Edelweiss Cafe Now Open in City Market

Edelweiss Cafe Now Open in City Market

December, 14, 2009, by Jedidiah

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We mentioned back in May that the German bakery and cuisine joint Edelweiss Cafe would be opening in City Market. It is now open and you can sift your way through their wild, geocities-esque and mostly unreadable website for more information on their offerings and menus which look much different than any other menu in the downtown area, save J. Betski’s.

And more information on the new location and its cuisine here.

UPDATE: We are very excited that Edelweiss Cafe is opening in City Market, hence this post announcing that they are now open for business. Hey, free publicity! Stating that a company’s website is unreadable has nothing to do with whether or not their food is good or whether or not we want them to succeed. By no means, did we mean to imply this. We wish them the best and hope they succeed as New Raleigh does for every business in the area.

Edelweiss Café & Catering
City Market Square
317 Blake Street
Raleigh, NC, 27601

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  • Jonathan
    12/15 08:42 AM

    Wow that web page is so bad that I don’t even want to try it now.

  • ambrose
    12/15 09:50 AM

    I don’t think their website is unreadable at all.  I think it looks a bit simple, but not unreadable.  And I’m sure they appreciated the plug on their crappy website.  Whatever happened to, “If you can’t say something nice….”?

  • AdamT
    12/15 10:41 AM

    It’s not a Greg Hatem restaurant, Ambrose…

  • hackles10
    12/15 11:47 AM

    Agreed, seems like setting up an expensive and flashy website is an unnecessary luxury for many new small businesses.  I would rather them get the business rolling than drop $2500+ on a flashy webpage.

    I hope the baked goods live up to the hype.  Best of luck to them!

  • gd
    12/15 11:51 AM

    I’ve been to enough places with great websites and subpar food that I will try a place with a subpar website in hopes to find good food.

  • Frannie
    12/15 05:46 PM

    What an absolutely snotty post, Jedidiah. I’ve been long looking forward to their opening, and am thrilled to see something new opening in City Market that’s not Empire-esque, Solas-ey, etc…

    For whatever reasons, it appears they’ve had a hard time moving their business from Selma, and though their previous website was more polished/user-friendly than the current, think there’s more important things by which to judge a business than how much money they dump into a website. Is it not possible to give them a GD break, and just say “Welcome to Raleigh, we wish you well”?!?! 

    You all kiss ass and cover the crap out of some highly unworthy topics/businesses - and here’s a true mom-and-pop business that doesn’t live up to your slick standards…get over yourself - you’re not that great.

  • AdamT
    12/15 06:34 PM

    “We wish them the best and hope they succeed as New Raleigh does for every business in the area.”


  • Micah
    12/15 06:50 PM

    Frannie, I haven’t seen a post that I so fervently agree with and disagree with at the same time in a long while.  Their website is pretty bad.  A FREE website could be constructed using many services that would be tons better than that one.  I don’t really care about their website though, I only care that I can easily find their address, menu and their HOURS of operation.  Moving on, this blog is just that.  It is a blog, and it is the blog owner and his contributors sandbox.  They can do pretty much whatever they want here, within legal reason.

  • Logan
    12/15 06:55 PM

    Very fair criticism of the website, I think. Did ya’ll navigate through the sections? There is blue text on black backgrounds and white text on yellow backgrounds. This is a nightmare, in terms of usability/accessibility. Improving this site would make design snobs happy and make it usable for those with visual impairments! (And this wouldn’t be expensive at all.) Website aside, I look forward to checking out the Cafe. Maybe I’ll even leave my business card behind and drum up a new web design job. ;)

  • Kate
    12/16 11:11 AM

    I go to a bakery for the baked goods, not the website.  And New Raleigh could stand to make its own look a lot cleaner and easier to navigate.  I’m thrilled this place is open and will try it soon!

  • Chair Enthusiast
    12/16 12:18 PM

    Chairs look like crap.  I won’t be visiting.

  • Jen
    12/18 06:54 PM

    My husband had lunch there with some of his coworkers yesterday. He was delighted with the authentic food, prepared by a “real” (his words, not mine, lol) chef, and gracious owner.

    In fact, he enjoyed it so much I am expecting him to arrive home with Jaeger Schnitzel and Apple Strudel for dinner at any moment. Perhaps I’ll stop back by this blog and post my comments on the food.

    After all, that’s what I would REALLY be curious about if I were reading an article about a new, unique restaurant in the area.

    Oh, I think I hear the familiar hum of his German-made auto pulling up the drive now… ;o)

  • Jen
    12/18 08:43 PM

    Just finished dinner—it was EXCELLENT! I highly recommend the Jaeger Schnitzel and the spaetzle was very tasty. This particular schnitzel was a pork loin served with a mushroom gravy. The pork was moist and tender, and the gravy had good flavor without being overly heavy. 

    I wasn’t as fond of the potato salad as it was a bit too heavy on vinegar for my liking. My family is German and I grew up with bacon added to our German potato salad. I did not notice any in this side dish, although the potatoes were buttery and delicious.

    We haven’t had the strudel yet, but it certainly looks very tempting. The owner, who was once again a delight, made sure to tell my husband to warm it and serve it with ice cream—yum!

    The chef could easily add some life to the ambiance. My husband found him “cranky” and felt that was an opportunity lost, especially in such a small location.

    Overall, it was a great dinner and we will be back very soon! I encourage you all to try it!


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