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September, 29, 2009, by David

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Friday night at SPARKcon, fashionSPARK started promptly at 8 pm.  The consistent centerpiece to SPARKcon, fashionSPARK draws a big crowd fully engrossed in the event at hand.  In previous years the show was held on Moore Square, but this year, along with the rest of SPARKcon it took place on Fayetteville Street.  The dramatic setting was the perfect stage for showcasing our young creative talent.  The consistent stars of the show did not disappoint. 

Photo: Marie Cordella

Marie Cordella started the show presenting a stunning set of layered dresses in beautiful fabrics.  Cordella is an accomplished dress maker who makes custom gowns and wedding dresses of all varieties. For fashionSPARK, she showed a hip collection that felt modern and youthful- with touches of bright pattern and asymmetrical forms. 

Carolina Wang who has exhibited at fashionSPARK for years showed a refreshing line of dresses in deep hues with form fitting shapes and frills. 

Katelyn Wells showed white dresses of every sort including a massive airy form that the model showed off to the heaviest effect.

It was Raleigh Denim who closed the show and their collection presented a full line of garments. The aesthetic contrasted their rugged construction with professional and playful looks that bring Raleigh Denium way past jeans and into oxfords, skirts and girly overalls.

Most of all fashionSPARK brought Raleigh’s creative energy to the core of the city.  SPARKcon, well beyond other events on Fayetteville street, is a creation by the citizens and for the city. In this you could feel the energy, opening the door to the future of our center city.  Our leaders have often called for the need to attract and maintain our ‘creative class.’ As the city’s few towers sat in the background and framed the designer’s work, fashionSPARK underscored that they are here and teaming with that creative energy.

All Photos: David Millsaps, unless noted

The above is just a taste of the many designs presented at FashionSPARK.  We will have more photos on New Raleigh soon, but in the meantime check out their websites:

Ahpeele (
Andrea Schmidt
Blue Flame Piercing (
Carolina Wang (
Domino (
DRC Clothing (
FYSH Clothing (
Goods (
Katelyn Wells ( with hair accessories by Susan Phelps
LLLavender (
Marie Cordella (
Metallic Spiral (
Raleigh Denim (
Revamp ( with accessories by Good Girls Studio (
Tyger Alexis (


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  • KarlP
    10/08 12:15 PM

    Congratulations to SPARKCon on its success.  Here’s hoping the organizers will continue to focus on the five or six events that are proven attractions - the fashion show, the street art, the sexy poetry party, some of the music elements and others components.  Build those up.  Direct volunteers to them.  Help them realize their full potential.  De-clutter.  Build your base.  Looking forward to 2010.

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