Dirty Little Heaters Sunday

August, 08, 2008, by David

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Dirty Little HeatersReese Gibbs has a deep growl that sounds so good over her band’s crunchy rifts.  Hear her get dirty Sunday night @ Slim’s for $3. They open for the Suburban Sweethearts.


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  • smitty
    08/08 06:48 PM

    Hey The Dirty Little Heaters. Hope your show goes well on Sunday. We’re actually filling Slim’s bill tonight. If anybody’s actually not going to Wilco/Bon Iver (you can swing by after really) , come see us (Whalewatchers) for only $3. Starmount opens, which is Greg Elkins of Desolation Row Studio fame (among other projects) and company.

    Shameless I know…



  • David
    08/08 06:50 PM

    Whoops sorry about the confusion!  Whalewatchers will be a good show too for sure!

  • smitty
    08/08 06:51 PM

    dag! while i was writing my stupid little comment you changed the entry. busted! haha

    08/09 02:41 AM

    Ahh - thanks for the correction!  One time we were scheduled to play at Slims with Tooth and I got the flu so we had to cancel.  I think a couple people had to dig to forgive us—a second time may find us quite doghoused.  No one wants this. 


  • Bill Bartmann
    09/19 02:08 AM

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