Fosters Closed, Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar Coming Soon

Fosters Closed, Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar Coming Soon

August, 10, 2011, by Khaner

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It was Fosters, Nelson's, then Fosters again (with an American Grille added to the end), none of which should be confused with Foster's Gone Ugly. But now, the multiple personality restaurant has closed.  We first heard about Foster's closing in the past few weeks and according to reports by the Triangle Business Journal (article here) Foster's American Grille in Cameron Village shut its doors more than two weeks ago.

With the empty restraunt space in a prime location, word has been brewing that Charlotte's Cowfish Sushi Burger Bar might be opening its second location in the spot.

Describing themselves as "a one-of-a-kind dining experience, thriving on its ability to fuse two niche products seamlessly on the same menu," Charlotte's Cowfish, offers a wide selection of gourmet burgers and sushi, a pretty wild combination that we don't see too often (ever?) in the Triangle area. Also, check out that fun logo above. Is it a cow? a fish? Two people kissing? A lamp?

New Raleigh contacted the managers at Cowfish for comment on the story, and their response was short on details:

Thanks for the interest.  There is nothing concrete at this point.  Hope to talk to you soon!

Meanwhile, we aren't quite sure what W. Needham Finley IV will do with all of his time now that Foster's is gone.

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  • EJones
    08/10 12:00 PM

    Fusion food gone bad.

  • ihateeverything
    08/10 12:11 PM

    That menu for Cowfish looks horrible and gimmicky..Place should make millions.

  • Joe
    08/10 12:14 PM

    Prediction:  will be closed within 12 months, if it lasts that long.

    sounds completely cheezy. Of course, its coming from good ole’ ‘charlotte, usa’ so one would expect nothing less.

    08/10 01:51 PM

    I too, have negative things to say about restaurants whose opening have not even been confirmed.  I sure feel at home here.

  • Jenna
    08/10 02:29 PM

    Foster’s is a pretty large space. I’ve love it if we got two new restaurants there instead of just one—but I know that would take a significant renovation!

  • Huntress
    08/10 02:35 PM

    Super excited if Cowfish opens! I have heard amazing things about it from Charlotte..“good ole’ charlotte, usa” . Bring it Cowfish. Crossing fingers you join Raleighwood!

  • William Needham Finley IV
    08/10 03:17 PM

    Thank you for your concern. I’m not taking this well. I think I’ll have my thoughts together for a blog post next week. It’s just too much to handle right now. Now I know how the people in London feel. I shouldn’t say that, Felson’s closing is way more important than whatever they’re whining about across the pond.

    08/10 04:07 PM

    Fosters sucks… but this sounds even worse (is that even possible?). Burgers are delicious… sushi is gross. Way to corrupt an American classic, yuppie restaurateurs.

  • scoop
    08/10 04:38 PM

    @WILL4NCSU do you perpetually have something stuck up your ass? Jesus Christ your comments are obnoxious.  You should channel your negativity and write a column for New Raleigh.

    On another note, it’s about time for a change of scenery at this spot.  I’m struggling to come up with a combo name for Cowfish Sushi Bar and Burgers + Foster’s + Nelson’s.  I’ll be severely disappointed if there isn’t one soon.  @NR, has anyone officially confirmed them as the next tenant?

  • Dick Hertz
    08/10 04:59 PM

    Yeah Will, from here on out, we’ll assume you hate everything.  Then, you can just chime in if you actually have something positive to add.  That will save us all some time.

  • Sean
    08/10 06:31 PM

    Have any of you even eaten at Cowfish in Charlotte?  It’s actually VERY good.

    I for one am very happy this haven for wannabe “ITBers” is closing in a way that won’t allow the same thing with a new name replace it.


    Needham Broughton Alum and lifelong resident of Raleigh.

  • Mike
    08/10 06:34 PM

    It’s clearly a trumpeting hare.

  • stretch b
    08/10 07:15 PM

    Cowfish!?  What the fish? I refuse to eat there, because the name is so goddamn stupid…and i live across the street.

    08/10 08:27 PM

    Uhhhhh, no I don’t. Am I not allowed to state my opinion? I find your objection to my statements hypocritical. I have a lot of problems with things in Raleigh and this is where I come to tell people how I feel. I guess we should just all lower our standards to be satisfied with everything… sound like a good idea? Okay, you go ahead and do that.

  • Alex
    08/10 08:35 PM

    Will, I agreed with you on the public art… but right here you are being quite a douche. This place will be much better than crappy old Fosters. It sounds weird, but trust me, their food is excellent. I welcome any improvement to the dining scene in this town… getting rid of places like Fosters is a step in the right direction. Also, is it just me or are most of the comments made by State people on this website negative? I don’t know what it is… I used to think it was a negative, false stereotype that state fans were angry, ultra-conservative and bitter… but judging by the crowd here it seems to be true.

  • tony
    08/10 10:06 PM

    Will - you are a cancer in these forums. Half of the NR posters are snarky, cynical, pessimistic, and dull. 

    And then there is you. A rare combination of it all, wrapped up in one username. One can hope that it’s actually a team of 5 that actually all equal the WILL4NCSU…because for all the cynicism and agitation to derive from one person seems like too much to bear.

    Let’s be honest dude, nothing could fill in this space that would get your approval. You don’t like sushi so this place is corrupted Americana? Jesus. I do think this sounds like an awful idea, but who really gives a shit. Sheesh.

  • A
    08/10 10:26 PM

    i liked cowfish in Charlotte.  yum burgushi!

  • Dick Hertz
    08/11 06:49 AM

    I love it when grumpy, bitter, complaining old men see themselves simply as brave, outspoken critics.

    08/11 05:37 PM

    Once again… I have high standards. Is it such a bad thing that I am not pleased by everything new in Raleigh? Or course not… because a lot of the changes suck. The new buildings downtown have ruined the skyline, the new restaurants are all style no substance and the new populace is pretentious… overall, Raleigh has been yuppified. When I grew up in Raleigh and when I started college 10 years ago, people were much more down to earth and friendly, food was cheaper and much better, and the town was, overall, laid back. I’m sick of the hipsters who only care about superficial quality instead of absolute quality and authenticity (and who criticize anyone who eats meat or thinks that obama is an idiot). There are (thank god) still many things that I like about Raleigh… however, they continue to dwindle in quantity and significance. And I’m not alone… tons of people I know at state hate everything about this town and are only here because of the presence of a great school like state.

    So can you now understand why I am so jaded? I am so sick of everyone talking like Raleigh continues to become better and better while it has actually been completely ruined. Well, I’m sure that a lot of you don’t understand because you moved here two years ago from Ohio.

    08/11 06:06 PM

    This is hilarious!  I have a clone!  I now know I have made it in life.

  • John Neal Manning
    08/11 09:18 PM

    Cowfish is probably one of the busiest restaurants in Charlotte every night. Each seat at the Sushi bar has a IPAD dinnermat. Its sick. I sat next to The Nature Boy Rick Flair there about two months ago and he said he its one of his favorite places. THE NATURE BOY RICK F*CKING FLAIR eats there. Its amazing. You can get a burger and your girlfriend can get sushi, unless your girlfriend is ugly. Mine usually gets sushi cause she is hot and hot chicks dont eat a lot on dates.

  • Brian
    08/11 10:29 PM

    Will, you stay here only “because of the presence of a great school like state ” ?

    Sad man.
    Real sad.

  • Alex
    08/12 12:58 AM

    Will, has it ever occurred to you that your standards might not actually be all that high? I mean, no offense, but I know close to no people who consider state a “great” school (and I know tons of people who go there). You don’t seem to understand that new things are not bad… its actually quite infantile to dislike anything that is different. Apparently that “great” school has failed to teach you one thing: maturity.

  • tc
    08/12 08:05 AM

    “but I know close to no people who consider state a “great” school (and I know tons of people who go there)”

    Oh god…call US World News, Alex knows tons of people who go to school, so he is the new authority now on which ones are great!!

    Some of the programs at NC State are among the best in the country, definitely best in the state, so yes, it is a great school.  When it comes to the quality of education you get from a university, it entirely depends upon your major.

  • Panda Balls
    08/12 09:58 AM

    It’s nice to see the two dominant food fads of the moment - sushi and upscale burgers - come together in the same establishment. Too bad they couldn’t work in frozen yogurt too.


  • Dr Jones
    08/12 10:18 AM

    I like Will’s comments. The rest of you are dumb.

  • Lisa
    08/12 10:26 AM

    Hot girls don’t eat much on dates but hot boys eat all they want?

  • Alex
    08/12 10:31 AM

    Weeeeeell, US News doesn’t seem to consider state a “great” school either… unless you consider 111th in the country “great”... and the engineering school that they pride themselves on is only ranked 31st (tied with Duke… so it is not “definitely the best in the state”). The only program they have that can definitely be considered the best in the state is veterinary medicine… and seeing that its the only program of its kind in North Carolina, that’s not a very impressive accomplishment.  Also, I was saying that I know tons of people who go to state (not school in general)... so in spite of them being state fans and people who like the school, they don’t consider it to be a school of exceptional quality or high prestige. And that’s the point that I was trying to make… Brian seems to agree with me.

  • tc
    08/12 10:51 AM

    I wasn’t intending to imply that US News is any kind of valid authority on the quality of education at universities…it definitely isn’t.  Just that they, like you apparently, seem to think themselves an authority on that.  At least they try to do some research, though theirs is based on incomplete data, and favors schools that heavily participate in their “study”. 

    Seriously?  Brian agrees with you?  Well then, it is truly sacrosanct then.  Thanks for clearing that up.

  • Alex
    08/12 11:42 AM

    Oh. my. god. You mentioning US News gives me the impression that you care about the rankings. I honestly don’t care for US News because it favors rich private schools. However, it seems like no one else’s opinion really matters here. By pointing out that Brian and many of my friends seem to hold the same opinion as me, I was trying to say that calling state a “great” school is controversial… and saying that it is not “great” isn’t absurd. Sacrosanct? No, its just different points of view… something you don’t seem to understand. No need to get so mad over different opinions. However, just go on feeling great about the quality of the school if it makes you feel better… clearly there is no convincing you otherwise.

  • tc
    08/12 11:55 AM

    The only thing that mentioning US News implies is that I’m aware of it.  So…your opinion is based on your friends, mine is based on imperical evidence, and comparison with similar programs at UNC (as I attended both).  So in this instance, my opinion is more valid than yours, because it’s based on experience, not hearsay.  I believe to make claims about the quality of a university, you need to have personal experience, especially when you’re using your opinion to degrade someone’s education.

  • William Needham Finley IV
    08/12 11:58 AM

    What the hell are you idiots arguing about? Do you not realize what is happening right now?! Fosters is closed! Christ, have some respect. Take your retarded argument about State and this “Will” guy somewhere else.

  • Alex
    08/12 12:06 PM

    Well, I’m so sorry that I “degraded” your education by questioning whether state can be called a great school… you sound so insecure. If you’re convinced that state is so amazing, then why are you bothered by people with opinions to the contrary? Once again, I am talking about friends who GO TO STATE (just like you). I agree, I think people who go to the school and have personal experience are the best to make claims about the quality of the university… that’s why my view is based off of people I know who go there. How else am I supposed to know the quality of the school? I feel like a broken record. Apparently people other than yourself don’t matter. Get over yourself.

  • Alex
    08/12 12:08 PM

    And Finley… I didn’t mean to make this an argument. tc seems to be the one who cares more about it.

  • frank
    08/12 02:35 PM

    no update about how Fosters was shut down by a massive fine from BMI for playing 4 songs over the speakers?

    How much does the average bar/restaurant in Raleigh pay BMI/ASCAP to keep from being nailed with $40K worth of a charge?

  • Van Alston
    08/12 04:08 PM

    Between BMI, ASCAP and SESAC you pay quite a bit of money.  The formulas are different for all three companies, but they all factor in occupancy, frequency of live music, number of performers at one time, whether or not you have jukeboxes, Djs, Tvs and a host of other stuff.  Even if you have nothing but a radio, you are supposed to pay.  For a 99 occupancy, you’re looking at about three grand a year.  It goes up considerably from there.

    08/13 01:18 AM

    Note that willncsu and will4ncsu are two different people. Heard from some Charlotte friends that cowfish is really good.

  • LoneVoice
    08/13 08:12 AM

    I’ve lived in Raleigh & in the Cameron Village area since 1995. In 1995, there was no Glenwood South. Fayetteville Street was a pedestrian zone, and all the restaurants there catered to lunchtime crowds. Most of them were closed for dinner. Downtown became a ghost town during the weekends.

    Foster’s was the only place I knew as a 25 year old kid who just moved into Raleigh (UNCW alumnus here). I can’t remember if the food was particularly good or particularly bad there because it was 15+ years ago. I do remember that was the first restaurant that I had an ostrich burger (later to be had at the Knightdale Seafood & Barbeque). While the restaurant did become a place to take people to, there really weren’t all that many options. Glenwood South didn’t exist for a few more years.

    I certainly didn’t care for the bar crowd at Foster’s, but Raleigh has had a yuppie crowd since I’ve been going out in Raleigh (in 1995). Once Glenwood South opened, though, I finally realized there were alternatives. Perhaps I wasn’t the only one with such a realization, and that is why Foster’s became Nelson’s.

    I never made it to Nelson’s, and I never made it back to Foster’s again.

    I don’t see the Cameron Village mall ever really sustaining a large restaurant. The place really isn’t designed to accommodate a large venue. But I’d rather see something there than for a space it lie desolate.

  • William Needham Finley IV
    08/13 08:50 AM

    Don’t ever call Cameron Village a “mall” again. Cameron Village is an upscale destination retail center, a mall is a place where poor people drop their kids off on the weekend because they can’t afford daycare.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    08/14 10:01 PM

    William Needham Finley IV’s comments have totally saved this thread for me. Give that guy a medal!

  • cat
    08/16 08:43 PM

    i LOVE cowfish!  we go when we are in charlotte!  i know the menu may be different at first, but my husband i has enjoyed everything that we have tried there!  can’t wait for this to open!

  • stretchb
    08/26 10:34 AM

    Raleigh has always been the most vinyl, transitory, location ever to train politicians and those who serve them in cubicles. Cowfish sushi/burger joint is exactly how you lose your soul by trying to encompass all interests and then doesn’t meet any.Face the facts. Whatever “soul” Raleigh had is slowly dwindling away under Mcexpansion and 3-story urban development. The soul of Raleigh are the Blount st. houses, which are vanishing, The Brewery is gone, IHOP is under the wrecking ball, Dorton Arena is an unused architectural statement. How long can Char grill hang on? Sadlack’s is the best bar in Raleigh- anyone is welcome there, live music all the time, what about the “dancing guy”? Krispy Kreme had to fight to keep its sign. How devastated will we all be when George and Mom close the Roast Grill under some edict by the city? Volume of eateries and abundance of construction cranes has nothing to do with taste or quality.

  • soulsearcher
    08/26 10:49 AM

    Oh no, not the IHOP!!!  That place is so very unique.  How will we stand it?

    The Blount Street houses are the soul of Raleigh, huh.  For whom, exactly?  And how?

    Char-Grill has sucked for the last ten years, at least.

    The Brewery was gone eight years ago. The building still standing meant nothing, well, nothing to anyone who actually knows what the “soul of a place” means.

    Yeah, I’ll miss Sadlack’s.  I’m glad you got something right in your ill-conceived screed.

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