Dan Deacon and Wham City Comedy Tour Coming to Kings Barcade

Dan Deacon and Wham City Comedy Tour Coming to Kings Barcade

September, 21, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Dan Deacon performing in a random warehouse in Brooklyn

The first time I saw Dan Deacon live was in Raleigh at the now defunct Bickett Gallery in 2005 in the Five Point neighborhood. Deacon opened for a band called Art Lord and the Self Portraits (you may now know them by the name Future Islands) and Nuclear Power Pants also played the show. Then, he was just a geeky man in sweat pants and big brown eyeglasses. His music all stemmed from an iPod that came unhooked a couple of times, halting his performance mid song, during his show. Regardless of these technical difficulties, Deacon's energy level and blippy-electro turned the tiny gallery into a dancehall for the 20 minutes of his set. Oh, and Nuclear Power Pants performed in plush monster costumes. What an evening.

Since this first performance, I have seen Deacon perfom at Local 506, where he played on the floor with a dance party of fans on the stage and made the entire audience create a human tunnel throughout the tiny corridor venue that is 506. I've seen him in Brooklyn, opening for Spark Rock, which resulted in nothing short of a spastic dance party on the fourth floor of an abandoned warehouse that was only home to music shows for a few months in 2006. I also saw Deacon perform at the Middle East in Boston which was so packed and dark that the only way you could tell where the musician was throughout the performance was to spot the glowing plastic skull rising above the crowd. The skull, used in most of his performances, became an automatic stobe light, pulsing along with the music. 

The Dan Deacon human tunnel at Local 506

That said, you may hate Dan Deacon's music. A lot of people do (including my wife). But, despite your musical tastes, his knack for creating performance art that makes for a night of atypical interactive fun can make a believer out of anyone (including my wife). This time when Dan Deacon rolls through Raleigh, he'll stop into Kings Barcade (a venue that's perfectly shaped for a Deacon show) on October 28th and bring along with him the Wham City Comedy Tour which is a night full of performance art, video, stand-up, and experimental theater. With the crew that roams with Deacon, we are quite sure this will be a wild and crazy evening at Kings. 

Just to clarify, Dan Deacon is not playing this show as a musical performance but will be part of the performance art and comedy troop that night.

Dan Deacon and the Wham City Comedy Tour

Kings Barcade

October 28th, 2011

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  • miss_k_cat
    09/21 04:08 PM

    Hey, I’m in that picture! This sounds fun. I will put it on my calendar.

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