Fates Are Sealed: Pitchfork Freaking Loves the Love Language

March, 23, 2009, by Acree

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Raleigh’s Stu(art) McLamb and band, The Love Language, played Saturday at Austin’s South by Southwest Music festival and received this glowing review from Pitchfork, the masters of the national music forecast. Such attention ensures a very bright future for The Love Language.

This Saturday, the 28th, check out their album release party with Max Indian and Oh Captain, My Captain! at 8:00 p.m. at the Local 506 in Chapel Hill for $7.

You can grab The Love Language’s CD at Schoolkids right now—it’s on sale for $12.99—and read their full review from Pitchfork below.

Make way for Stu McLamb, a genuine new talent with a name straight out of the annals of McDonald’s villainy. Imagined dalliances with the Hamburglar aside, McLamb really can sing—improbably, his voice veered from Roy Orbison croon to Walkmen-style bleat last night while his band swelled and cracked alt country a Whiskeytown fan could love. There’s an attractive symmetry to North Carolina’s the Love Language on stage; two female keyboardists far right and far left, a bass and a rhythm on either side of McLamb, and a drummer in back. Also, the Love Language is just attractive—at least four members could be models. Can’t hurt.

Especially when they’re offering songs that peak on their own, like if Arcade Fire’s big moments came out of back porch jam sessions. And then there’s “Lalita”, a garage-pop break with a tremulous grip on love, life, faith, all of it. McLamb dropped “We are the Love Language” three times during the set. Soon, he won’t have to do that stuff at all. Sooner the better.

New Raleigh Talks to McLamb, Reviews Debut Album

The Love Language Daytrotter Session

Photo courtesy of pitchforkmedia.com.

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  • johnny
    03/24 02:08 PM

    The band is also featured in the April issue of Spin magazine, page 38.  Glowing article + nice shot of the band in bed together.  P.S. hot nips, Stu.

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