HEAR HERE: THE TRIANGLE Local Compilation Album

HEAR HERE: THE TRIANGLE Local Compilation Album

July, 30, 2009, by David

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I love the area’s music.  We are so charmed to have so many great acts performing every night across the Triangle.  Flying Tiger Sound, WKNC and the Annual’s record label Terpsikhore have put this whole thing together- album artwork is being put together by Ryan Cummings. With a focus on quality- the album brings together some of the area’s hottest acts into a vivid collection stuffed with variety.  All of the tracks are new material for the bands and they were recorded in Flying Tiger Sound the new recording studio in Raleigh.

The Rosebuds
The Love Language
Kooley High
Hammer No More the Fingers
The Never
Lonnie Walker
Birds of Avalon
Americans in France
Kingsbury Manx
Blount Harvey
The Old Ceremony
The Beast
Motor Skills
Static Minds

Not all that different than the Bain album- Hear Here’s proceeds will go to support local art- this time the Visual Art Exchange.

The album will launch with a show featuring Annuals, Birds of Avalon, Hammer No More the Fingers and The Never on August 29th at the Cats Cradle.  Tickets will be just $10 and will come with a copy of the CD.

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The RosebudsThe Love LanguageWKNCAnnualsBirds of AvalonLonnie WalkerKooley HighColossusMotor SkillsStatic Minds


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