Farmers’ Market Restaurant to Re-Open March 14th

March, 06, 2009, by Brian

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According to the NC Department of Agriculture blog the NC State Farmer’s Market Restaurant will re-open on Saturday, March 14th. 

The restaurant has been closed since January 11th for necessary repairs and the addition of a few new features.  Though the original date of completion was to be March 7th, one week’s delay seems like nothing after certain other similar projects that New Raleigh has followed recently.

New features will include weekend dinner hours and outdoor patio seating.

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  • Micah
    03/07 09:28 PM

    I took my grandparents here last Spring-ish(?) for lunch one day.  I was horribly embarrassed in front of my grandparents for taking them to this place.  The hostess was rude, the service was horrible, most of the food was disgusting, and they basically called us liars when we disputed the two extra items on our check that we didn’t get.  We even showed the lady our yet-to-be-bussed table so she could count our (half-eaten) food items.  It was horrible.  SO, did I just happen to go here on the worst possible day ever, or is this place normally decent enough to take your 85 year old grandparents to without having to apologize and take them to the Rockford instead?

  • Negator
    03/08 06:58 PM

    That place sux.

  • DPK
    03/09 07:57 AM

    Hope some of those new “features” include edible food.  Our waitress wasn’t bad, but the food was a huge letdown.

  • T-Plain
    03/12 01:15 PM

    I’ve been lucky all this time re: food and service, I guess. I like it.

  • M.
    03/12 07:39 PM

    I’ve always had a great experience there. The seafood place rox too. Get the fried oysters. Aw, yeah.

  • KK
    03/16 02:30 AM

    I’ve always liked the food here, but then again I’ve only been at breakfast.

  • Kim Wike
    03/19 05:58 PM

    Shouldn’t the FARMERS MARKET RESTAURANT be the most wonderful, fresh, enjoyable food around?

    I do love the biscuits and the coffee is constantly refilled which is nice but I am honestly a little surprised that the jam you get for your biscuits is in little packets instead of from a jar made by someone local.  Makes me wonder if I’m even eating local eggs, or fruit…

  • KK
    03/20 02:33 AM

    “Makes me wonder if I’m even eating local eggs, or fruit…”

    Your probably not.  Unless I’m mistaken, the restaurant is owned by the same person who owns Gypsy’s Shiny Diner.  I’d bet money most of the stuff they’re using at the FMR isn’t local.

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