did that affect your performance?

TN: I didn't use a toilet during those years, and certainly not ones in strangers’ homes, but excellent question.

NR: I actually perform stand up myself and I always appreciate it at shows when the host clarifies for the audience that, “Our next comedian is actually a comedienne.” How much do you think we can credit the growing popularity of women in comedy to the more sophisticated spelling of comedienne?

TN: I thought only Phyllis Diller used the term "comedienne." Next question--

NR: Raleigh is known as the City of Oaks. Do you plan to incorporate any oak-themed jokes into your act for your show at Kings?

TN: I only do oak-themed jokes. Finally it will all make sense.

Listen to episodes of Professor Blastoff (Tig’s podcast) and download a new track from Tig's debut album below.

Show details:
Tig Notaro
Kings Barcade
Tuesday, August 23, 9 p.m.
Buy tickets here.

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