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July, 02, 2009, by Christian

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Foundation’s new Summer Menu is out with refreshing new cocktails, delicious regional wines, and great North Carolina draft beers. Additionally, the Bourbon Menu has been bolstered with a handful of new selections, further strengthening the already extensive offerings. Cure your munchies with some NC blister-fried peanuts.

Sundays this summer will feature a $5 classic cocktail menu.

213 Fayetteville Street
Suite 010
Raleigh, NC 27601

For a more up-to-date article on Foundation’s new Summer drink list, including pictures and descriptions of selected cocktails, click here.

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  • Lisa Jeffries
    07/02 09:04 PM

    Can we get more specific on the “refreshing new cocktails”, etc.?

  • Eddie V.
    07/02 11:44 PM

    Where is the menu, exactly? Or is this just re-posted marketing email?

  • salley
    07/03 12:26 AM

    when i went in the other night they had just switched menus and the focus was on peaches. there was a peach/brut/peach bitters drink that was especially awesome. i remember an old fashioned with peaches as well.

  • roi
    07/03 11:25 AM

    Is the summer bar menu just for drinks? I haven’t been ther. Are there any food specials, or do they even serve food?

  • Christian
    07/03 12:22 PM

    As some clarification, yes, this is basically a reproduced marketing email, and Foundation is a private members-only bar (you can sign up upon arrival) that does not serve food (aside from some free bar munchies). The website and the marketing email did not contain any details about the new drinks, but I have contacted Foundation in hopes of getting some more information. I will report that here as soon as I hear back from them. I just thought people who have been to Foundation before would like to know that the drink menu has changed. For those who haven’t been yet, trust me, you will be impressed and there is a very nice selection of handmade cocktail, wine, and draft beers.

  • Drink Man
    07/03 02:04 PM

    a drink with cucumbers. a drink with rootbeer and egg. 2 drinks with peaches. a drink with basil. sounds awesome.

  • Jeff
    07/03 10:40 PM

    I’ve been there, and the place is really unique and really great.  They have a great selection of interesting, handmade, local-ish cocktails, liquor, etc.  The ambiance is cool too… Didn’t have any food at all when I went by, but no matter…  I thought maybe it wasn’t doing that well because it was sort of empty at like 9pm, but by 10:30 we had invited strangers to join our table because it was so busy.  Can’t wait to go back, and this Sunday might be just the excuse I needed.

  • annie
    07/04 12:35 PM

    I stopped in last night to try the new peach soda.  I actually ended up not drinking anything peach.  I had the root beer flip and got to try the basil smash (i think it was called that).  I loved the basil smash… bourbon, lemon and basil.  delicious!  ill be back soon!

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