fashionSpark Fashion Show Review

October, 01, 2008, by David

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fashionSpark's fashion show has always been the biggest event of sparkCon. This year's lineup included established local designers and newcomers alike in what was a flashy affair drawing a big crowd to the Moore Square outdoor stage. While the third annual event was a shorter, more streamlined affair, it showcased the most professional set of local designers ever collected in the Raleigh area.

Allison Beale worked with Isaac Panzarella to put together the show. The two also did last year's event and have been able to raise the bar of professionalism, presentation and content with each new iteration. All of the music the designers used was required to be local bands. The result was a cultural event that is a reflection of youthful energy in Raleigh.

IMG 0802IMG 0801IMG 0804IMG 0805IMG 0810
IMG 0811IMG 0813IMG 0815IMG 0819

Adam & Hiromi Peele

IMG 0678IMG 0677IMG 0679IMG 0680IMG 0683
IMG 0681IMG 0685IMG 0684IMG 0686IMG 0687
IMG 0689IMG 0690

Domino Clothing
Jessica Domino

IMG 0864IMG 0860IMG 0861IMG 0867IMG 0870
IMG 0873IMG 0876IMG 0883IMG 0886

Raleigh Denim
Victor Lytvinenko & Sarah Yarborough

IMG 0663IMG 0670IMG 0667IMG 0669IMG 0675
IMG 0673IMG 0674

DRC: Revolutionary. Street. Consciousness
Eric Ndelo, Victor Knight, Chanelle Corpening

IMG 0760IMG 0762The 5 designers of the 4 shirtsIMG 0767

FYSH Clothing Co.
Anh-Tuan Tran, Ricky Himpraphanh, Kenny Tran, Kross Pham

IMG 0848IMG 0849IMG 0850IMG 0851IMG 0855
IMG 0853IMG 0854IMG 0856IMG 0857

Justin D. E. LeBlanc

IMG 0692IMG 0693IMG 0695IMG 0696IMG 0697
IMG 0698IMG 0699IMG 0700IMG 0702IMG 0703
IMG 0705

Lauren Smith

IMG 0822IMG 0836IMG 0837IMG 0843IMG 0839
IMG 0840IMG 0842IMG 0844imgimg

Marie Cordella

IMG 0736IMG 0728IMG 0731IMG 0733IMG 0734
IMG 0735IMG 0737IMG 0738IMG 0739IMG 0740
IMG 0742

Metallic Spiral
Zac Schell

IMG 0708IMG 0711IMG 0712IMG 0713IMG 0716
IMG 0715IMG 0717IMG 0720IMG 0722

Christine + Andy Rosario

Susanna Cox - The DesignerIMG 0770IMG 0775IMG 0776IMG 0778

Susannah Cox

IMG 0795IMG 0796imgimgimg

Stacie Horton

IMG 0746IMG 0748IMG 0752IMG 0746IMG 0748
IMG 0749IMG 0750IMG 0751IMG 0753IMG 0756

Revamp Vintage
Jamie Powell

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  • Meredith
    10/02 12:56 AM

    Great shots!!  Major kudos to the makeup and hair stylists as well.

  • Curtiss
    10/02 12:51 PM

    Thanks for covering this event David. Nice to be able to keep up with what all the local designers in the Triangle area are showcasing this year.

    Big ups for Raleigh Denim!!


  • anand
    10/18 09:25 AM

    i like fassion show

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