Fayetteville Street Tavern Closed

April, 05, 2009, by Jedidiah

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New Raleigh has received word that Fayetteville Street Tavern, formerly The Capital Room, in downtown is being cleaned out today. Maybe its lack of business or maybe their lease is up, either way it looks like there isn’t enough room for all the bars in this area. Move over old school Raleigh, here comes the, er, new Raleigh.

It was a great place for a late night pool game or to have a beer and watch the Fayetteville Street celebrations and parades. Until a couple of years ago, it was the only place to do this. Let’s hope something good takes its spot. I know the apartments above were due for a renovation years ago, but that stalled and hasn’t moved forward since.

FST will be missed by downtown and the many regulars that frequented the space.

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  • matt
    04/05 11:19 PM

    You can’t buy the kind of entertainment that you could get at this dump on New Years, after midnight.  The crowd was trashier than a good night at Crowley’s in N Raleigh, if you can believe that.

  • MMI
    04/06 02:45 AM

    You know what?  I had never even heard of this place.  That’s at least partially my fault, but they might have done better if more people knew who & where the hell they were.

  • Chico
    04/06 05:16 AM

    This was my Monday Night Football spot. Sad to see it go.

  • Amy G.
    04/06 07:47 AM

    FST was a great place to chill and people watch.  The service was always awesome as well.  I’m sad to see it go!

  • RaleighRob
    04/06 09:19 AM

    MMI is right…they did virtually no advertising.  I think they once had a website, but it was never maintained.  I’ve talked to people who frequent these types of bars all the time and had never heard of them.

    Any business owners out there take notice—-people need to know you even exist if you want business.  It isn’t always expensive…there’s relatively cheap ways to advertise.  (Web, word of mouth, bigger signs on the door, etc.)

  • VaNC
    04/06 10:13 AM

    I must say that we tried to go there a couple times for lunch….just to grab a burger and on a Saturday or weekday or something, and they were never open.  Seems like they needed to have longer hours if they wanted to make money.

  • JRD
    04/06 10:27 AM

    This place could have done so much better if they just put a little more into the look of the place.  It really had nothing going for it.  The TVs and everything were outdated.  And of course, they didnt advertise.

  • Mark Turner
    04/06 02:11 PM

    What a shame. I thought FST was great. It really had character, and some fine microbrew on tap for a price far more reasonable than most joints. My only complaint was the place was short-staffed when I stopped for lunch there last fall. It took forever to get my check.

    As for needing to advertise, come on. The name says it all: “Fayetteville Street Tavern.” If you don’t know where to find it, you don’t know downtown Raleigh.

  • MMI
    04/06 04:59 PM

    When I say “I had never even heard of this place,” Mark, I meant exactly that.  It’s hard to find a place that you do not know exists.

  • arthurb3
    04/07 03:14 PM

    Awww. it was the last non-trendy place downtown. The potstickers were great.

  • kimbo
    04/08 03:31 PM

    Sad. That was the only place within walking distance to escape all of the Glenwood South D-Bags who have taken over our neighborhood on the Weekends. All of the girls who worked there were very genuine and sweet. I wish only good things for them.

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