Designbox Retail Shop Now Open

Designbox Retail Shop Now Open

February, 03, 2011, by Jedidiah

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Designbox has played around with a retail component off and on again for years and finally will settle down with the year-round Designbox Shop starting (today) Friday February 4th. Getting a head start before CAM's opening in April, the Designbox shop will house a great selection of locally made goods from artists, designers and other genres (candies, etc.). The Designbox Shop will be one of the few (only) places in Downtown Raleigh where you can get a great selection of greeting cards as well. A few places like Hamlin Drugs and Accipiter carry a few but DBox's shop will be a much more funky of a collection. 

As well, Adam Peele has decorated the walls and added some art for a gallery show starting Friday as well. It's great to see the warehouse district getting more retail components and once CAM is around, it should only get more exciting. Plus, we hear there are a few more surprises at Designbox in the coming months. Stay Tuned...


Designbox celebrates the soft-opening of a year-round Designbox Shop with the artwork of local fashion designer, screenprinter and artist, Adam Peele. The gallery will be exploding with birds, flowers, trees and other flora and fauna inspired by Raleigh, Tokyo and Adam's imagination. 
Though not officially opening until April, the DB Shop is already bustling with lots of new items, including an irreverent greeting card wall featuring Blue Barnhouse, Trish Grantham, and Cool Jane Design. Just in are some smoking bunnies and stuffed liquor bottles by Knockabout! And our Paul Friedrich collection keeps growing...
curated by Joey Fralin & Beth Khalifa [db]

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  • rtpgreen
    02/04 08:37 AM

    put a bird on it!

  • Seano
    02/04 11:04 AM

    I’m a fan.

  • gali
    02/04 03:01 PM

    When you mention places, it’d be cool if you included the address, too. Or is this another “if you don’t aren’t already know, you aren’t cool enough to go” sort of thing?

  • Issac Hunter
    02/04 07:05 PM

    Google it gali.

  • B
    02/04 09:47 PM

    @ gali:  never mind Issac.

    323 W Martin Street
    Downtown Raleigh

  • Joe
    02/05 12:26 PM

    It’s an unfortunate time to open a gift shop of any kind.  With the economy and people’s personal finances the way they are, any business selling non-essential products and/or services is going to have a very difficult time surviving.

  • Jon Williams
    02/05 03:08 PM

    @Joe - Designbox survives on members’ rent. If the store does well, that rent might decrease slightly, but the store isn’t a make-or-break proposition. Pooh-pooh the recession anyhow: “We have always been at war with Eurasia.”

  • Joe
    02/05 03:09 PM

    Good to hear!

  • roi
    02/15 11:13 AM

    Gali, when reading the article, I was thinking about the same thing….Address?

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