Fred Fletcher Park Water Garden Approved

March, 10, 2008, by David

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Fred Fletcher Park’s Water Garden was approved early last week to begin construction and is expected to be finished by the end of June.  The Water Garden is a Storm Water Management Division project that is designed to achieve several environmental and aesthetic goals by managing runoff in an attractive way:

  • Creating an aesthetically pleasing garden with a variety of evergreen and perennial plant species;
  • A new ecosystem in this area of the park for butterflies, dragonflies, frogs, and other animal species;
  • Naturally filtering stormwater that flows into the water garden to clean the runoff before flowing downstream into Pigeon House Branch;
  • Serving as an educational opportunity for neighboring schools and park patrons on the new habitat and the functions of the water garden.

The project is partially funded by North Carolina Department of Environment and North Carolina’s Clean Water Management Trust Fund. Camp Dresser & McKee, Inc. designed the project and it will be constructed by Fluvial Solutions, Inc.


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  • RaleighRob
    03/10 04:18 PM

    Be sure to emphasize the fact that it will be filled with stormwater (presumably from the park’s parking lots?) and not city water.  I can imagine all the outcries if people assume otherwise.

  • Rusty
    03/10 06:30 PM

    This will be really nice for those in the neighborhood… Perhaps a good lesson for the usually forgotten & hidden stormwater ponds we see in new development all over the place?

  • Deb
    03/11 12:33 PM

    Construction is underway for this project. I noticed a lot of land clearing and moving going on yesterday when I went for a walk in the area.

  • jarobinson1
    03/11 03:13 PM

    They really didn’t waste any time getting started after the approval!

    For other walkers/runners - be forewarned: the path through the woodsy area at Fred Fletcher is closed off. I tried to run there yesterday and had to find a different route.

    I can’t wait until this is finished - finishing off the path around the basketball court/redbird statue will make complete the loop around the park.

  • v-arch
    03/12 10:03 AM

    Where exactly is the ‘water garden’ located within the park?  From that lame rendering it looks like it is located in front of the Borden House…but the earth is being moved near the tennis courts. ?  Anyone know?

  • jarobinson1
    03/12 02:57 PM

    It’s at the corner of Glenwood and Washtington, wrapping around the redbird statue and the back of the tennis/basketball courts.

    You can download the conceptual powerpoint, see more drawings and read about it here:;/pt03/DIG_Web_Content/category/Resident/Stormwater/Public_Education/Cat-1C-2007202-105010-Fred_Fletcher_Park_Water.html

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