Hagan Drops Dole Lawsuit

November, 13, 2008, by Tim

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North Carolina Senator-elect Kay Hagan has dismissed a lawsuit against Elizabeth Dole over the controversial ‘Godless’ ad aired by the incumbent in a desperate final attempt to maintain her seat. Whether caught up in Obama-mania or offended by cut-throat campaign tactics, the voters shut Dole down. Hagan has decided to focus on families hurt by the economy rather than pursue the lawsuit. Dole, who called the lawsuit frivolous, has not commented.

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  • Jeff S
    11/14 03:47 AM

    Frivolous… yes it probably was. I guess you could argue that Dole has damaged herself more than any lawsuit could. Still, I wouldn’t mind seeing something done that might make candidates think twice before running these ridiculous ads.

    There were plenty of other negative and inflammatory ads that bothered me much more than this one though. I guess we focus on what the media tells us to though.

  • prohiphop
    11/14 02:07 PM

    I doubt her lawyers would let Hagan file a frivolous lawsuit but I’m sure her publicists made the most of it because, at its heart, it was a marketing maneuver.

    And very well played.

  • brian_M
    11/18 11:10 PM

    I, for one, think she should have followed through with it. That ad was gross, and somebody should have their feet held to the fire for putting it out there. That being said, she probably has work to do to get ready to be our new senator…who actually lives in NC. How refreshing, for a change.

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