DiggUp Tapes’ “Cassingles” release at Kings Barcade

DiggUp Tapes’ “Cassingles” release at Kings Barcade

February, 10, 2011, by Jennifer

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Tonight and Friday, Raleigh-based label DiggUp Tapes will be hosting an all-ages showcase of bands to promote the release of Cassingles: a six tape compilation of singles from 12 bands, all with N.C. roots in cool, handmade packaging. The shows will feature four bands each night, plucked straight from the Cassingles roster (with the exception of Athens' Bubbly Mommy Gun) for $6 a show. The bands start at 8:30 p.m.
Here's the show line-up:
Whatever Brains
Birds of Avalon
Arbor Myst (Multimedia Set from Ben Clack formerly of Dark Meat)
Lonnie Walker
Embarrassing Fruits
Fat Camp (Charlotte)
Special guests: Bubbly Mommy Gun (Athens, Ga., featuring members of Quiet Hooves)
DiggUp's founders, Nathan Price and Brian Corum have an invested interest in the health of local music. Both are members of several groups including NAPS and local newcomers, nests, who will play Tir Na Nog's Local Beer Local Band on Feb. 17. Corum fronts Lonnie Walker, as well.
The idea to bring all their friends together in a compilation was natural. "We just wanted to do something we haven't seen yet," Price said of their decision to put out Cassingles Volume 1. There was no shortage of material, hence "Volume 1" in the releases' title. "We definitely plan to do more," he said. 
The Cassingles box set and cassette splits will be for sale at the show and features new songs from:
Arbor Myst
Birds of Avalon
Embarrassing Fruits
Fat Camp
Gross Ghost
Lonnie Walker
Motor Skills
Snails (featuring William and Sam of Future Islands and Abe from Lower Dens)
Whatever Brains

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  • Natahn
    02/10 04:35 PM

    Tonight Whatever Brains will be doing a NEW WAVE set, Birds of Avalon will be doing a JAM set, NAPS will be doing an ELECTRONIC set and Arbor Myst will be doing a multimedia set with help from Vince Carmody and Dave Muller!

  • Jortles Scrozzelle
    02/11 01:57 PM

    buy up these tape sets fast before the Digg lawyers swoop in and force them to take that extra d out of the name.  Collectors item!  It will happen.

  • nathan
    02/11 04:51 PM

    Whats Digg?

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