Flesh Epic Brings the Beat to Berkeley

Flesh Epic Brings the Beat to Berkeley

August, 27, 2010, by Stacey

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Many of our New Raleigh readers who plan on attending Hopscotch may be looking forward to seeing Future Islands play at the festival Thursday night. However, you don’t have to wait that long to catch lead singer Sam Herring performing in Raleigh. According to Bart Tomlin of Blatant Mischief Promotions, Herring will be in town in advance of Hopscotch, and is putting on a show at the Berkeley this weekend alongside his brother. Going by the name Flesh Epic, the twosome venture away from the usual Future Islands post-wave sound for a more hip hop flavor:

Future Islands frontman, Sam Herring is taking advantage of his long stay in North Carolina preceding Hopscotch to take care of some unfinished business he has with his brother. They will be throwing down at The Berkeley, trading rhymes as Flesh Epic. Under his alias, Hemlock Ernst, you will get to witness the influence (one densely veiled in his Future Islands performances) that Hip Hop has had on Herring’s musical development. This is a must-see for any Future Islands fan as well as any fan of quirky, indie Hip Hop! Traveling with the pack are two other great urban-influenced acts from Detroit and Baltimore, Lord Scrummage and Rapdragons. Rounding out the night is local act NAPS.

Flesh Epic calls Asheville its homebase, and according to their Myspace music page, influences include the likes of Anti-Pop Consortium, Killah Priest, and Mom (aww!). This is sure to be an energetic showcase of electronica, beats, and rhymes, and an excellent precursor for the Hopscotch fest. The action starts at the Berkeley Café this Sunday night at 10pm.

(Photo from Lord Scrummage)


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  • Seann
    08/27 06:39 PM

    Sam is definitely one of the most insane freestylers I have ever seen.  His Freestyle battle at ECU’s barefoot on the mall was EPIC

  • mgd
    08/28 12:08 AM


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