Food Truck King This Thursday in City Plaza

Food Truck King This Thursday in City Plaza

October, 18, 2011, by Jedidiah

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It looks like we are on a roll with our April Fools' jokes this year. First, The Flaming Lips hope came true at Hopscotch 2011 and now the reality that City Plaza will become a food truck court, if only for one night.

This Thursday night, October 20th, The Raleigh Downtowner will host Food Truck King from 5-9:30pm in City Plaza. The event is free and will feature live music from national recording artists The Annuals and local garage rockers Jack the Radio. Oh and get this, guest singer Pam Saulsby, former news anchor from WRAL-TV5, will make an appearance on stage!

In between singing acts, guests will be entertained by an exciting show of fire dancers, circus performers, and hula hoopers. There’ll be plenty of PBR, PBR swag giveaways, and a food truck contest with 12 food trucks competing for the title of Food Truck King. The food truck competition will culminate with a huge custom metal crown created by local artist Matt McConnell being placed on top of the winning truck. There will also be several local breweries selling their beers during the event.

And afterwards, you can pop just a few blocks north to see a redheaded male beauty pagaent

Hosted by Raleigh Downtowner Magazine and Hurricane PR, Food Truck King is a benefit for Meals on Wheels of Wake County, with 100% of net proceeds donated to this worthwhile non-profit organization. Food Truck King is free to attend but special VIP Tasty Tickets are available to just 250 attendees to sample tasty treats from ALL food trucks and includes two free beers and a chance to win part of $250 worth of gift certificates to local restaurants. One person of the 250 will be chosen to appear in a photo with the food truck king winner and their crown which will be published in the Around Town section of the following month's Raleigh Downtowner Magazine. VIP sampling will run from 5 until a little after 6pm then everyone else will be able to purchase food from all the trucks at regular prices.

Regular admission without the food truck sampling is free, but you'll need to grab a free ticket to attend. Get more info, regular and VIP tickets, and T-shirts at

Come celebrate the arrival of food trucks in Raleigh as well as help to raise much-needed funds for Meals on Wheels of Wake County. Since 1974 Meals on Wheels has been providing nutritious meals to the homebound elderly and persons with disabilities in Wake County in an effort to improve health, reduce isolation, and prevent unnecessary institutionalization. Serving close to 1,300 meals daily to homes and nutrition centers, Meals on Wheels provides the frailest of our community’s citizens with a voice to achieve healthful independence.

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  • Crash Gregg
    10/18 03:59 PM

    Thanks for posting Jed. Hopefully Food Truck King will run as smoothly and be as successful as your Cooke Street Carnival. Looking forward to seeing you guys there.

  • gspot
    10/18 04:52 PM

    newsboy hat mecca

  • Lawrence Tibbetts
    10/19 09:59 AM LIKES

    AND see you there!!

  • Hungry Man
    10/20 04:53 PM

    And, if you didn’t get your tickets ahead of time, you’re apparently out of luck.  10 minutes before it starts, and the web site says 2006 tickets available, but “sales” have ended.  I hope I didn’t come downtown for nothing!

  • Hungry Man
    10/20 08:53 PM

    Whew, no tickets required.  Unfortunately, huge long lines at the food trucks.  Good for the trucks!

  • oakcity
    10/21 09:11 AM

    good thing for the food trucks, great for downtown.

    needed more time for voting though, they did extend it but there really needs to be about 3 hours in order for all folks to sample and decide.

    and what was with the ice cream / crushed ice trucks, WTF? thats not a food truck.

  • smitty
    10/21 09:59 AM

    I like Klausie’s etc as much as the next guy, but I’m not going to wait an hour in the cold for it.  Sheeple.

    10/21 02:05 PM

    Apparently, the Korean BBQ truck took about 2 hours for some people.  I got there later and got Klausies, Only Burger and a Crepe pretty quickly.

  • Synaesthete
    10/21 07:10 PM

    Last night made me realize a few things about food trucks that I didn’t consider before.  There are basic limiting factors related to food trucks that can’t be circumvented.  Last night, either the food trucks ran out of food, or were incapable of supplying food fast enough.  Brick-and-mortar restaurants will always have food trucks beaten on stock and labor.  The best a food truck will ever be able to do is sweep in and provide food for a small lunch crowd, a late-night drunks, or at small special events.  In order for food trucks to deliver food at the same capacity as brick-and-mortar restaurants, you’d have to have food trucks lining the streets.  Even last night, food trucks were in fact lining the streets, and still couldn’t keep up.  The issue of food trucks competing with brick-and-mortar business is meaningless in practice.  It was a wasted debate to begin with, and we would have been better off just letting food trucks run rampant and find that out through experimentation rather than deliberation.

  • Synaesthete
    10/21 07:19 PM

    *a FEW late-night drunks.  That is, a single food truck could probably sit outside a single bar, and serve mostly pre-made food for an hour before running out of stock.  Hell, even let the food trucks sit right outside a restaurant;  it wouldn’t be that much more disruptive than a troop of Girl Scouts outside the grocery store.

  • hiphopanonymous
    10/22 02:03 PM

    As soon as I saw the swarm of about 400 people all around the food trucks, I lost my appetite.

  • Like PBR
    10/22 10:37 PM

    I thought it was a great event and for the thousands of people who showed up it seemed like a great time.  There was some waiting for certain trucks, but when food is made fresh to order that’s what happens.  There was no waiting for beer or (free) music, so there was something to do even if you were not willing to wait for food.  Hopefully we will see this event again and for a first time food truck event, I thought it went well.

  • Kdward
    10/26 01:39 PM

    Any more Food Truck Kind events coming up?

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