Halloween Dance Party @  Five Star

October, 30, 2008, by David

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The Blacklisted Crew has put together something special for Halloween Night: a dance party that goes till 4 am with some of the city’s best DJs. 

Captain Morgan Drink Specials
$150 Bar Tab to the Best Costume
$5 before 2am
$10 after 2 am

If you have never caught a Blacklisted party, get an idea at Sarah Dear’s Blog

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  • phil
    10/30 03:22 PM

    Great.  Let’s have a Halloween party where people have really been shot and killed, had blow torches put in their faces by the owner, many illegal activities taking place in the bathrooms, Don being Don, and guns going off in the basement.

    This place needs to be sold to other owners.  Raleigh needs this like a hole in the head.  Oops…wrong choice of phrases.

  • Laura
    10/30 03:24 PM

    Halloween DRUG party at Five Star

  • phil
    10/30 03:29 PM

    Another recent incident has intensified the situation. On April 22, a man was shot and killed in front of Five Star Restaurant on Hargett Street in the warehouse district downtown. The alleged shooter had reportedly been hitting on the man’s girlfriend, which led to an argument that got settled at 2 a.m. as everyone left the restaurant.

  • Al
    10/30 03:37 PM

    You guys are such Debbie Downers!

  • David
    10/30 03:41 PM

    phil and Laura are writing from the same ip address.  I have been to many of the blacklisted parties with the same DJs at Five Star.  I have never seen drugs there and I have never seen a fight or felt threatened there.  These are some of the best dance parties in town.

  • CF
    10/30 03:43 PM

    Five Star is one of the best restaurant/bars in Raleigh.  That shooting was a couple years ago, and took place during a private event hosted by an outside company.

  • phil and laura
    10/30 03:50 PM

    the food IS really good.  As for the illegal activities, the Benders are total thugs.  Between the cocaine addictions and booze issues they seem to attract a certain element.  The place had to be shut down and re-opened because of the drugs being dealt out of there.  Maybe you have had good experiences, but understand that it can be very dangerous at times. There are too many other cool places that deserve our support.

  • ab
    10/30 03:57 PM

    i’ll second David’s post.  Five Star is still one of the best places to dance in town.  And blacklisted parties rock.

  • Micah
    10/30 04:11 PM

    I love(d) Five-Star food, but I grimace a little when I think about the fact that it is owned by the Benders.  (Personally), they are trashy assholes.  I’m not basing this opinion on just one instance/event…Though I will relay what happened the last time I went to Five-Star:

    It was a weekend night about two or three years ago. There was pretty big party there.  The place was obviously dangerously oversold.  The flyer out front said that admission was $10.  My two buddies got in for $10, but I was asked for $15 because I looked “too gay” for the crowd there (yes, he actually TOLD me that).  I was wearing black slacks, a white button up, and a checkered sweater vest.  I left and haven’t been back.  Screw them!

  • CF
    10/30 04:32 PM

    Thank you for your concern, “phil and laura,” but I go to Five Star weekly.  When I am there, I am treated exceptionally well and have never had a bad experience.  Perhaps somewhere on Glenwood South would be more to your liking.

  • Lisa Jeffries
    10/30 11:22 PM

    Are we talking about the same Five Star?

    Are some of you confusing it with (what I hope is) the now defunct West Side Stories (or whatever the heck that poor excuse of an establishment was)?

    Oh well, I guess I’ll just go have me some crab rangoons, heat-seeker shrimp, and a few drinks with Khoa (I’m sorry - I know I always mess up the spelling) and deal with it.

  • phil
    10/31 12:48 PM

    lisa- no confusion with West Side Whatever.  It was wicked smile but had to close down because of a very big narcotic investigation by the FEDS (not RPD).

    It is the same criminals (Benders)  behind the curtain.  The same stuff goes on whether or not people see it while they are out on the dance floor or stuffing their faces with heat seeker shrimp.

    I admit, the place is very cool and the food is awesome.  It is just that bad stuff goes on there and going there only supports the folks who: hold blow torches to the faces of women, cheat on their wives, beat their children, hold knives to their sister’s throat, allow drug dealers to do their thing with impunity, steal money AND laugh at everyone else because they could give a crap what people think.

  • Al
    10/31 01:27 PM

    I wonder if Phil and Laura could be sued for slander?

    How many people does Five Star employ? Just because you hate the Benders doesn’t mean you should try to taint every event held in their venue. What did the waitstaff, bartenders, cooks, djs, etc. do to you? Can you pay these people’s salaries?

    Don’t you have anything better to do than lurk around on message boards trashing people?

  • Aaron
    10/31 04:29 PM

    What kind of place is this? The menu looks really great. I’ve never heard of Five Star

  • APM
    10/31 05:08 PM

    Ugh ... I didn’t realize the Benders own Five Star.  I was looking forward to going there for dinner, but after a bad experience at Martin Street Pizza, I doubt I’ll be going.

  • Pete
    11/11 11:54 AM

    You guys are idiots.  Sounds like you work for another bar or are a DJ that got dissed cause you suck.  Most clubs in town are run by some kind of group. I’ve been DJing in Raleigh for a long time and Five Star is one of the realest venues here.  Move to Myrtel Beach or something. Maybe it will be safer there for you.

  • Ken
    10/22 04:10 PM

    Khoa and his staff do a terrific job down there.  I’m in usually a few times a week and have never had a problem there.  You don’t want to see Chris or Don Bender?  No problem.  Haven’t seen them in years.  They have a good bunch of people working down there just trying to put on some cool events and serve you some great food.  They just celebrated 10 years last week. And yes there was an incident some years ago at private party.  Kinda like there was an incident outside of Jackpot a few weeks ago.  Do you blame the staff and owners of Jackpot for what some jerk did outside?  I doubt it.

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