Hideaway BBQ closes

January, 04, 2008, by Jedidiah

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Raleigh is losing another iconic music venue.  Hideaway BBQ on Capital Boulevard was known for some great pulled pork and brought some of the best live musical acts to downtown Raleigh.  Sadly, because of financial woes (according to a posting on their myspace page), it will be shutting its doors later this month.  The restaurant has already stopped serving and the music will cease after the January 19th show featuring Delta Moon and Filmore Valley Boys.  Hideaway was starting to book some of the best musical events of 2008, including Asylum Street Spankers, Don Dixon and Malcolm Holcombe.  Fortunately these shows, all of which are recommended by New Raleigh, will be moved to Lincoln Theatre and Berkeley Cafe, but February looks very dim in the folk and roots music scene in Raleigh. 

Raleigh has now lost three prominent music venues in the past year.  This time last year Kings Barcade, Bickett Gallery, and Hideaway BBQ were all going strong, booking shows in various genres of music from folk to electro.  This all changed when Kings decided to move out as the Convention Center moved in across the street.  Bickett folded and now Hideaway.  Geez!  If Raleigh was to have resolutions for the year 2008 (coming soon….), reviving the music scene would be high on that list. 

Nevertheless, Hideaway will have a handful of final shows between now and January 19th.  I recommend Cadillac Stepbacks on Saturday and Bombadil on the 18th as two of the better options.  If you have never been to a show there, this may be your last opportunity unless someone with lots of money (Ahem!) can save it from the pit.

(Update:  New Raleigh has received word from Hideaway booking agent Marianne Taylor that downtown staple Berkeley Cafe may re-emerge as the top-spot for Roots music in Raleigh.  More to come…)

Hideaway Final Schedule and Moved Shows HERE

Hideaway will be closing after the January 19 show. The restaurant part is already closed.

No shows are being cancelled. They are being moved. A lot will go to The Berkeley Cafe (capacity 300). Some shows will go to The Lincoln Theatre (capacity 900). I will keep you posted through this My Space page, the Hideaway web site, and through the weekly email that I send out about the shows that I am bringing to town and where they are. If you are not on the email list and would like to be, send me an email to mtaylormusic@aol.com and I will add you.

I appreciate all of your support in the last 15 months at Hideaway. It is a great venue, owned by the biggest music fan anywhere in Palmer Stacy. It is very sad to all of us to have to close but the finances of running a restaurant along with the music venue just were not working.

I hope that you will trust in me to continue to provide the best Roots acts anywhere in cool venues.

The times they are a changin’. With sadness, the page is turning.


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  • brian_M
    01/05 01:06 AM

    Well that sucks, but I had heard this was coming. I hope somebody with some business sense can come along and make that place into something. Hell, everything you need is already in place. This just proves that whoever was running it didn’t have a clue.

  • Jim
    01/05 04:55 PM

    “Iconic?”  Hideway, which pretty closely resembles a fast food restaurant, was open for less than two years.  It may have booked a few good country shows but I think I’d stop short at calling it iconic.  Especially considering how the staff would come and hound the dining room for cover charges an hour before the band started playing.

  • Nick
    01/07 04:16 AM

    Hideaway was not “Iconic” since is was only open 15 months. I visited there twice and both times loved the food and wait staff. I’m not a country fan by any means, but the place was not the typical downtown Capital “I-sore” that plagues the area. Its a shame they couldn’t make it.

    I guess “location, location, location” does mean something in Raleigh.

  • Kurt S.
    01/07 03:02 PM

    It’s a shame. I don’t think location had anything to do with it though. The food wasn’t compelling—at least that was my experience.  So many restaurants tank because the owners try so hard to build an experience (atmosphere, theme, hook), they neglect to put the same care into developing their kitchen staff and a dynamic menu.

    Here’s another recent example: I got excited when I heard Dos Taquitos was moving downtown. I was delighted by the decor, the location—the atmosphere. The food sucked. It was nothing like the food at their Creedmore Road location. In fact, it wasn’t any better than the slop served by the low cost Mexican joints—at least *they* serve it hot. I certainly won’t ever go back.

  • Bobby
    01/12 04:25 PM

    That’s regrettable, considering how much work they put into that place. But it’s a bit capricious to call the Hideaway “iconic.”

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