Downtown Raleigh Election Celebrations

November, 05, 2008, by Jedidiah

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From Shaw students singing at The Capital Building to The Raleigh Times spilling into the streets, downtown was full of sights and sounds after the election. Not even when the Hurricanes won the Stanley Cup had there been so much energy in Downtown Raleigh.

Below are a few photos…more to come.

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  • Clyde Smith
    11/05 12:01 PM

    I hate that I missed this party.  What a great night that must have been!

  • Kat
    11/05 05:20 PM

    I hate I missed it too! I just sat on my couch and cried….I was so overwhelmed….

  • APM
    11/05 05:38 PM

    What a beautiful night!!!  Words cannot express my joy.

  • Ashley Sue of Green Grounded
    11/08 02:51 PM

    I cannot believe I was cooped up with a cold alone at my house that night!  Oh, how I wish I had been there!!!

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