Fixed Gear Bike Jacking in Mordecai

November, 04, 2008, by David

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A post on the local bike mailing list recounts how one unlucky fellow got his fixie jacked. The post:

A coworker of mine told me today that his roommate was riding his fixed
gear bike on Glascock Street last night around 11pm when he was jumped
by 2 guys. They hit him in the face and made off with his bike. He was
not badly hurt, but would like to recover his bike. I’m not sure if a
police report was made, but he said that there were witnesses.

Fixed gear, or track bikes, have seen rising popularity with young Raleigh urbanites with penchants for skinny jeans, Vans and good music.  If in fact the young man was robbed by other hipsters, this would be New Raleigh’s first reported hipster-on-hipster crime.

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  • oakcity
    11/04 12:41 PM

    there was another similar robbery incident not too far from glascock and the culprit was caught, wonder if it has any connection.

  • ladye jane
    11/04 12:48 PM

    Yikes, that’s my street. Scary. Where on Glascock did this happen??

  • Acree
    11/04 01:17 PM

    The victim described his assailants as being of medium height, slight build, and undetermined sexuality. “The one with facial hair was wearing an American Apparel hoodie. The other guy, with the Wayfarer sunglasses, I think he had on a Deerhunter t-shirt. But it was dark… it could have been Deerhoof. I’m not certain.”

  • mikec
    11/04 01:18 PM

    This is unsettling - I live up in Mordecai and just began looking for fixie frames.  I hope there is some follow-up.

  • brion rebarn
    11/04 02:04 PM

    How does someone jack a bike that you are riding?  Clothesline?  Raleigh is not really a great town to ride fixie.

  • revolu
    11/04 02:16 PM

    whats up with the whole emo fixie thing?  shame to see.  i live off glascock as well and there have been several incidents.  its a bummer.

  • Jeff S
    11/04 03:12 PM

    Odd that this one little scrap of nothing is being so heavily circulated today.

  • highjoeltage
    11/04 03:24 PM

    so the TWO heisters made off with his bike? I just pictured a guy in a ski mask riding handle bars.

  • Ernie
    11/04 04:39 PM

    I hope the culprit restored the bikes functionality (by installing a derailleur and brakes).

  • Jedidiah
    11/04 04:43 PM

    Fixes are the new iPods.

  • Clyde Smith
    11/05 11:49 AM

    The unspoken subtext:

    the assailants were white.

    But how did you all know already?

    Funny how that works.

    Also funny: describing assailants as having “undetermined sexuality”.

    Come again?

  • Fixed Bicycle Gear
    11/05 05:20 PM

    Worst part is that bike will be remixed with other parts and posted back on Craigslist where someone will buy it for cheap.

  • Acree
    11/05 05:29 PM

    just a joke about how ambiguous sexuality is hip right now. sorry if I offended anyone…

  • Chico Scott
    11/07 06:50 PM

    This is what happens when you take arts programs out of the schools.

  • Clyde Smith
    11/09 12:04 PM

    “just a joke about how ambiguous sexuality is hip right now.”

    That makes sense in the context.  I’m just not so up on hipster humor.

  • MMI
    11/12 07:46 PM

    I must be, even without realizing it.  I thought the entire post was hilarious.

  • Julz
    11/27 04:18 PM

    I’m wondering if this is my same friend who told me he was walking his fixie up a hill on Glasscock late one night smoking a cigarette when he was jumped by a couple ‘thugs’ who took off with his bike after hitting him. He did call the cops, made a report, and several hours later had his fixie recovered by the cops a couple blocks from the incident abandoned in someones front yard. Oh rumours. Oh gossip. All this I heard from the victims mouth. I heard nothing about the suspects being hipsters. That’s hilarious tho.

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