Downtown Farmers Market Kicks Off Wednesday

Downtown Farmers Market Kicks Off Wednesday

April, 27, 2010, by Ladye Jane

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For those that work downtown, the weekly Wednesday Downtown Farmers Market is something that offers a fun mid-week excuse to get out of the office and go enjoy the spring and summer weather. Traditionally held in Moore Square, this year marks the first year of the new location, City Plaza.

Kicking off this season’s market with everything from local produce, barbecue, baked goods, and music are the opening festivities this Wednesday, April 28, from 10:00- 2:00.

Wednesday’s schedule:
10 am:  Market Opens
10:30-11:15:  Bluegrass Music by Old Habits
11:15-11:30:  Mayor Remarks
11:30-12:15:  Bluegrass Music by Old Habits
12:15-12:45:  Ed Mitchell Chef Demonstration
12:45-1:30:  Bluegrass Music by Old Habits
2:00 pm:  Market Closes

While some note that they will miss the shade and scenery that Moore Square offers, the new locale of City Plaza offers more convenience to those that can only slip out for a quick minute, while also reaffirming the spot as a new downtown community gathering place. The market will run every Wednesday from April 28 - October 27. Get ready to get your local shopping and eating on!

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  • Paulie T
    04/27 01:07 PM

    Be sure to stop by the Vesta Fiery Toppings booth to add some spice to your bbq sammy.

  • sarah emily
    04/27 01:34 PM

    Well this is exciting, I might have to start working from home on Wednesdays.

  • Billie Karel
    04/27 02:47 PM

    Yum, I’m so ready.

  • Tyler Durden
    04/27 04:05 PM

    “slip out for a quick minute..” What is a “quick minute”? What does that even mean?!

  • aaa
    04/28 04:07 PM

    the first day was underwhelming. 200 people standing in line for a sandwich they could get cheaper any day of the year one block up the road. there really weren’t any produce vendors other than strawberries and one guy selling organic lettuce. so much for skipping harris teeter for my produce (yeah i know there’s the real farmer’s market, but this one is super convenient).

  • Ames
    04/28 04:20 PM

    Yeah, they need to re-think the line for BBQ sandwiches…made shopping at the farmers’ tents very croweded and difficult. “aaa” you need try again next week - there were quite a few produce vendors including my favorite Wild Onion Farms.  The season is early, when the weather heats up there’ll be many more produce options.

  • Karen
    04/28 04:44 PM

    Glad to see they had a couple of bakeries out there too.

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