Heads on Sticks -  Oak City Version

Heads on Sticks -  Oak City Version

January, 26, 2010, by David

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Last year at the Raleigh City Museum show Abstractations David Mueller released a 4 track instrumental EP entitled Oak City Version.  Mueller is a member of Birds of Avalon, but released the ep under the name Heads on Sticks. 

We can’t recall the last album we heard dedicated to Raleigh, but this one isn’t coy about it’s inspiration. The tracks are titled:

  1. Oak City Version
  2. State Street Rundown
  3. A Wrench, A Rock
  4. Death Mask of Garland Jones

Of course we like anything that pays respect to Garland Jones and Mueller’s disc is a great way to reflect on the city, her ghosts, and her future.

<a href="http://headsonsticks.bandcamp.com/album/oak-city-version">Oak City Version by Heads on Sticks</a>

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