Hillsborough Street Retrospective in Photos

Hillsborough Street Retrospective in Photos

November, 09, 2010, by Jedidiah

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From dirt road to roundabouts, Hillsborough Street has undergone a few transformations over the years. NC State has compiled a great slideshow of the history of Hillsborough Street. There are some great photos in the group, including a few of the building currently occupied by Mitch’s Tavern which was one of the earliest retail structures on the street. Since the newest renovations, Hillsborough Street seems to have regained its confidence and looks to be a great extension of downtown’s bustling vibe.

Check out all of the photos here and more photos over at the NC State Library Flickr Page.

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  • Sea Guller
    12/24 10:28 AM

    One picture in the retrospective shows a bunch of guys in bell bottoms (and one girl in a miniskirt) wating in line for something.  They could be in line for Mitch’s Tavern.  You can see the fron of Brother’s Pizza in the foreground (left) and the sign for Two Guys Pizza in the Background.  They were close together and bothe had good pizza.  On the second floor along this same stretch, near Mitch’s, was My Apartment Lounge, a strip joint where they didn’t check ID’s very closely, so my fake one worked all the time (you only had to be 18, anyway).  We had some great times there in the ‘70s!

  • Raleigh Boy
    12/25 07:24 PM

    Yes, we did too back then—then after pizza and a smoke, go down to the Wachovia Bank parking lot to comtemplate the Color Wall.

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