Edelweiss Café and Bakery Opening Soon in City Market

May, 19, 2009, by Christian

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We previously noted that J.Betski’s is now open for lunch and was recently featured in Details Magazine. Fortunately lovers of German & Bavarian cuisine can now rejoice even more because Edelweiss Café and Bakery is opening soon in City Market!  Edelweiss will offer the full gamut of German cuisine and bakery items, including bratwurst, currywurst, roulade, weiner schnitzel, jaeger, kasseler rippchen, schweinebraten, gulusch, and more. They will bake their own breads and desserts daily and will also offer catering for all occasions.

Edelweiss has a second location which is currently open in the heart of the antique district in Selma, NC. The full lunch and dinner menu, German beer and wine list, and catering menu can be accessed at their website. Edelweiss reported about a month ago to GoGo Raleigh that while there is not an official opening date it will be sometime this Spring. My phone call to the Selma location confirmed that they hope the Raleigh location will be open sometime around mid-June. Check back for more details in the coming weeks!

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  • Karen A. Mann
    05/19 02:56 PM

    Mmmmm, currywurst! Can’t wait for Edelweiss to open.

  • Wayne
    05/19 05:47 PM

    Thanks for the update—where will it be located?  The old Greenshields space?

  • MMI
    05/19 07:02 PM

    Gott im Himmel!  Can you imagine if said beer selection included a full bank of German beer on tap??  Mmm…wurst und bier!

  • Sallie
    05/19 10:33 PM

    Nope - it’s going in directly across the street. They’re using 2 storefronts - one where Knockabout used to be before they moved a few doors down, and also where Vignettes was before it closed well over a year ago. They’re going to have Oktoberfest too - OOMPALICIOUS!!!I haven’t been this excited about a place opening downtown in, like, forever. If their Selma location is any indication, they are going to be a fantastic addition to downtown - and especially to poor City Market. That place needs some real lovin’ - and I think Edelweiss is going to be cozy, comfortable, charming, and mom-and-poppy all rolled up into one delicious piece of schnitzel.

  • Kurt Schlatzer
    05/20 10:24 AM

    Dieses ist aufregend!

  • Jonathan
    05/20 01:14 PM

    Currywurst… excellent.  The next closest place I have found that serves it is 5 hours away in Leesburg, Virginia.

  • Dee Mitchell
    08/26 09:11 AM

    Has the Selma location closed…I get a disconected number message when I called.

  • Oakie
    01/26 11:58 PM

    Does anyone have any idea what happened to Edelweiss? We stepped over to get some bread this weekend and it was gonzos - can’t seem to find an update anywhere and their website is defunct.

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