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June, 03, 2009, by Abbey

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As the bulldozers rest on Hillsborough Street, serving as an omen of all things new, shiny and pothole-free to come, the area has received a significant amount of attention recently. With the groundbreaking under way, locals are eagerly anticipating the revival of this area slated to occur over the next year. But before we grade over the old and pave in the new, a recent Indy article gave out some little known facts about Hillsborough Street. I know I for one have heard about the top notch Indian cuisine tucked away in the Go Paks for quite a while - looks like I need to hop on the (free) Wolfline and finally check it out.

So, what’s your favorite lesser known hole in the wall?

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  • Christian
    06/03 05:28 PM

    Mitch’s Tavern. Obvious choice, but still classic. Also, this might sound a bit snobby, but I really love Frazier’s….Porter’s is also very good, but I’m still mad at them for taking the Tuna Nicoise Salad off the menu. It was the best damn salad I’ve ever eaten.

  • Greg
    06/03 05:40 PM

    Left Right Wings is by far the best wings place in town.

  • platitudes
    06/03 06:12 PM

    golden dragon, back when you could get a giant helping of lo mein for under $2.

  • The Jenius
    06/03 06:14 PM

    Totally agree with Left Right Wings, and Frazier’s. Frazier’s is the jewel on the urban food crown. My vote for best fine dining restaurant in Raleigh.  Fo Sho!

  • Chad
    06/03 06:32 PM

    I never know what to think of the opinions on NR, because 90% of the people on here don’t go anywhere outside the beltline.

  • Matt W
    06/03 06:44 PM

    As a relative newcomer to Raleigh, the commenters on this site have helped me understand that everything OTB is horrible and the city would be better off if someone came and carpet bombed everything between 440 and 15/501.

  • Andrea
    06/03 07:18 PM

    Not food related, but Man-Mur is the best shoe repair/retailer in Raleigh.

  • Greg
    06/03 07:44 PM

    Rosemary to Daisy is a bastion of great nerdom! Nice Price, Reader’s Corner, Capital Comics and Cup a Joe right there. Wish we could recreate that downtown!

    Oh, and it is amazing how many people in Raleigh don’t know where Neomonde is.

  • Van Alston
    06/03 09:26 PM

    Personally, I miss the Comet Lounge.

  • JRD
    06/03 10:22 PM

    Melvins has the greatest burgers ive ever eaten.  Especially if you get one all the way.  Its the most authentic NC burger you can find around here.  And you cant beat the price in a million years.

    And of course the vintage bowling alley that is about to be modernized and stripped of its character.

  • getmeoutofhere
    06/03 10:50 PM

    this may seem lame…but it’s either bojangles or whole foods deli for me, depending on what…er…mood i’m in.

    as far as non-chain places go, bar at bada/ badawings in mission valley is probably the best place for burgers and artery-clogging greatness. their french fry wrap is insaaane.

  • MMI
    06/04 12:14 AM

    ...and none of those places are on Hillsborough. :\

  • getmeoutofhere
    06/04 12:26 AM

    no, but they are AROUND hillsborough street. if you’re gonna get picky about it, fine. wingzone is great. that lebanese place across of the hookah bar on hillsborough street…not so great.

  • smitty
    06/04 12:30 AM

    Say goodbye to Hboro, this project will kill it off for good.

  • MMI
    06/04 01:19 AM

    Just going with the tone of the article, if not the title.  Every other place listed is actually ON H’boro.  Perhaps my smartassed tone was not leaking through these intertubes effectively enough…

    If you mean Jasmin Med. Bistro, I respectfully disagree.  They are one of the few Med.-based places still serving meat off of an actual doner instead of that insipid peel-a-meat loaf thing.

  • siler
    06/04 02:14 AM

    Sadlack’s and Mitch’s are well known but great.

    Amore’s just off Hillsborough is also good.

    And of course, Locopops, cheap and delicious.

  • kg
    06/04 09:54 AM

    how can you kill something that’s already dead?

  • RaleighRob
    06/04 10:44 AM

    Waba Korean Express. 
    It’s been around a couple of years, and is really good.  And it’s always clean, neat, and good service.  Yet so few people know it’s there, due to their second-floor location. 
    If you want good Asian food but get tired of all the Chinese take-out places, I highly recommend Waba.  Good food for a good price.

  • Alex
    06/04 12:48 PM

    Sadlacs, Porters/Fraziers, and Amores…only places one needs to visit on Hillsborough.

  • cookie
    06/05 02:14 AM

    mitch’s and porters rock! as for the commenter who says that the NR folks don’t leave inside the the beltine, same can be said for the hoardes of people who won’t step foot dowtown—Raleigh’s own bridge & tunnelesque crowd.

    if the food’s worth the drive. i’m there.

  • James C.
    06/05 12:02 PM

    The PR (Player’s Retreat for OTB folks;) is awesome. For a great, cheap haircut from some good ‘ol boys, the Man Mur barber shop is a great place to hit.

    I miss the 5.0. 80s night on Sundays and $1 beer night on Wednesday…the best.

    I wish these changes to HBSt. had come about a decade earlier in time to save Brother’s Pizza.

  • RaleighRob
    06/05 12:20 PM

    ^And in time to save that great Gelato Cafe that was there a few years ago.  Man, I miss them!

  • Matt
    06/05 12:23 PM

    Sadlacs… Sweet potatoe fries!

  • MMI
    06/05 01:06 PM

    RaleighRob, it’s a more limited selection, but you can still get Gelato at Global Village.

    A hearty “Seconded!” for PR’s.

  • oakcity
    06/05 03:05 PM

    pee wee is the best homeless guy raleigh has ever known.

    c’mon papa.


    pa paaaaa!!!

  • MCG
    06/06 04:15 PM

    I will second Amore’s.  Good ZA, baked goods and an interesting little bar tucked in the back.

    Back when I was in school though, I used to always duck in to Sylvias for a couple of slices before class.  Yummy.

  • AEH
    06/08 12:53 AM

    Sadlock’s Hero’s has the best sandwiches around. Hands down. and the chips kick ass.

  • jim
    06/08 03:00 PM

    Silvia’s has the best pizza in town.  I make the drive once a week for his fresh mozzarella tomato and basil…

  • LCM
    06/08 03:48 PM

    farmhouse! they have penny draft nights.  draft beers are a penny!  beat that

  • MMI
    06/08 04:04 PM

    I’ll see your penny draft and raise you one diploma.  Once you have one, you won’t care so much about penny drafts.

  • GD
    06/08 04:13 PM

    Not so True MMI.

    My degree from NCSU = has done nothing for me..
    my certification from DUKE = hopefully a lot more.

  • William
    06/08 05:04 PM

    Van, I also miss being 26 years old.

  • MMI
    06/08 08:50 PM

    All I know is that college bars don’t hold much for me.  Then again, I’d be slightly creepy if they did.  :)

  • jdawg
    06/10 02:54 PM

    Van, of course you miss the Comet, it was your bar.  I miss the Comet too.  I dropped a sack in the commode in there once when I was wasted.  You owe me a $100.  William, I miss being 26 even more.  I found the band that played my wedding at Sadlacks, and I frequent Mitch’s and the PR, so they all get my vote.

  • ncmm
    07/06 12:44 PM

    Global Village has the best coffee in Wake County - organic, fair trade, and environmentally responsible. The eats are tasty too and the owner Mike couldn’t be nicer.  It’s definitely a place to check out!

  • MMI
    07/07 12:52 PM

    FYI—Global Village is in the process of updating their eats.  I am looking forward to seeing what they add to the offerings.

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