Community Forum to Discuss the Future of the Warehouses

Community Forum to Discuss the Future of the Warehouses

March, 13, 2009, by Brian

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Attend this meeting, if for no other reason than to protest calling it the “Depot District”.  Does anyone else think that sounds like an outlet mall?

Does Raleigh really love its warehouses? We shall see.

Community Forum On Depot Historic District Set For March 30

On Monday, March 30, the Raleigh Historic Districts Commission will hold a community forum to discuss a historic overlay district study report prepared for the downtown warehouse section, or Depot National Register District. The Depot District was recommended by the city’s Livable Streets and comprehensive plans. All those interested are invited to attend the forum to hear the proposal, ask questions, and voice both their support and concerns. The event will be held from 5 p.m. to 6 p.m. at The Depot, located at 327 West Davie Street, Suite 114.

For More Information Contact:
Martha Daniel Hobbs
Preservation Planner

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  • hackles10
    03/13 12:37 PM

    They should head to charlotesville, VA and model it after their downtown.  That area is so incredible and charming.  Its everything the warehouse district should hope to be!

  • RaleighRob
    03/13 02:01 PM

    Or heck, just go down the road and look at Brightleaf Square and American Tobacco District in Durham.  Something like that would be an improvement here.

  • hackles10
    03/13 02:03 PM

    ^that would work too.  That area has so much potential.  A lot of talk on raleigh forums is dedicated to the “skyline” and building up.  We have a ton of wasted low level space in raleigh too.  Not sure if its laws, contractual issues, zoning, or lack of vision/funding, but that area has a ton of potential, and year in and year out it stays the same.  Maybe the Hue and future residential space will push that area to increase the storefront offerings!

  • Les Geller
    03/15 12:49 PM

    We need tax policies that will make it more attractive and affordable for retail businesses and smaller office functions to locate in the area. We should also consider closing off one or more streets for pedestrian circulation and offering free parking to compliment the Rline bus service.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    03/16 02:23 PM

    “We have a ton of wasted low level space in raleigh too.”

    Spot on. There’s no reason to destroy it to rebuild - let’s make what’s there function. (Think LuLu on HST.)

    Also, I think some of the Downtown developers and RE owners need to think occupancy rate optimization and ease up on the lease rates and sale prices, to encourage filling up some of the insanely empty spaces in town.

    I for one would love a future spot Downtown, but when it comes to throwing money away to NOT own the property, I’ll take what I can get elsewhere for less.

  • WiseOne
    03/17 05:15 PM

    Yeah, if the city didn’t poo poo the pioneers that were there in the mid eighties, the area would a gem now. At least now that the big money is here in town the area might have a chance…well, for the big money people.

  • clark
    03/18 06:13 PM

    my favorite is when people armchair quarterback the business dealings of the property owners.  the owners of the buildings should set the lease rates at what the market will bear.  if they have vacancy that’s also their decision.  a similarly ridiculous statement would be to tell people they should take jobs for less money.

  • arthurb3
    03/27 12:37 PM

    Hopefully the City’s plans of creating a combined transit station at the location along the tracks will come to be realized. It would be nice have TTA, CAT, Greyhound, and the trains all in one location. This would mean that the buildings along the tracks will have to go to build the stations and some parking area. This will probably push out alot of places - CCs has been there for 35 years, Legends for about 16 years.

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