Connection Made: Jemaine and Lara to Date!

Connection Made: Jemaine and Lara to Date!

August, 27, 2010, by Jedidiah

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You may have read our most recent Totally Classified:Yo Laura, What Up Girl? where we exposed a dude that stated he looked a lot like Jemaine Clement (but not the dude’s real name) from Flight of the Conchords and his quest to get a girl, Laura.

Well, we found out that her name is actually Lara and after a little searching, she writes in telling us that the two officially have a date and we may hear more from them afterwards. We wish them the best of luck with their date, Flight of the Conchords style. Too bad season 3 was cancelled. Maybe Eagle vs. Shark instead?

We thought about hiring paparazzi. Anyone available? Are you looking for a missed connection? New Raleigh may be your new ticket to love, but we’ll leave that to Craigslist.


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Totally Classified


  • T-Plain
    08/27 11:10 AM

    I can’t believe that ad worked.

  • jstro
    08/27 11:32 AM

    good on ya, jumaine!

  • Hollis
    08/27 11:54 AM

    Thank god he got her name right now! It was bothering me so much that it was Lara and not Laura.

  • BC in NC
    08/27 12:03 PM

    Way to go Jemaine. Score one for your refreshing honesty. Now what shirt are you going to wear? 

    Hope they have a good time!

  • JT#2
    08/27 12:18 PM

    Don’t be a vag on your date dude.

  • Harry Seaward
    08/27 12:21 PM

    for the love of all that is holy, can we stop making immature insensitive jokes about the body parts of women.  its uncalled for!

  • 150
    08/27 12:26 PM

    My head exploded reading this.  How this guy got a date (chickened out at the coffee place, then followed it up with a rediculous ad, and somehow it attracted this Lara/Laura) is seriously beyond me.

  • TheKidMcFly
    08/27 02:46 PM

    Hey sweet tits, don’t read the comments if you don’t like insensitive references to female body parts….You vaj.

  • kg
    08/27 03:13 PM

    season 3 cancelled??? oh the humanity.

  • Eaton Beaver
    08/27 03:26 PM

    Lay off the vaj jokes, for christ’s sake.

  • Harry Seaward
    08/27 04:38 PM

    Something fishy is going on here…

  • Seann
    08/27 06:40 PM


  • Tony Woodard
    08/27 08:11 PM

    Dear New Raleigh editors,

    I saw a guy at Harris Teeter the other day that let me go in front of him at the deli counter. Could you hook us up? Thanks!

    p.s. he had shaved legs

  • Taika
    08/28 12:27 AM

    Season 3 of FOTC was not “cancelled.”  HBO wanted another season but Bret and Jemaine made the decision to walk away on their own terms.  Very classy move—get out while still on top and leave them wanting more…

    May be good advice for this “Jemaine” as well…

  • arthurb3
    08/30 11:54 AM

    Totally funny!

  • Dogood
    08/31 05:52 AM


  • Downtown Dame
    08/31 11:12 AM

    This was a great story, entertaining and something different.

  • arthurb3
    09/01 06:45 PM

    Awww. sweet!

  • Ron Burgundy, Anchorman
    09/07 08:55 AM

    “Vagazzercise your vijayjays.” - Jennifer Luv Hewitt

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