Escazu Chocolates New Retail Store and Factory Now Open

Escazu Chocolates New Retail Store and Factory Now Open

March, 15, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Escazu Chocolates will open their new retail store and chocolate factory on Tuesday on North Blount Street.

As most of you know by now, we have been planning the move of our retail shop into our factory space for a while, and It has finally happened!!

After unexpectedly being closed for two weeks after the move,  we are set to re-open!

On TUESDAY March 16th (TOMORROW) we will open the doors of our Factory/Shop on 936 North Blount St. With new hours 11am to 9pm.

We apologize for not letting you know sooner, but you can imagine how crazy it has been!

We are very excited about our new retail space, where you will be able to take a peek at part of the chocolate making process.

We hope to see everyone very soon.  Thank you for your patience during the time we were closed.

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  • Emily Alexander
    03/17 10:08 AM

    I went in yesterday with my daughter to check out the space- had the best spicy hot chocolate and some really lovely individual chocolates. I love this location (partly because it’s 2 blocks from my house) and I hope it does very well here. They are serving Larry’s Beans coffee, too, if you need an afternoon caffeine fix. All in all a special little gem of a place!

  • Cindy H.
    03/19 04:55 PM

    They look promising.  Does anyone know if they are eco-friendly?  The website mentions the town where they get their beans, but doesn’t advertise whether they follow eco-friendly practices.  Just curious…

  • K
    03/20 08:13 PM

    Cindy, why dont you just call and ask?

  • Cindy H.
    03/21 11:35 AM

    K - I will.  Just thought if someone was familiar with it, they would respond.

  • sally
    03/21 06:51 PM

    What specific eco-friendly practices?

    Anyway, there’s an interesting segment at 11:10 of this video that provides more information about them…

  • sally
    03/21 06:52 PM

    Oh - and instead of calling, you should just go. Everyone there is involved in the process and would be able to provide you with lots of information.

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