Convention Center Shimmer Wall Complete (Updated)

Convention Center Shimmer Wall Complete (Updated)

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June, 29, 2008, by Mark

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(Updated with Images from Monday June 30th)
The last panels of the Raleigh Convention Center Shimmer Wall were installed Saturday. Minus a couple of minor details and the LED lighting, the installation is complete.

From the beginning of construction until the last panels were installed on Saturday, 18 days elapsed. This is 10 less days than initially predicted by construction crews. The lights will be the next pieces to be installed. They’ll be turned on for the September 4th-6th celebration which will include Chuck Berry, Lou Gramm (word is the options via Live Nation and Deep South were slim), the Symphony, Ballet, and 35 other bands. Until then, enjoy the images/videos below and check out our Convention Center Sneak Peak and other Shimmer Wall Updates. John over at Goodnight Raleigh has some nice night shots and here is a skyline photo from South Saunders.

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  • Drew
    06/29 10:12 PM

    Pretty!  Great video!  Can’t wait to see it with the LED lights going.

  • Henry
    06/30 02:44 PM

    f* yeh! that’s awesome! good work guys.

  • Joan
    07/11 11:58 AM

    This is incredible!  I almost ran off the road when I saw it the first time.  It’s so nice to see Raleigh get some unique architecture.  Excellent work and my compliments to Clearscapes!

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