Gov. Perdue & SBA Chief Karen Mills Visit Raleigh Denim

Gov. Perdue & SBA Chief Karen Mills Visit Raleigh Denim

September, 27, 2011, by David

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Small Business Administration chief Karen Mills and Governor Beverly Perdue gave speeches today at the Raleigh Denim workshop.  For Raleigh Denim it was an opportunity to share their success and to serve as a prime example of what the SBA can do for a growing business.  Starting with a tour of the Martin Street Factory Space, founders Victor and Sarah Lytvinenko guided the Governor and Chief Mills through their workshop and store.  Perdue and Mills were highly engaged, asking questions and showing genuine interest in the product and the Raleigh Denim employees.  Then in a formal press conference, Victor Lytvinenko told the story of how Raleigh Denim along with help from the SBA has grown from 2 - 13 employees.  

Following Lytvinenko's speech, Chief Mills went through the new Obama administration funding of the SBA and the new opportunities available to a small business for assistance in reaching international markets.  Governor Perdue addressed the press, rehashing Raleigh Denim's connection to North Carolina through its material sourcing, financing and of course, its branding. 



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  • bleep blorp
    09/28 07:39 AM

    Right on! This is great.
    Thanks for covering this, New Raleigh!

  • M. Harris
    10/14 09:36 AM

    They need to visit NCSHP H.E. Johnson !

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