Digital City - 11 Reasons Raleigh is Awesome.

November, 11, 2009, by Jedidiah

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The latest website to think Raleigh is “Awesome” is Digital City (who?). I’m starting to think that websites are created just to put Raleigh atop some list or list why it’s cool. Digital City has a series called 11 Reasons, which highlights interesting things about the city in question. The latest, published on Monday, features Raleigh. Unlike many of the lists that have popped up in the past year, this list seems to dig further into the the vibe of the city, listing such things as AV Geeks, Lump, Dan Douglas (though he’s no longer a city employee), Whiskeytown, and the Farmer’s Market.

Oddly the music scene actually includes Carrboro and Durham and Renelvis (who is from Charlotte, right?). Link Bait? Nevertheless, it’s a good read.

Digital City

1. AV Geeks
2. Michael Pilmer
3. Renelvis
4. Smartest City
5. North Carolina Museum of Natural Sciences
6. Art Scene
7. Great Music Scene
8. Excellent Farmers Market
9. Good Parks
10. Inspired City Planner Dan Douglas
11. It’s not far from the Smoky Mountains nor the Atlantic Ocean.

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  • Pisano
    11/11 12:04 PM

    Renelvis is from Charlotte, not Raleigh.

  • arthurb3
    11/11 12:54 PM

    Renelvis, funny!

  • arthurb3
    11/11 01:15 PM

    And to whomever made this list and wrote the article for for Digital City- you don’t know the area. Duke and UNC-CH are not in Raleigh!

  • bubba
    11/11 01:24 PM

    1 reason why Raleigh isn’t awesome; lack of competition for home broadband means we’re left in the dark ages with what ever Time Warner wants to give us.

  • Andy S.
    11/11 01:50 PM

    Bubba, that’s not entirely true.

    We do have options, it’s just that Time Warner is somehow the best of our horrible options.

    I just don’t get how AT&T can bring themselves to brag about 6 Mbps downstream from their DSL service when people in Korea are getting 20+ Mbps.

  • sally
    11/11 02:50 PM

    Sorry - but the proximity to the Cat’s Cradle *is* something awesome about Raleigh.

  • karlaanne
    11/12 08:53 AM

    Michael Pilmer!!!

    why aren’t more of my friends on here? raleigh is awesome because of my friends. apparently. lol. sweet.

  • bill
    11/13 03:04 PM

    “Duke and UNC-CH are not in Raleigh! “

    I’m sure St. Paul made the same complaint about Minneapolis.  People elsewhere in the country view Raleigh as Raleigh-Durham, as a region.  We would be a better region, with light rail, if we thought the same.

  • DPK
    11/14 01:05 PM

    Okay… I love Raleigh as much as the next guy but this list is retarded.  They could have at least made sure that it was all stuff you could get or was from, you know, IN RALEIGH.

  • sally
    11/16 11:57 AM

    Again, the proximity to UNC-CH *is* something that’s awesome about Raleigh. (I don’t understand what the problem is.)

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