Girl Talk Coming to Disco Rodeo

Girl Talk Coming to Disco Rodeo

November, 08, 2010, by Jedidiah

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Girl Talk dance crowd photo by Ladye Jane Vickers

Fresh off a performance at MoogFest in Asheville, Gregg Gillis, aka Girl Talk will come back through North Carolina in January for a few shows including one at Disco Rodeo, his first in Raleigh. Few musical artists from the mashup era of the mid 2000s have continued to perform live but Gillis expanded the simplicity and redundancy of the genre’s music by recreating house dance parties on stage at his shows. Therefore, if you haven’t been to a Girl Talk show, show up at Disco Rodeo on Thursday January 27th with a change of clothes because if inclined to dance, you’ll sweat through a shirt or two.

Gillis is prepping another new album for release by the end of this year that he originally thought wouldn’t be another extended collage record but came up with another idea for the album (via P4k):

To me, amping things up doesn’t mean cramming in more samples as much as it means making things more dynamic and expressing more patience and being more detailed than before. I wanted to put in more little breather-room elements. It’s definitely in the same ballpark as Feed the Animals, but the production’s more complex and there’s more of a variety in the source material. I’m trying to make something that’s really, really complicated and has material that jumps around as far as possible in genre and style but, when you ultimately listen to it, it sounds like one cohesive piece of music. Also, this album is going to be the longest one I’ve done yet, like 65-plus minutes.

Tickets are $25 and available here.

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