Grand Opening Today, PieBird Now Open on Person Street

Grand Opening Today, PieBird Now Open on Person Street

March, 29, 2011, by Khaner

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Located in downtown Raleigh on Person St., local pie shop PieBird is celebrating its grand opening today. Raleigh's first restaurant devoted solely to pies, PieBird features a wide assortment of lunch and dinner options, along with the typical kind you'd expect to find at your grandmother's dessert table.

Founded by residents from local neighborhood Oakwood, Sheilagh Duncan and Krishna Bahl will be serving up some of Raleigh's tastiest pies while expanding the limits of what you think you know should go in one. For more on what the PieBird ladies have planned, read NewRaleigh's interview with PieBird.

According to its website, PieBird will be open Tuesday - Saturday from 11 am - 10 pm. For a menu and more, visit their website at

Some of PieBirds Blueberry Pies

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  • Same Old Raleigh
    03/29 03:11 PM


  • Jon
    03/29 03:15 PM

    Can’t wait to try PieBird.

  • SG
    03/29 04:53 PM

    $27 for a Chicken Pot Pie? I think they may have missed a reasonable target price by a few dollars. I’ll give this place 6 months before they go under.

  • dbd
    03/29 05:12 PM

    I don’t think their prices are too high.  $27 for a chicken pot pie = a full dinner for less than $7 a person.  I pay about that, or close to it, for a large pizza from Lilly’s.
    We went to Piebird during their soft opening last week.  Great space, good coffee, good pie. We only had dessert, but the savory offerings being delivered to other tables looked really tasty. The usual kinks to work out with service (and frankly, I do not understand why a place like this even bothers with table service), but I think we will be regulars this summer.

  • SG
    03/29 05:31 PM

    @dbd - Okay, if you put it that way, it doesn’t seem too bad, but it does still seem quite steep. I think the upper limit of chicken pot pie pricing should hover around $20, not $30. That being said, I would love to stop by this place and try a piece of dessert pie and a coffee… getting hungry just thinking about it.

  • hackles10
    03/29 05:33 PM

    @SG, a chicken pot pie entree with side is $10 and two hand pies and side is $8 at lunch.

    The $27 Chicken pot pie will likely serve 4-6 people a full meal.

  • JS
    03/29 05:56 PM

    The chicken pot pie I ordered from Sheila (pre-PieBird) easily served a family of 5, plus we had leftovers. Which I ate in the middle of the night because that buttery crust was calling my name. I think the lunch and entree prices are more than reasonable - I could stop in a few times a month. And, I would cheerfully pay $27 for the more delicious and nutritious pot pie when I’m already forking out $24 for two smallish crap-tasting pizzas that my kids beg me to order from Papa Johns.

    Unique and entrepreneurial ventures like PieBird make me happy to live here. GO PIEBIRD.

  • neilie
    03/29 08:23 PM

    Recognizing that opening day is never 100% smooth, service at PieBird tonight is a nightmare. We didn’t see anyone actually get food. After an hour of waiting and having our order get lost, we gave up. And while there’s a restaurant full of hungry people waiting for food that isn’t coming, PieBird is busy “liking” comments on its Facebook page. They have a lot of things to work out.

  • whyfoodtrucksdowntownarebad
    03/29 08:34 PM

    Now that the owners of Piebird have spent the better part of a year rehabbing a vacant building and investing 100’s of thousands of dollar$ opening a business downtown that will attract tons of people to that area of Person Street; wouldn’t it be wonderful if a food truck was allowed to park 50’ away to mooch off the new found hotspot? Maybe daisycakes from Durham can park outside and sell competing deserts?

  • Art
    03/29 09:45 PM

    Wow, Why, your comment shows very little understanding of retail food economics.  Nobody is going to go all the way to a destination like this with no foot traffic and then change their mind and eat at a food truck.  Food trucks do not compete with full-service restaurants.  It is a different experience entirely.  It just promotes the overall food culture and street scene.  It brings more people out even when they cannot afford or don’t want the full-service restaurant experience.  This is why more than one food truck are often seen together.  It also allows business people who do not have access to hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Usually, they would like to have a full service restaurant, but cannot afford it.  Many are working towards that with their food truck (see Only Burger).  Look at Portland.  They have 40 or more permanent food trucks downtown and they have one of the hottest restaurant scenes in the country. 

    And there is nothing to stop Piebird from getting their own truck to reach more areas.

  • Bathrooms for patrons only
    03/29 11:36 PM

    Economics of food retail?  Food trucks should park across the street from Art’s house. I agree with whyfoodtrucksdowntownarebad.  Protect/Reward the investors. Have the food trucks develop their own area if they want in on Raliegh’s food scene.

  • Flaky Crust!
    03/29 11:59 PM

    Bathrooms for patrons only - You may want to learn to spell Raleigh (hint: it’s in the name of the site) first before you can comment on the food scene.

    I was at PieBird tonight for their grand opening. The place is adorable and smelled awesome. Unfortunately, we waited an hour and a half and then were told there was no more food. That said, the staff did their best to apologize by giving us free desert pies. Despite getting yelled all night, our waiter was extremely upbeat and friendly. If I had been in his shoes, I probably would have cried/ripped out my hair/punched someone (in that order). Instead, he was sincerely apologetic and did what he could to make up for it. The restaurant obviously has some kinks to work out, but the free pie we got was completely amazing. We waited a long time and didn’t get what we wanted, but in the end we got free coffee and pie, so it all works out.

    It’s good to see a local business run out of food. I’ll crave that tangerine creamsicle pie for days!

  • richardfoc
    03/30 01:06 AM

    I was in this past Saturday and was very impressed. Had a slice of the Bluebird of Happiness pie and, as promised by our more than capable server, it is indeed the pie version of crack. I’ll be going back for more.

  • superdeliciousness
    03/30 10:03 AM

    I’ll start off by saying the food was fantastic. The mushroom soup had the perfect balance of flavor. And both the Shepards pie and Vegetable Curry pie were wonderful comfort foods. The space was beautiful as well.
    The down side - we had to wait for an hour and a half for our food. Yes it was opening night, but two people in the kitchen turning out one table of food every 15 minutes does not cut it. If the kitchen problems get worked out, I can see this place doing very well.
    Oh, the doilies can go too. They were a bit fru-fru (this coming from a gay man)

  • whyfoodtrucksdowntownarebad
    03/30 10:06 AM

    Art - It is intersting to me how you fail to see the real issue. My comment was less about competing and more about how food trucks don’t show up to an area until somebody else revitalizes it. Your “feel good” points will not gain much ground with the city council and don’t do much to serve your cause.

  • St. Mary
    03/30 10:21 AM

    After working for a few restaurant openings, I understand that every first week is going to have some issues to iron out, but some things need to be figured on ahead of time. We went last night and were sat quickly, but after ordering at 8:00 overheard the table next to us ask about their order - they had been there since 6:45. A little worried, we waited an hour before being told along with 3 other tables the kitchen was out of food, and ended up having to pick something up at 9pm. The compensatory dessert pie was nice, but I would have much rather been made aware of the issues when we arrived instead of wasting an hour to find out. The server mentioned they had no inventory (who doesn’t anticipate demand on an opening?!), so I would suggest they pre-make some popular items beforehand.

    I know the tables that were fortunate enough to be fed really enjoyed the food, so I plan to go back, but not for another month until they get things figured out. They are fortunate they service a relatively easy-going audience, because otherwise there would have been riots last night.

  • c'mon
    03/30 12:39 PM


    Daisycakes in particular has parked in the same place every Saturday morning, before that area of Durham was rebuilt. They are also looking to opening a storefront soon.

  • daisy123
    03/30 05:15 PM

    I was there for the opening night. I actually did get fed. It took over an hour, but I knew what I was getting into by going on the first night.

    With that said, I’m not really sure why it took so long. It’s pie. The menu is limited. I assumed lots of pot pies would be pre-made. You cook the pies, you cut a slice, you heat and serve. But I think they were in the kitchen boiling chicken and cutting veggies for every order.

    Ditch the doilies. It’s not green. They cost money. They are completely unnecessary. They don’t bring anything to the table.

    The curry chicken pot pie was good. Maybe too many sweet potatoes, but good. The regular chicken pot pie was like cream of chicken soup, with a crust on top. Chicken pot pie needs to rest to thicken the juices. No flavor! It tasted like nothing. I saw some black pepper in there, but I’m thinking they forgot to salt it. Pretty much all dark meat. Not feeling the gourmet-priced pot pie with dark meat.

    The crusts on the pot pies and hand pies were bland. Sort of thick and biscuit tasting, needed salt or butter or something to give them flavor.

    The coconut cream pie was amazing. The toasted coconut on top tasted like there was some sort of liqueur in it. Yum. Real cream. The crust was great. The pie filling was custard-y and really good.

    People waited half an hour just to get a slice to go. They need to have some slices already prepared in containers to go. I would think during peak times, they would sell them quickly enough that it wouldn’t compromise the flavor to have them pre-cut and ready to hand over.

    I will definitely try again soon. Just my two cents.

  • daisy123
    03/30 08:31 PM

    I forgot to add that I want them to succeed. Just a few humble suggestions.

  • Lawrence
    03/30 08:36 PM

    Well, after looking forward to Piebird’s opening for weeks now, I gave into the temptation and went tonight.  I understand that being only the second night there would be kinks, but it was a good hour’s wait.  Place was packed, but very few were eating, just waiting.  No one checked in during the hour to make sure our drinks were full, or to apologize for the delay.  When the food finally arrived, I was very underwhelmed.  The chicken pot pie was nothing special at all.  The crust was dry and bland.  The vegetables had no flavor (overcooked perhaps?)  There was no juice within.  Just very bland.  The soup of the day was corn chowder, but it was really just corn mixed in with a tomato broth.  Again, lacked flavor.
    Perhaps the dessert pies are heavenly.  I’ll never know because after such a disappointing and overpriced meal, I won’t be back, and I wouldn’t recommend this place to anyone else.  It is a real shame, as I love the concept of the Piebird - just sad that it fails in the execution.

  • Preotalactare
    03/30 10:48 PM

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  • likingpies
    03/31 02:10 PM

    I’m curious if the time stamp on Lawrence’s post is correct (maybe it’s PST).  I arrived at 5:20 and there were less than 5 people in the entire restaurant.  I ordered and was out of there in less than an hour.  Less than 10 more people arrived while I was eating.  Very far from packed and the turnaround time on the food was completely reasonable.

    From what I hear, the comments regarding Tuesday are pretty accurate.  But problems and a learning curve are to be expected.  Running out of food on opening night is a good thing in my opinion.  Hopefully lessons were learned that will ensure positive experiences in the future for all of us.

    I’m hoping the time stamp is wrong and not that Lawrence is just trying to bash a new place.

  • likingpies
    03/31 02:15 PM

    Okay, looks like timestamps are off by 1 hour, meaning Lawrence’s post was posted at 7:36pm.  Sorry for any accusations, I prefaced that they may be incorrect. 

    However, I still think there might be some exaggeration about the hour wait since Lawrence had time to eat and post only a little over an hour after my observance shortly after six.

  • Lawrence
    03/31 03:32 PM

    I don’t know what is going on with the timestamps.  I arrived shortly before 6.  When I got home at 7:30 I posted about my experience.  There were serious problems with Piebird, and I hope by bringing these problems to their attention, they can be addressed.  I would have preferred directly emailing them, but as their website doesn’t list an email address, I searched online and found this website.
    I want them to succeed, but frankly, the quality of the food just wasn’t worth it.  The service issues just made a lackluster and bland meal worse.  Like I said, I expect there to be teething issues in the first week of a new restaurant’s existence, but the problems at Piebird were worse than usual when compared to other experiences I have had with opening weeks.  I don’t hold out a lot of hope for Piebird, which is sad, because the concept is a great one, and I would love to see that area of town revitalized just as much as everyone else.
    Just my opinion, of course.

  • mashy
    03/31 05:06 PM

    I went by for a late lunch at 3 today. No one greeted me at the door. It was awkward and I didn’t know if I just sat at the bar…? Anyways a waitress did finally come over and say that they were out of everything except one piece of cherry pie and some vegetables:-( I guess I’ll try another day? I want this place to surive. I work nearby and grabbing hot meat pies sounds amazing.

  • Seann
    03/31 07:10 PM

    I thought this was about CoinBird

  • wantingpie
    04/01 12:29 PM

    I’m guessing that no one working at this place has experience managing a restaurant?  It seems strange to me that they could so consistently be running out of food reading these comments.  I thought about going there for lunch today but my lunch is later in the afternoon and I don’t want to waste my time getting over there just to find out they’re out of food and I’m forced to grab a burger from McDonald’s or something from lack of time :/

  • Matthew Brown
    04/01 01:32 PM

    GIVE THESE FOLKS A BREAK! They have been busting their tails for a year getting this together. No, they have never done this before; it’s a new thing! Yes, there was a mob there the first two nights! The mobs were there because people have been sampling their pies over several soft openings and they are FABULOUS!! Any time you go to a highly-anticipated opening night of a hot new itty-bitty restaurant, EXPECT THEM TO RUN OUT OF FOOD!!!

  • Matthew Brown
    04/01 01:39 PM

    PieBird will never get any customers if they are always so crowded!

  • wantingpie
    04/01 03:40 PM

    As someone who has 10+ years experience in the food industry, including working in new restaurants, I can’t imagine the storm that would have rained down on people’s heads if the restaurant CONSISTENTLY ran out of food.  The first day, sure.  The second day, maybe.  After that, no way. If they have zero restaurant experience, they should consider hiring someone who does have restaurant managerial experience.  Someone who can look at their setup and help them pinpoint where their issues are to make an overall better experience for everyone. 

    Like I said, I really want to try this place but not if its over an hour wait for pie and there’s not even a guarantee there will be pie to begin with.

  • Piezer
    04/01 06:48 PM

    We went last night (a week after opening) for dinner and even though we received decent service, we saw many frustrated, ignored people who waited for 20-30 minutes before leaving because no one acknowledged their existence. They need a host/hostess in a bad way. The chicken pot pie and vegetable curried pot pie were bland and we had to add a bunch of salt for flavor. The chocolate cream pie was delicious. I would definitely go back for dessert and drinks but will skip eating dinner there until they improve the flavor of their entrees. Also, they were out of all of the hand pies but neglected to tell anyone who they seated. We saw many people sit there for 30 minutes, waiting to have their order taken, only to be told they were out of basically half what was on the menu. I think if they can work out the kinks in their service and work on the flavor of their dishes, they can turn things around. I think they can do it. It’s too great of an idea not to.

  • Ideas
    04/01 06:57 PM

    I think a big way they could improve service is to have it so you order at the register rather than have waitstaff.  Then customers would instantly know if what they want was sold out, you wouldn’t have issues with needing hosting staff because people would line up at the register, and while it might not help with kitchen wait time, at least you wouldn’t have people waiting without even having ordered.  They could even do pseudo sit-down service where you order at the register and they have a person who walks around refilling drinks, busing plates, etc.

  • King D-Bag
    04/01 07:53 PM


  • Jess
    04/02 11:26 AM

    i think i’ll give them a few weeks before i try them…maybe they’ll figure out how a real restaurant works…

    this thing about the service? what did the owners do? hire the neighborhood kids who have never worked a day in their life?

  • Art
    04/03 02:32 AM

    Why, what in the heck are you basing your baseless opinions on?  What you say about where food trucks “show up” is simply not true.  The rest of your post is so generic as to not say anything at all.  My comments are based upon my experience with both food trucks in Raleigh, Durham, and a bunch of other cities, as well as owning an actual restaurant.  What exactly are your comments based upon?

  • whyfoodtrucksdowntownarebad
    04/03 06:38 PM


    My comments are based on a whole lot more information than what you pretend to have. You can base your opinions on anything you want, it doesn’t make them any less true. Sorry that you have been taken to task, but you needed to hear that from somebody.


  • Art
    04/04 01:57 PM

    Why?  Taken to task?  Quite the opposite, your posts have contained absolutely no information or facts - just your opinion with nothing to back any of it up.  Nothing.  Yet, you attack my information as “pretend.”  You say your comments are based upon “a whole lot more information” than mine, but then decline to give any information at all.  Puzzling.

    You then state “you can base your opinions on anything you want, it doesn’t make them any less true.”  While I appreciate you finally admitting that I am right, I disagree that it doesn’t matter, because it does.  I am not just making it up, but have shown that I have an informed opinion. 

    No need to apologize.  You are more than welcome to express your opinion.  I have just presented an opposite one and backed it up.  Your opinion would carry more weight if you had anything to back it up.  I would welcome an informed debate.

  • Carl
    04/04 05:39 PM

    ya Fancypants….
    all of yous

  • whyfoodtrucksdowntownarebad
    04/04 11:44 PM


    You aren’t foolin’ anyone but yourself with you banter. But keep pretending. You may want to focus your efforts elsewere. I heard today that the food trucks are getting chased out of the bigboss parking lot. Like you, they were uninformed and didn’t understand the current requirements. It will be difficult to have any sort of debate with you until you get up to speed. Feel free to email me offline once you do at ncguy32 at gmail dot com. It doesn’t seem right to hijack this thread with the daunting task of educating you on the issue. Cheers!

  • percy
    04/05 08:56 AM

    I love jerks who put people down sentence after sentence and then finish the whole thing with “cheers”.

  • daisy123
    04/05 09:28 AM

    how did the piebird opening get taken over by a food truck fight

  • zach
    04/05 11:41 AM

    because you will have better luck getting a bird pie within an hour if food trucks actually come out and park in front.

  • leo
    04/05 06:33 PM

    One of the biggest mistakes that new restaurants make? Announcing a grand opening. It is a sure way to get absolutely hammered for the first week. I know there is a lot of anticipation when a new restaurant opens, but it’s much smarter to just open quietly and let your kitchen and staff have a few days to work out the kinks before the masses arrive. I wait at least a few weeks before trying any new restaurant. Any sooner than that and I don’t think you get a real representation of the place. I’m afraid the grand opening of Piebird may have sent many away not wanting to return.

  • Jess
    04/08 10:45 AM

    i agree Leo…i went to Remedy the first week it opened….awful food, awful service…i can’t believe it’s still opened…just now awful food, awful service and outrageuos prices.

    you wanna try an underrated restaurant downtown? Spize on Fayetteville St….i went on 1st Friday…no one hardly there…but the food was great.

    i’ll still give PieBird a chance…if it’s still open in a few weeks/months.

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