Having a Listen:  Secret Walls

Having a Listen:  Secret Walls

April, 25, 2011, by Vince

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The album Play It Strange, released last year, was a gorgeous effort in hazy and fast-driven pop music.  Most of the songs adhered to pop music's textbook time.  The songs contained a beautiful marriage of repeated lyrics and reverb drenched melodies that stuck in your head, one song after another.  The lone elephant was "Tropical Island Suite", where the band went from punk energy to cacophonous noise to a lush and sweet coda in over seven minutes.  That coda gave birth to the songs you will hear on Secret Walls.

The EP's opening title track picks up where that coda left off, with the piano taking center stage.  The acoustic guitar works in tandem with the piano throughout this release.  The pace of the songs seem to be in no hurry, giving the EP time to breathe.  "Keep Telling Everybody Lies" continues playing with a different frame of mind from the one that created Play It Strange.  This moonless prairie night of a song gives a nod in Lee Hazlewood's direction while waving towards those notorious Byrds.  The EP starts to gain momentum with "Do You Believe in Destiny?" but the energy is still unsure where to go and retreats to reflect on "Wash Over Us".  "Poison Wine" closes the EP with an ominous piano supported by booming percussion.  In less than 20 minutes, The Fresh & Onlys tie the loose ends that developed on Play It Strange while keeping the listener curious as to where they will be taken next.


The Fresh & Onlys co-headline with Crocodiles on Tuesday, April 26th at Kings Barcade.  Young Prisms will open.  Kings Barcade is located at 14 W. Martin Street, Raleigh.  Show starts at 9:30pm, doors at 9.  Tickets are $10.  Tickets can be purchased through Kings website.

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  • Carver
    04/25 05:47 PM

    So, is this supposed to be one of those shows I should possible go check out?

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