Elizabeth Dole Releases Godless Ad Part 2

October, 31, 2008, by Jedidiah

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It keeps getting worse from Elizabeth Dole. Too bad her polls numbers are slipping too.

Elizabeth Dole’s Homosexual Agenda

Dole Attacks Hagan’s Faith - Part 01

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  • Jeff S
    11/01 11:13 AM

    Never have a set of political ads made me despise someone like I do with Elizabeth Dole this year. I actually find the “blank check” ads, especially the most recent one, to be the most repulsive.

  • TSnow27604
    11/02 01:30 PM

    In the 6 years she has been in the Senate I can only name 1 thing that she has ever done.  She led the 2006 Senate Republican Election campaign.  (The one where they lost the majority to the Democrats.)  The Senate is a place for leaders, not foot soldiers and she is woefully lacking and a complete do-nothing.

  • David Peterson
    11/02 02:24 PM

    Interesting that people overlook the fact that Hagen went to a fundraiser in another state and took money from a group of people that completely defy what she believes, in religious terms. I heard KH talk about it on WPTF and she really wouldn’t directly talk about taking the money. She kept saying that she was angry, going to sue, and that she didn’t take money from a PAC.

    I wonder if she would take money from people associated with skinheads or any other group that she would never join?

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