Elizabeth Dole’s Homosexual Agenda

October, 31, 2008, by Tim

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The big news in North Carolina’s tight Senate race this week has been the controversy over Dole’s ad that attacks Kay Hagan’s faith. A friend from western NC forwarded the following despicable mailers from Elizabeth Dole’s campaign that accuse Kay Hay Hagan of pushing a homosexual agenda. Arguably, that agenda belongs to Liddy Dole herself, who is pulling out all the stops in a desperate attempt to be re-elected.

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  • RaleighRob
    11/03 03:25 PM

    Pretty vile.  Dole truly is Jesse Helms in drag.

  • Jeff S
    11/04 03:21 PM

    That’s about right.

    What a hateful woman… and pandering to a state full of bigots hiding behind their bibles.

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