Deepjava Coming to Wilmington Street, Ruben’s to Replace Biscuit Station

June, 14, 2010, by Jedidiah

Deepjava Coming to Wilmington Street, Ruben’s to Replace Biscuit Station
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A couple of other local blogs have uncovered two new bits of information on new restaurants coming to the downtown area.

Gogoraleigh notes that a site plan has been submitted to the City of Raleigh for a new restaurant called DeepJava on Wilmington Street. The space is next to Busy Bee Restaurant/Bar/Coffee Shop. We assume Deepjava will be a coffee shop of some sort and will be smack in between The Morning Times and Busy Bee. If are standing at the corner of Wilmington and Hargett and need coffee, you’ll have about (at least) 5 choices now within a 3 block radius. New City Design looks to be working on the design of the space.

photo by John Morris

Also, John over at Goodnight, Raleigh! confirms what we were hearing this past weekend that The Biscuit Station/Mema’s Biscuits will become Ruben’s (Downtown) soon. We know nothing more but can possibly assume that either some dude named Ruben will run it or maybe they’ll serve Reuben sandwiches there, with a slightly different spin and spelling.

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See the Ruben’s {categories show="257|236|256|96" show_group="9" limit="1"}{category_name}{/categories} page.

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  • DPK
    06/15 12:45 AM

    Awesome, I love ruebens!  I can’t wait.  :D

  • Jonathan
    06/15 10:11 AM

    Reuben Studdard…maybe he’ll ask Clay to deliver the food on roller skates!

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