Dickey’s BBQ Pit Moving in Across from Cooper’s BBQ

August, 11, 2010, by Jedidiah

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It looks like Cooper’s Barbeque is gonna have a bit of “competition” across Davie street. The BBQ chain, Dickey’s BBQ (home of the Big Yellow Cup Club, what?) will be moving into the base of the Progress Energy Building (170 East Davie Street) this Fall. We assume this is in the spot formerly occupied by Pharoah’s.

It’s great that the open storefront is being filled but no thanks, we’ll stick to Clyde Cooper’s (across the street), The Pit (down the street) and even Ole Time Barbeque (west of downtown) for our BBQ needs. I guess we may start seeing a handful of folks running around downtown with big yellow cups now.

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  • Jess
    08/11 11:01 AM

    lets see how many coffee shops and bbq joints we can stick downtown…

  • CtrlBurn
    08/11 11:22 AM

    Oh God.  I went to a Dickey’s once.  I hope this one makes a quick exit.

  • T. Pew
    08/11 11:53 AM

    Big Jesus Oil King down in Texas, drives great holy tanks of gold.

  • Phil
    08/11 11:57 AM

    Dickey’s Polish sausage FTW.

  • ct
    08/11 12:13 PM

    Texans like this stuff, and it can be tasty. But in the minds of Eastern NC BBQ purists, Dickey’s is not BBQ. It’s just grilled meat in a spicy tomato sauce.

  • Robert
    08/11 12:40 PM

    Boo for Dickey’s not that great, especially when there are so many other good choices around.

  • raleighcurmudgeon
    08/11 01:50 PM


  • kg
    08/11 02:04 PM

    maybe i’m a purist or maybe i’m a prude but i just can’t get excited about chain bbq restaurants.

  • Rex
    08/11 02:53 PM

    West Davie is become the BBQ District of downtown. Too bad Dickey’s is nowhere good enough to drive any of The Pit’s prices down.

  • corey3rd
    08/11 05:29 PM

    rather just head up to Holden’s BBQ on US1 to get the real deal without a yellow cup.

  • RayP
    08/11 06:02 PM

    I say support local business. I, for one, won’t be visiting Dickey’s.

  • ct
    08/11 06:09 PM

    Dickey’s is a franchise operation in most places. Don’t know whether the franchisee for the Triangle is local or not, but it’s conceivable that he or she is. That said, I understand the sentiment about local business.

  • Brian
    08/11 06:41 PM

    You know why I’m happy about this?

    Because there could be an honest-to-God barbecue war in the middle of Davie Street.

    Watch your eyes, Dickey’s patrons, because vinegar burns.

  • DPK
    08/11 11:39 PM

    I’d love to see a downtown Raleigh bbq brawl.  Not in the sense of physical fighting, but perhaps a contest?  Like the kind you see on the Food Network all the time.

  • Van Alston
    08/11 11:41 PM

    The whole idea of a chain barbecue restaurant gives me the willies.

  • Maureen Woloszczuk
    08/12 01:16 AM

    Just thought I’d weigh in and this is great! We love the passion and excitement. Raleigh is a great city and we will work to continue to infuse life and energy into downtown. Anyone every been to Philly and seen or tried Pat’s or Gino’s Cheesesteaks across the street from each other? http://www.genosteaks.com/about.html The story sounds the same. The reality is people love our barbecue and have been asking us to come downtown for some time. We appreciate our loyal customer feedback and continuing to vote for us with a big thumbs up for our barbecue and many other recognitions! People have asked for choice and we are giving the people what they want!

    We are locally owned and operated and have many dedicated team members that depend on us for their living and in turn they try to make our restaurant a unique positive experience. We give back a great deal to the community. Feel free to take the time to join our Big Yellow Cup Club and learn more: http://bit.ly/bujZOY Don’t be afraid, come on in and give us a try! Who knows, you may love it so much that you will want to talk with us about owning your own location!

    We are truly looking forward to meeting all of you in the very near future.

    Best Regards,
    Vice President GMW Carolina, Inc
    dba Dickey’s Barbecue Pit
    Smoked Here, Served Everywhere

    Your newest choice in the Capital City for great LOCAL barbecue!

  • ec2k
    08/12 01:31 AM

    Ive been in Raleigh for about a year now, I moved from Emerald Isle where I spent my whole life. From the day I got here all I heard was that The Pit was the be all end all of pork. I finally made it there this week and was very disappointed. We tried the Carolina ribs, brisket and chopped BBQ. The brisket was way overcooked, it tasted like it had been sitting in a steam table in beef stock for days. You had to scoop it up with your fork because it was so over cooked it had nothing left to hold it together. The chopped BBQ was very bland, even after drowning it in the so called “Eastern NC” style sauce. Ive had countless better sauces out of people backyard, this tasted like a mass produced sauce you could get at Food Lion. I will say that the Carolina ribs were fairly good. Places down east like Kings in Kinston, Bouge House in Cedar Point or Moore’s in New Bern may not have the modern atmosphere or the top notch beer selection that The Pit has but they have them beat on the cue. I know its not downtown but to me top to bottom you cant beat the food over at the Backyard Bistro out by the RBC Center. The brisket actually has smoke rings on it. The ribs have flavor and are so tender they fall off the bone. The BBQ is much better, the BBQ nachos are insane! Their beer selection is lacking big time. The only craft they have on tap is Red Oak and Bad Penny. If you haven’t been there its worth the drive.

  • The Burger King
    08/12 03:29 AM

    Comparing Pat’s and Gino’s to opening a chain restaurant that advertises the Big Blue Cup Club across from Cooper’s is quite the stretch.  A better comparison would be if McDonald’s opened across from Pat’s or Gino’s and started selling fourteen flavors of Certified Original Philly Cheese Steak Sammiches.

    I’m wondering who these people are that are clamoring for “choice.”  I surely haven’t heard anyone asking for it.  I do wish you and your team members the best of luck, though.  Just think, if this goes over maybe we will see the return of Hardee’s and Wendy’s.  Lord knows that people are clamoring for choice in chain food downtown.  Chic-Fil-A and McD’s just aren’t enough.

  • 150
    08/12 09:21 AM

    ^^Agree with the King regarding the Pat’s/Gino’s comparison.  Not even in the same ball pork.

  • Greg
    08/12 10:34 AM

    Maybe this will start some competition and get Cooper’s to stay open past 6pm, that would be awesome.

  • corby
    08/12 01:06 PM

    I can appreciate any community that wants to preserve their downtown from an infestation of chains, but when it comes to barbecue, Dickey’s is the real thing.  There is nothing chain about choice brisket, a rub recipe from 1941 and 15 hours worth of the same hickory smoke in a rotisserie pit big enough to smoke the whole cow or lots of little Carolina pigs.  This is a 3rd generation family owned business that loves barbecue and delivers the real deal. Barbecue lovers and purists unite! Cheers (with a big yellow cup) from a Dickey’s guy…”

  • Jess
    08/12 01:13 PM

    RALEIGH BBQ CRAWL… beers and bbq… food eatting contests…taste tests…Moore Square… DO IT!!!!!!!

  • smitty
    08/12 01:32 PM

    Downtown Raleigh isn’t trying to “preserve their downtown from an infestation of chains”, chains restaurants just die on their own.  Historically, fast food chains downtown have a tough time.  They either do no business at night or on weekends or get clogged up full of homeless people.  If Dickey’s can stay open late and handle the late night crowd, they may have something.

  • agreeing w. ec2k
    08/12 02:44 PM

    While I hate to admit it, I have to agree with ec2k, at least with The Pit assessment. The Pit seems to be slacking. It’s not uncommon to get overcooked brisket, chicken and chopped bbq. When the name alone started bringing sells the food ceased to stand out. Then again, the quality of the bbq is often inversely proportional to the fanciness of the restaurant.

  • ct
    08/12 02:57 PM

    The upside of highway construction (I-540, US 64/264 bypass around Knightdale, I-795, the US 70 bypass around Clayton, and the forthcoming Goldsboro bypass) is that it’s faster than ever to drive to Wilber’s in Goldsboro.

    I’ve eaten at Dickey’s locations in Texas. I prefer Eastern NC style, but for a chain Dickey’s is a good purveyor of KC/Texas style… definitely better than the Famous Dave’s chain that is popping up everywhere, although not yet in North Carolina.

  • had2sayit
    08/12 03:20 PM

    I bet the writer of this piece considers themself to be open minded.

  • tc
    08/12 03:41 PM

    “I’ve eaten at Dickey’s locations in Texas. I prefer Eastern NC style”

    Just wait til you try Lexington bbq then.  So good it supercedes the whole eastern/western thing.  Best in the state.

    Cue the feud…..pun intended.

  • Brian
    08/12 04:21 PM

    Wait, what?  Lexington IS western.  The eastern/western argument is about styles inside NC.

    When you talk about western vs. eastern style, you’re talking about Lexington vs. Goldsboro, not Goldsboro vs. Texas.

    P.S. Red slaw is gross.

  • CSP
    08/12 04:32 PM

    Went to Dickey’s in Cary, and it sucked, I have had bbq, everywhere from NC (eastern and Western),SC,Texas, to Memphis, and it was so bland,not a lot of flavor, the sides really sucked, and the tea tasted like dirty sink water, and I am not usually that picky, but maybe I went at a bad time ??  Who knows, but my dining partner and I agreed, that it was not all that. However, I am glad for any business opening up at this point. Maybe it will stir competition, sounds like like a good thing.

  • ct
    08/12 04:56 PM

    As to east vs west, it all depends on where you come from. Those of us who moved here from out of state still think the dividing like between east and west is the Mississippi River, not US 220. And don’t get me started about that mutant mustard stuff in South Carolina.

  • tc
    08/12 05:03 PM

    “Wait, what?  Lexington IS western.  The eastern/western argument is about styles inside NC.”

    Not really.  Not in terms of grouping it with the likes of Stameys and what you find in winston, statesville, salisbury, etc. It is Lexington-style.  I think it’s an oversimplification to say there is vinegar-based vs tomato-based.  (and no offense, but DER!!, I know eastern/western is inside NC). 

    P.S.  RED SLAW RULES!!  You can keep that mayonnaisy junk.

  • ct
    08/12 05:06 PM

    Lexington is good, but it has in common with Eastern NC than it does with Texas. Go try living in Dallas for a while.

  • tc
    08/12 05:15 PM

    oh yeah, definitely agree with you there ct.  I’ve had texas-style.  Though, both texas and NC agree on one thing, less sauce, more natural flavor. 

    And I guess what I’m getting at when I say Lexington is not Western NC style, is that western style is a misnomer. Meaning, Lexington started it all, and surrounding cities tried to copy and steal pit cooks away from lexington, but none have come close to the original. 

    Yes, I know….I have a problem.  I’m ok with that.

  • richardfoc
    08/12 05:57 PM

    “I think it’s an oversimplification to say there is vinegar-based vs tomato-based.”

    Huh? Vinegar based vs. tomato based is exactly the crux of the whole East vs. West argument. No oversimplification there.

    “As to east vs west, it all depends on where you come from.”

    Actually, no it doesn’t. In the context of this post concerning barbecue East vs. West has absolutely nothing to do with the Mississippi River and everything to do with styles within the state of NC.

    Now with all that being said let me state for the record that I am a fan of both Eastern vinegar based barbecue AND Western tomato based barbecue and consider myself lucky to live in a state that has such awesome porky goodness!

  • ct
    08/12 06:01 PM

    “the context of this post concerning barbecue East vs. West has absolutely nothing to do with the Mississippi River and everything to do with styles within the state of NC”... a rather bizarre point of view, don’t you think, given that the thread started with an announcement that a self-proclaimed Texas company is opening a store in Raleigh? It’s ambiguous to call Lexington-style BBQ “western” in a thread that started this way.

  • smitty
    08/12 07:24 PM

    This thread is making me hungry.

  • ec2k
    08/13 12:42 AM

    Isn’t everything from Texas beef? The few times Ive been down there I always seemed to get beef.

  • Fade RGRs
    08/13 10:40 AM

    Send them packing, just like Red, Hot, & Blue.  The franchise owner should have done his math, Raleigh is not going to support below average BBQ.  Maybe open a second Cary location before you make the mistake of coming here.

  • Dan from Detroit
    08/13 07:45 PM

    Dickey’s is to BBQ as White Castle is to gourmet burger places

    /working in Dallas this week & had to eat this crap once, disgusting

  • Brocktoon
    08/13 11:50 PM

    Dickey’s is disgusting.  Forced to eat there once and never returned.  I recently moved to Raleigh from Dallas.  Lived there for 15 years.  Never had great BBQ in Dallas, but there are some artful pitmasters elsewhere in the state.  If I had to choose a Dallas spot… try Sammy’s near downtown. I find Carolina BBQ to be very lacking in the smoke department.  It is as if everything is cooked in a gas/ electric oven for a few hours, pulled, and tossed with the traditional vinegar based sauce.

    Texas is primarily beef.  What I miss most isn’t the brisket, it’s the sausage.  I haven’t found good, in-house made sausage here. 

    Agree with all criticizing The Pit.  It has faltered tremendously.  Used to frequent regularly, as I live a block away, but haven’t been back in several months.  Had three pretty dismal meals there before ending my patronage.  One had to be comped it was so bad.  Used to see Ed hanging around, not so much anymore, and that’s a bad sign.

  • ct
    08/13 11:54 PM

    Truly orthodox Eastern NC BBQ is cooked over wood and has a smoky flavor. It’s subtle but it’s there.

  • ec2k
    08/14 12:35 AM

    I remember driving through the Waco area a few years ago and stopping at a place called Rudy’s or something like that. They had the best jalapeno smoked sausages Ive ever had. Everything there was pretty tasty, Ive had dreams about the brisket from that joint.

  • Brocktoon
    08/14 02:13 AM


    Mae Farm Meats (Louisburg, NC) sells really good, jalapeno smoked sausages at the State Farmer’s Market.  You still have to cook them, which is why I did not include them my earlier post.  Give them a try.  Good stuff.

  • Peter_K
    08/14 10:51 PM

    Call me crazy, but as a capitalist, I think more options is a good thing rather than a bad thing.

    I’m an Army brat, but I have been in NC since 1975 (shortly after my 5th birthday). I still remember the first time I had Cooper’s BBQ, and I was a little surprised as to what I got. Shredded pork on a bun with vinegar sauce?

    If it weren’t for the progression of different barbeque style restaurants (including Red Hot & Blue), I wouldn’t have come to appreciate eastern style BBQ that I have today.

    Not everyone will come to love eastern style BBQ right off the bat, and not everyone necessarily will.

    So, for those people who prefer eastern style BBQ, Coopers will always have a place. For those who prefer Texas style barbeque, they will have a place too.

    And, this may be crazy too…but I actually see myself having both. I’ve been known to crave Texas ribs, and I’ve been known to crave chopped pork.

    However, now that the Time Out is on Hillsborough Street, I’ll go there. I think it is the best barbeque in Raleigh & Chapel Hill.

    Yeah, I’ve been known to visit Chapel Hill from time to time too.

  • p_approx
    08/15 10:35 AM

    I’ve taken meals at both Cooper’s and Dickey’s and find the pho at Cooper’s to be far superior to Dickey’s. Hands down, the latter’s pho simply cannot compare with the rich, flavorful, bold yet nuanced, bowl of cleansing nourishment found at Cooper’s.
    End of story.

  • Nathan
    08/16 08:32 PM

    Wake up. Backing Cooper’s may seem like the cool thing to do for you image-conscious ass clowns, but that place is terribly overrated at this point. Sure, it’s cool that it’s been a staple of downtown Raleigh for so long, but it’s just not that great. It doesn’t get by on its name or overblown reputation with me. When it comes to people complaining about the building being torn down for the Edison or talking it up when a new place is moving, I can’t help but wonder how many of you jokers have ever even eaten there, much less with any regularity.

  • michael
    08/16 10:49 PM

    i have never posted before, but i honestly had to give appreciation to p_approx’s comment.  personally, i think the pho at raleigh denim is just too expensive.

  • Brian
    08/17 05:54 AM

    I’ll be the first to admit that Cooper’s can be inconsistent, but Cooper’s on a good day outshines anything within an hour’s drive.

  • oakcity
    08/17 04:39 PM

    coopers rules, dickies will be southend brewery version 2.0

  • GrizzlyBear
    08/17 10:52 PM

    I don’t need to eat at Dickey’s even once (and I won’t) to know that this pathetic business venture’s intrusion into The BBQ Holy Land will fail miserably.

  • ec2k
    08/17 11:27 PM

    Have you guys have the carnitas burrito at Chubbys? That may be the best pork in Raleigh.

  • El snarko
    08/17 11:34 PM

    The pork tacos at Mojoes on Tuesdays are better than Chubby’s. I didn’t believe it, but people kept telling me so I went and tried them. They are the best this side of Siler City.

  • no
    08/20 01:11 PM

    smoke a butt and shut up hipsters

  • "listen2me"
    11/01 11:23 PM

    WOW, this is SO cool to read this kind of stuff.  Dickies and NO comparison for Clyde Cooper’s
    BBQ.  For 72 years that place has strived to do things like Clyde did it.  Good clean BBQ,
    the ribs are award winning, the brunswick stew is a staple of old-fashion goodness.  You need to go to a catering they do, I have gone, and man the Pig-on-the-grill was so good.
    They do a real professional catering job.  The food is just great.  I’ve been in there and meet
    people that some as they touch down at RDU, their first stop is Clyde’s.  The new owners,
    really want it to be like Clyde Cooper’s had it done years ago.  The wife, I understand, ran
    it back in the late 80’s til 1995 and wants everything like Clyde did it.  The building ain’t
    going nowhere soon. Down town is over built as it is, too many vacancies.  All I got to say,
    it’s good clean bbq and food!  Cooper’s does a hell of a business, inside with eat ins and
    buffet pick-ups, and caterings. Just isn’t any comparison!!!!!!

  • creech
    11/01 11:27 PM

    Been to Ole Time bbq, didn’t have to chew my food, the bbq was already chewed for me.
    Been to the Pit, WAY over-rated and OVER-PRICED.  Been to Cooper’s, and got great food
    for a great price.

  • Kent
    12/02 12:35 PM

    Hey everyone, FWIW, I’ve lived in Texas all my life except for 5 years in NC when I was in H.S. in Fayetteville.  I live in South Texas, and I’ve never even heard of this “Dickies” place.  We would never eat BBQ at a chain place in Texas.  Please don’t think this is the real stuff.  It’s about like eating at a Hooter’s or any other generic Wing place or something I’m sure.  BBQ places are alot about local and ambience, and of course great food….none of which a chain place usually provides (albeit Hooter’s has some decent ambience!).  So take it for what it’s worth….you have some franchise place trying to capitalize on Texas BBQ, which is pretty darn good when eating in Texas.  I say when in Rome….and N.C. does have decent BBQ, just different from our neck of the woods.

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