Five Questions with Righteous Fool’s Mike Dean

June, 02, 2009, by Karen

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Few bands start out dealing with more listener expectations than Raleigh’s Righteous Fool. The band is composed of bass player Mike Dean and drummer Reed Mullin of local hardcore/metal legends Corrosion of Conformity, and guitarist Jason Browning of Bad Brains frontman HR’s solo band. So far the band only has one song on their Myspace page, and they’ve been together about two and a half months, so few people know much about them, other than the reputations of their previous bands. Prior to their show Wednesday, June 3, at the Pour House, Mike Dean answered “Five Questions” for New Raleigh. According to his answers, fans of COC shouldn’t be disappointed by what they hear. Richard Bacchus & the Luckiest Girls and Ghost of Saturday Nite open the show.

1. Tells us about Righteous Fool and the upcoming EP. So far the only music available is on your myspace page. What can listeners expect at the show?
Righteous Fool is a heavy rock trio that can chug along like a locomotive at high velocity, a la early Bad Brains or COC, or inch forth with the density of an advancing lava flow. All three members sing, and the vocals end to be a bit more melodic than early COC.

2. Does the fact that you and Reed are both well-known for being in COC help or hurt when it comes to promoting the new band?
We’ll get back to you on that as we’re just beginning to play out now. My guess is that it’s good to have history, but with history come expectations.

3. Brian Walsby is putting together an oral history of Raleigh’s hardcore scene. What is your favorite memory from that time?
I’ll have to ask Brian. He remembers things.
How about learning to drive on Glenwood Avenue between North and Peace Streets because it was deserted after five o’ clock?

4. Righteous Fool has also played with COC-Blind, a band including Reed and Jason that only plays music from COC’s “Blind” album. Why not just include Mike in COC-Blind too?

There goes an example of the expectations of having a history.
My history with that album was hearing it as an outsider and being massively impressed with the sounds, the arrangements, the vocals, the musicianship across the board, everything.
I feel like those songs deserve to be heard, and Karl deserves to be singing them for people. If Reed and Karl want to perform that album for people, even minus Pepper, Phil and Woodroe, I say more power to them.
But throwing me in there on bass sort of confuses the issue. I love the material, but I don’t want be a consolation prize in the quest for some theoretical person’s idea of legitimacy. Plus, if we play a show with them, people will likely get tired of looking at my ugly mug.

5. Do you think COC will ever reform with Reed and Mike?
Anything is possible. Personally, I would be reluctant to do so without Woody.

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