Five Questions with Chris Tamplin

Five Questions with Chris Tamplin

January, 05, 2010, by Karen

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If the folks who decide upon The Independent’s Indies Arts Awards happen to be reading this, I’d like to nominate Chris Tamplin. His free weekly “Local Band Local Beer” series at Tir na Nog (co-produced by WKNC) provides a risk-free environment for people to discover the great musical talent we have right here in the Triangle. He is also responsible for resurrecting one of the best-loved traditions from the now-closed Kings Barcade: The Raleigh Undercover (formerly the Great Cover-Up), which takes place this Thursday through Saturday at Tir na Nog. As in years past, expect lots of surprises and lots of fun. It will be hard for anyone to top Valient Thorr’s portrayal of Parliament/Funkadelic last year, but I’m sure something will happen to have folks talking for the rest of the year.

This interview also marks my last for New Raleigh. I’ve had an awesome time writing for the site, and have nothing but praise for Jed, David and Tim. But I’ve found it hard to keep up with my duties here and my duties on my own blog. And Mann’s World has to take precedence. But I’ll continue to comment and link and re-tweet items from New Raleigh. We’re really lucky to have this site. I know I appreciate it, and I hope you do too.

1. Tell us about this year’s Raleigh Undercover. What charities will benefit, and what bands can we expect to see covered?

This year’s Raleigh Undercover is going to be a great one I think. It will be hard to top Valient Thorr last year but I think we have some acts that will give it a good try. I can’t tell you what they are they are covering of course but every night will be worth more than the price of admission! Just like Kings did before us we are trying to keep things a secret to build the anticipation. The Charities this year are Hopeline, Inc. ( and CyTunes/Robert Tisch Brain Tumor Center at Duke (

2. What was the real story regarding the Rosebuds/Megafaun double bill that’s happening the same weekend at the Pour House?
Ahhh, the question that people keep asking. Ha ha. When I first saw that both shows were on the same weekend I was kinda bummed because I worried that it would take people away from both shows. Now I think it is actually a great thing to have both shows right there on the same street because it will show that Raleigh is capable of doing multiple big shows at the same time and both be successful. I am just bummed now because I won’t be able to catch the Rosbuds/Megafaun shows since I will be working.

3. Do you have any magazine subscriptions, and if so, to what?
I think I have a subscription to Outside magazine but I don’t really get magazines sent to the house. I’ll pick up the occasional Mojo or what have you but that is about it.

4. If you could play soccer like anyone, who would it be, and why?
If I could play soccer like anyone it would probably be Steven Gerrard. One, I am a huge Liverpool fan whom he plays for and two, he is a player who gives his all on the pitch and can take over a game just on sheer will alone. Back up choice would be George Best who could use both feet well and could play after drinking all night.

5. Why is supporting local music important to you, and what’s your top local release of the year?
Supporting local music is a huge deal to me because I love music. There is a ton of talent in the Triangle but not a lot of great places to play. Local Band-Local Beer has given me the chance to give these bands a setting where people are willing to take a chance on a band that they normally don’t hear because it is a free show. As far as my favorite local release this year it has to be Lonnie Walker’s “These Times Old Times” but there are so many fantastic releases this year. I love the the new releases from Megafaun, Red Collar, Bowerbirds, Hammer No More The Fingers, and I Was Totally Destroying It to mention a few.

Here’s the schedule of bands playing Raleigh Undercover.

Shut Down The System (Feat. Grayson Currin & Rob Lackey)
Here Are The Young Men
River City Ransom
Free Electric State
Lonnie Walker

The Tomahawks
Bright Young Things
The Old Ceremony
Dry Heathens
American Aquarium

Dirty Little Heaters
The Whalewatchers
Jeff Hart & the Nervous Grooms
Static Minds
Left Outlet
Hearts & Daggers

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  • Brian
    01/06 09:06 AM

    Shut Down the System are scratched for tomorrow night.

  • Les
    01/06 11:10 AM

    great poster!

  • Dan
    01/06 06:17 PM

    Good to discover local music… as long as you’re over 21. The under 21 crowd doesn’t have many choices when it comes to seeing good local music in Raleigh. Big market Raleigh venues are missing out on (they can’t buy a beer, but they can buy drinks and food)

  • Jess
    01/07 09:46 AM

    Dan - there’s always The Brewery :o)

    the Pour House has policies for the under 21 crowd as well…and so does the Berkeley…

  • Dan
    01/07 07:55 PM

    We all know The Brewery books some of the absolute worst acts around. The Berkley and Pour House don’t book many of the indie rock local bands. Just a shame that a whole group of people are being cut out from such a great opportunity here in Raleigh

  • Brian
    01/08 05:15 AM

    Holy hell, Lonnie Walker killed it tonight.

  • Karen
    01/08 08:11 AM

    I had to leave before Lonnie Walker really got into their set, but they would have to work very hard to top River City Ransom as Meat Loaf. That was easily the best thing I’ve ever seen at a cover up.

  • sarah emily
    01/08 04:09 PM

    Free Electric state covering The Pixies - nice.

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