David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar Now Open on Hillsborough Street

David’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar Now Open on Hillsborough Street

August, 11, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Duck and Dumpling chef David Mao’s Dumpling and Noodle Bar on Hillsborough Street, which was announced in May, is now open for lunch and dinner.

The lunch, dinner  and late night noodle menus ($16 is the most expensive dish!) look very tasty and affordable. We look forward to trying it and reporting back. We think David’s new restaurant may stick around this spot for a while and will hopefully not have any dumpster issues with Player’s Retreat.

Hours of Operation:

Lunch: 11:30-230pm (closed for lunch on Saturday, but open on Sunday)
Dinner 5-10pm
Noodle Bar open until 11pm

Dinner 5-11pm
Noodle Bar open until 12pm

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David's Dumpling and Noodle Bar

  • arthurb3
    08/11 12:15 PM

    The food is very flavorfull, beautifully plated, and the prices are reasonable!

  • Michael
    08/11 03:02 PM


  • RaleighRob
    08/12 10:56 AM

    Can’t wait to try it.  While I’m still sad that Spize Cafe has stopped serving Dinner, this place may very well fill the gap. 

    This should be the best dining addition to Hillsborough Street since Porters opened.

  • EORaleigh
    08/12 12:23 PM

    The food is crazy yummy and I love the wide selection of beers on draft and wine available. They made the bar really nice, I like sitting there and having a few drinks..good spot for hang outs!

  • polly
    08/12 02:23 PM

    Yummy, but the service is terrible. Still woking out the kinks I guess. Didn’t seem like they were ready to be as busy as they were. Curry noodles are awesome though. And a steal at $7.50.

  • Fred
    08/12 03:32 PM

    Had lunch today for the first time - The atmosphere is great, with very cool images on the walls.  Lunch was tasty, the space is really nice.  I agree the service wasn’t too good, but I know it will improve.  Can’t wait to go back for dinner

  • Wheeler Dealer
    08/12 05:00 PM

    Went last night- the place was on a wait by 7 pm…clearly the staff was not prpepared for the big crowds after being open for only a few days, but the food still came out promptly and was just great.

    Definitley a great addition to the neighborhood!

  • DoubleA
    08/12 05:35 PM

    My wife and I went last Sunday for lunch.  Service was a little off, but nothing they won’t fix in a week or two.  The food was excellent (roast pork and dumpling soup, pad thai noodles with tofu).  David was in the dining room greeting folks and was excited about their first week.  Beer selection is definitely a step above what you’d expect.

  • wg
    08/12 05:47 PM

    it ROCKS!!! =)

  • JP
    08/13 12:29 AM

    Tasty! Hello draft beer. Red Hot & Who?

  • RaleighRob
    08/13 09:31 AM

    Tried it last night…couldn’t wait any longer.  Food was absolutely delicious.  The menu had a great variety too…so hard to choose what to eat!  Good variety of price points too…some nice upscale dishes but also plenty of cheaper stuff that will appeal to students too.  Great service too.  My selected entree wasn’t necessarily spicy, but I asked my waitress if I could have it “Asian spicy” and she was more than happy to see to it.  A+!

  • Greg
    08/13 09:56 AM

    Also tried last night. The Curry Soup and Singapore Stick Noodles were great, along with the famous dumplings we used to get at Duck & Dumpling back in the day. Service was very quick and helpful at selecting something that worked. The late night menu and good prices will definitely bring in a college crowd. I think this space has finally found something permanent.

  • KK
    08/13 05:54 PM

    No ramen on the menu?  Bummer :(

  • Katie
    08/13 10:14 PM

    Very excited! I was afraid I’d never have his dumplings again when those Empire assholes fired him. Can’t wait to go!!

  • rcz
    08/14 06:44 PM

    We went on a weeknight and the service was fine. And the food was absolutely fantastic. The wonton soup was superb, as was were the dumplings and Malaysian curry with roti. I can’t wait to try the tofu dishes—saw some neighbors eating it and it looked delicious!

  • RaleighRob
    08/16 02:29 PM

    @katie:  Fired?!?  Um…what I heard was he simply retired….and this new place is a result of realizing afterwards that he’d rather work again.
    Correct me if i’m wrong

  • Richard Slater
    08/16 04:30 PM

    “RaleighRob” - The retiring story came from the N&O article that was ran introducing his replacement chef at the Duck and Dumpling. I have heard from a few people who know David and he supposedly was fired by his “partners”. But I do not know why.

  • Seann
    08/16 05:45 PM

    I can’t wait to try this place!

  • JT
    08/17 09:42 AM

    Something tells me we’ll never get Ramen on menus…  I was really looking forward to it here.

  • BrandPVC
    08/18 11:05 AM

    The menu has been greatly expanded from his former fare at D&D. There were so many tempting dishes to choose from that it was hard to settle on just one. Eventually I settled on the braised beef noodles which were quite good though not the “beef noodle soup” that I had expected (a la the Grand Asia Market). I can’t wait to try the Vietnamese pho and the rest of the menu.

    The atmosphere was simple but elegant, chic, and metropolitan at the same time. The images were well done and focused on David (Mao) and the fine ingredients that go into the dishes. Gone are the multitude of distracting wall decor from the previous restaurants that used to call the location home.

    Admittedly, David didn’t think that the place would be received as well this first week as business has shown. He said, “I’m ready to retire again because it’s been so busy!” I hope not anytime soon.

    Price: $$$$ (out of 5)
    Taste: $$$$$
    Atmosphere: $$$$ Casual

  • OscarJ
    08/18 12:55 PM

    Been there twice and the food was terrific both times. Prices are very reasonable.

    The serving staff definitely needs to up their game, but I think that will come in time. Our lunch took about 30 minutes longer than it should have and the waiter nervously blamed it on “stone-age computers.” I served for 8 years and don’t buy many excuses. Figure out how to be faster using what you’ve got and you’ll get happier customers that are more willing to open their wallets, that’s all I’m saying.

    Last time I went they had fans running in every room and it smelled kind of funky… wonder if that space is having flooding issues. I know that building has a sort of cursed past.

  • lindsey
    08/19 05:02 PM

    Excellent! Glad to see good restaurants coming to Hillsborough. I also heard the Frazier’s is re-opening next week. Anyone know the scoop on that?

  • Richard slater
    08/20 02:27 PM

    We ate there for lunch yesterday. We were a little disappointed with the food. The service was good. My wife’s shrimp were far from fresh. My curried chicken was decent. The egg rolls and dumplings were ok. So far the food is no better than any average MacChinese restaurant. I hope it improves. We will check it out again in a few weeks.

  • gd
    08/20 03:56 PM

    Richard:  I’ve eaten at lunch and dinner. Dinner was much better.  Lunch was disappointing - I had the pad thai and it was lacking flavor.

  • Janey
    08/24 01:16 PM

    I had dinner here last week and wasn’t that impressed.  The chicken in my dish was fatty and low quality.  The main flavor of the noodles was salt.  Such a disappointment.

  • Katie
    08/24 03:28 PM

    Went on Sunday and it was everything I had hoped it would be…DELICIOUS!!  Be sure to get the half fried dumplings, so good!

  • mgd
    09/03 12:32 PM

    Food was good.  Service was HORRIBLE!!!!!!!!!  We waited so long for someone to come wait on us.  No one ever came so I had to go to the bar to get water and drinks and to tell the bartender to have some one come over and wait on us.

    It was about 8 at night.  The bartender came over and said that was his section and he didnt know!  Well who in the F waited on the people before us???  Its 8 a night there was probably 2 seatings before us.  He never came back after taking our order, we had to go back to the bar to get the check.

  • MMI
    10/04 07:35 PM

    PVC mentioned it, but they have Pho!  With meatballs, no less.  Decent Pho within walking distance of my house = WIN.

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