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September, 16, 2008, by Kelly

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It’s a popular buzzword in business today, but what exactly is ‘design thinking?’ The Master of Graphic Design students at NC State’s College of Design attempt to answer that question through their exhibit at the newly remodeled Leazar Hall on NC State’s College of Design campus (map:

On display now through Saturday, September 20 in Leazar’s central gallery (between the Fundamentals and Art+design studios), the exhibit is comprised of 16 panels designed by individual graduate students, then assembled as a collective show. Each panel defines and explains a specific cognitive behavior or other thinking strategy employed during the creative process. These concepts come to life not only through careful diagrams and definitions crafted from the students’ research, but also through lively case studies from a range of design disciplines that illustrate how one can use these steps and methods towards creative and productive outcomes.

From esoteric concepts like morphological thinking to concrete activities such as brainstorming, the exhibit sheds light on various aspects of the creative process and helps viewers understand different ways of engaging with design problems. The is part of an effort to integrate and advocate design thinking across the College of Design, positioning the College as an institution for strategic thinking as well as creative making.

Design Thinking
Master of Graphic Design exhibit
Leazar Hall at NC State’s College of Design (map:
Sept. 12 - 20, 2008

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