Final North Carolina Early Voting Numbers

November, 02, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Early voting ended Saturday at 5pm and premilinary results are in. 2,573,899 people voted early in North Carolina which is 72.5% of who voted in 2004. In total, 3,552,449 voted in 2004. Tuesday will be a historic day in North Carolina indeed.

2008     2004
Dem   51.5%   48.6%
Rep   30.1%   37.4%
None   18.4%   14.1%

18-29   14.6%
30-44   23.4%
45-64   40.4%
65+    21.6%

White   69.3%
Black   26.5%
Other   4.2%

Men     42.8%   42.9%
Women 56.4%    56.6%
Unk       0.1% 0.4%

Absentee   7.9%  13.1%

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  • Chris
    11/02 10:12 PM

    Awesome statistics! Great to see so many people involved in the process.

    One thing, could you provide some clarification about what the percentages mean? I think I have it figured out, but a short explanation would help everyone.


  • corey3rd
    11/03 12:38 AM

    does seem enough people were eager to vote early either so they didn’t have to worry about lines on Nov. 4 or fear that they’d be scrubbed off the voter rolls by overzealous politicos.

    It’s good to tell all the folks calling me to hang up, I’ve voted. Unfortunately it doesn’t stop the ads from appearing on my TV screen.

  • revolu
    11/03 12:51 PM

    yea can’t wait for the ads to stop, but this is awesome to see.

    seems to really favor the obama campaign and their push on early voting here seems to have paid off.

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